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    19 Series 0 Comments 1357 Views 8 Follows Jun 7, 2022 teoshowa
    So I've already found and read about 2 hundred BL novels? ... more>>
    100 Series 2 Comments 12714 Views 56 Follows May 31, 2022 penbunny
    No Tags
    A log of BL novels translated in 2022. No repeats from previous sets. No promises that the novels are good or not. 
    Odd Stars
    61 Series 0 Comments 1142 Views 2 Follows May 29, 2022 Odd Stars
    No Tags
    You know what? I don’t care! No one is going to read this so why am I writing anything here
    63 Series 0 Comments 865 Views 0 Follows May 10, 2022 yellauraya
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    series i plan to read
    33 Series 3 Comments 7363 Views 49 Follows Apr 26, 2022 probablyanna80
    Novels where the MC/shou is a day one badass.  Using that big brain energy to mentally curb stomp these scum gongs.... more>>
    100 Series 6 Comments 23923 Views 35 Follows Dec 30, 2021 CasBrin
    Stories based in or around the apocalypse, making to keep track of them most of them have a romance element, mostly CN, excluding most harem and shounen type novels... more>>