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  • The Possession of My Beloved ×
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    70 Series 2 Comments 7932 Views 45 Follows Aug 5, 2022 icecoffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Im a very picky reader and these novels are one of my favs with great plot, character development, characterization with no s*upid ML or FL, accompanied with reasonable ability and way of thinking, and of course the plus points are its great cover, lol.... more>>
    25 Series 0 Comments 6412 Views 23 Follows Jul 10, 2022 GhostTreasure
    These are the novels i found so enchanting that i read them many times.
    64 Series 0 Comments 870 Views 2 Follows May 17, 2022 moominmammamia
    No Tags
    I have over 100 novels marked TBR. I recognise I have a problem
    48 Series 0 Comments 8587 Views 31 Follows Apr 18, 2022 MsEliteNEET
    List of newer additions to NU, so that I can MTL them later. Also included are machine translated novels on other sites. The quality is unknown, so reader discretion advised. These are mostly CN romcoms set in ancient China. 
    If you know of any new titles, please let me know.... more>>
    76 Series 0 Comments 18396 Views 34 Follows Jan 3, 2022 XiaoFanTuan
    Another year, another list!
    71 Series 2 Comments 14627 Views 24 Follows Jan 11, 2021 CKJnovelFANatic
    Favorite romances that take place in ancient China, but not in the Emperor’s palace
    97 Series 1 Comments 4135 Views 6 Follows Oct 11, 2020 Solace19
    No Tags
    All the stories that I have read and liked.
    37 Series 0 Comments 13455 Views 5 Follows Sep 21, 2020 dadanini89
    No description.
    19 Series 7 Comments 5685 Views 19 Follows Apr 28, 2020 GoneGretel
    Novels I've completed reading where FL is brave/self-sufficient and ML is smart/supportive . Both have strong commitment and good communication in their relationship. Both undergoes character and career growth.. ... more>>