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  • Guidelines for Raiding the Male Gods in Quick Transmigration ×
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    100 Series 0 Comments 18165 Views 29 Follows Jan 26, 2024 sugar_baby_bitch
    A compilation of novels by Salmon Latte Translations that I am currently reading, planning to read, or have read.... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 8743 Views 11 Follows Feb 22, 2023 MissLucifess
    No Tags
    I hope the chapters keep rolling...
    35 Series 0 Comments 12584 Views 24 Follows Dec 19, 2021 NightmareSeller
    [BG] - [No CP]Quick transmigration, Fast wear, World Hopping: A genre in which the MC travels to multiple worlds, realms, or dimensions 
    66 Series 1 Comments 11177 Views 51 Follows Jul 30, 2020 FlufflyLittleRabbit
    Here's the list of good quick transmigration novels I read before. If you're interested you can take the time to look at it and see if there is a novel you like to read. ... more>>