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    21 Series 0 Comments 633 Views 1 Follows Apr 10, 2024 blup96
    Novels where the protagonist is trapped in a time loop and tries to escape it by any means necessary.
    Also novels where the protagonist have... more>>
    16 Series 0 Comments 1036 Views 2 Follows Mar 29, 2024 Acrol
    No Tags
    A small list of protagonists who can't die. A lot of them would involve time loops as that seems to be the most common ones
    67 Series 0 Comments 3371 Views 6 Follows Mar 11, 2024 Solarias
    No Tags
    *not in order, will update when I can
    - Some of these I have only read a bit, but it seems promising 
    16 Series 0 Comments 841 Views 3 Follows Mar 4, 2024 Lostfiry_86
     tired of reading third view point novels? or are you a fan of first view point? Then This list will help you... more>>
    35 Series 0 Comments 2644 Views 3 Follows Mar 2, 2024 rubiren
    Novels I liked but not of a specific genre
    19 Series 0 Comments 1016 Views 0 Follows Feb 25, 2024 VeryNiceNice
    No Tags
    No description.
    n. hrr
    21 Series 0 Comments 1891 Views 5 Follows Feb 25, 2024 n. hrr
    I didn't eat, I didn't drink, I almost didn't sleep; the only times I stopped reading these novels were when I felt like my eyes were about to burst. I don't know what came over me. I'm scared. I'm petrified. I'm in need of glasses.... more>>
    18 Series 0 Comments 1681 Views 6 Follows Feb 13, 2024 VanishingLily
    No Tags
    My personal pick of novels that I really enjoy.... more>>
    21 Series 0 Comments 535 Views 0 Follows Jan 29, 2024 vyllina
    No Tags
    a sucker for slice of life novels frl
    2 Series 0 Comments 597 Views 0 Follows Jan 18, 2024 Silverday
    No Tags
    No description.
    4 Series 2 Comments 295 Views 2 Follows Jan 16, 2024 RoastedSpinach
    No Tags
    I have a hard time reading novels, as I say in all my reviews lol. I really love to read, but I can't seem to... more>>
    99 Series 0 Comments 1802 Views 1 Follows Jan 4, 2024 Grumpybaby17
    No Tags
    Every story that I've already read will be deleted from this list and moved to either the 'just okay/dropped' or 'so good' list
    100 Series 34 Comments 69866 Views 374 Follows Dec 30, 2023 cbboss
    Novels that should be significantly more popular than they already are.  Comment any recs below! Everything added to this list at the time had less... more>>
    79 Series 0 Comments 2159 Views 2 Follows Dec 22, 2023 bcrescenth
    No Tags
    No description.
    18 Series 0 Comments 609 Views 2 Follows Nov 9, 2023 jacqiechan
    ₍ᐢ. .ᐢ₎₊˚⊹♡ (sadly it's not bl...)
    Post-it Not
    100 Series 0 Comments 19484 Views 78 Follows Oct 26, 2023 Post-it Not
    No Tags
    Action-packed and plot-heavy novels. No romance.... more>>
    43 Series 0 Comments 2782 Views 4 Follows Sep 18, 2023 amobeao
    my favorite webnovels that i think have interesting plots.
    44 Series 2 Comments 11245 Views 53 Follows Sep 1, 2023 chioux
    the ones w/o a rating are ones i haven't read yet 
    (not in any order) will update regularly 
    60 Series 0 Comments 625 Views 0 Follows Jul 22, 2023 nino_1616
    No Tags
    My favorite novels that l love
    22 Series 1 Comments 547 Views 0 Follows Jul 5, 2023 swdm360
    Prolly will consist of novels I would like to read based off of the description.
    5 Series 0 Comments 1904 Views 6 Follows Jun 30, 2023 dededen
    Novels that once you touch they will alter your brain chemistry (positive)(maybe)
    30 Series 4 Comments 7688 Views 38 Follows Apr 30, 2023 EvilGenius888
    Read Lord of the Mysteries and fell absolutely head over heels for it. these are some novels i think have similar elements: lovecraftian/occult horror, steampunk/victorian vibes, themes of humanity fighting against fate, etc.  A mix of read and TBR, as well as BL/GL/gen.... more>>
    33 Series 0 Comments 1290 Views 7 Follows Apr 24, 2023 Panchas
    No Tags
    Just a List for myself, has all kinds of Genres but with like almost no chapters out at that moment
    56 Series 0 Comments 1508 Views 2 Follows Apr 9, 2023 yellauraya
    No Tags
    not danmei or baihe
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