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    Red Violet
    82 Series 1 Comments 3233 Views 22 Follows Jul 27, 2022 Red Violet
    A compilation of Manhua from Kuaikan and Bilibili Comics (_ _).。o○
    This list isn’t created in any chronological order, I am merely adding the ones that came to mind _(:з」∠)_... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 5973 Views 16 Follows Jun 7, 2022 KUN_GENE
    No Tags
    No description.
    56 Series 0 Comments 1806 Views 0 Follows May 20, 2022 a__ara
    No Tags
    No description.
    23 Series 0 Comments 2602 Views 13 Follows May 8, 2022 Suibian_bc
    genre ; Adult, mature, Romance, Fantasy, Smut, Yaoi, sci-fi, historical
    5 Series 0 Comments 302 Views 0 Follows Apr 3, 2022 jini
    No Tags
    Any novel whose summary peaks my interest
    34 Series 0 Comments 1568 Views 3 Follows Mar 20, 2022 jololv
    No Tags
    No description.
    34 Series 0 Comments 427 Views 0 Follows Mar 8, 2022 JinianXi
    I haven't read all the novels included in this list or maybe I just read only 1 or 2 chapters but I'm not in the... more>>
    62 Series 0 Comments 3073 Views 3 Follows Jan 31, 2022 maririnca
    No description.
    100 Series 0 Comments 2875 Views 1 Follows Nov 28, 2021 LaNuitEternelle
    No Tags
    Ongoing translations I want to read - mainly Danmei, but also Baihe and het romances.
    48 Series 2 Comments 8422 Views 69 Follows Nov 12, 2021 allyJm99
    No Tags
    (Some of these novels are ongoing, and some I have not completed, so this list is subject to change at ANY time)... more>>
    26 Series 0 Comments 2770 Views 9 Follows Jun 29, 2021 teacoloredcat
    No Tags
    Danmei I'm currently reading (so usually ongoing translations but also sometimes I make the poor choice to try to understand things through MTL, which goes slowly) that I'm most interested in/excited by.  Novels I would love to yell about to other people.
    Although this is a rec list of a sort, I make no claim to quality on these or strict standards, partly because it's comprised of just what I'm enjoying most so this is inherently very subjective, and partly because some of these may be ones that are very promising in the beginning but.. well, who knows how they will go, not me.  Generally, my taste is for intriguing characters who have an engaging... more>>
    95 Series 0 Comments 3722 Views 3 Follows Jun 23, 2021 btsdynamiteAUG21
    No Tags
    No description.
    88 Series 0 Comments 2683 Views 8 Follows Jun 3, 2021 kelp223
    No Tags
    BL that will hopefully get fully released soon ;-;
    97 Series 0 Comments 1309 Views 4 Follows Aug 2, 2020 orchidwai
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    No description.
    97 Series 0 Comments 11631 Views 21 Follows Aug 17, 2019 DiabolicNonBeliever
    No Tags
    This list contains the ongoing novels, for completed ones refer the ‘established BL’ list.