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  • I Want to Fall in Love After Getting Reincarnated as the Heroine on the Verge of a Bad Ending, but My OP Older Brother Won’t Leave Me Alone!? ×
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    66 Series 0 Comments 4199 Views 3 Follows Aug 22, 2022 Chorkie
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    I’m adding books faster than I can read...
    32 Series 0 Comments 3468 Views 4 Follows Jan 10, 2023
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    No description.
    94 Series 0 Comments 4334 Views 3 Follows Jan 29, 2023 itsxoi
    No Tags
    As you may have observed, I definitely am a sucker for 'reincarnation & transmigration tropes', some yandere in the happening, with a dash of romance in medieval setting;... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 7552 Views 10 Follows Feb 22, 2023 MissLucifess
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    I hope the chapters keep rolling...