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  • Dragon-Marked War God ×
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    58 Series 0 Comments 684 Views 1 Follows Jul 9, 2020 syslions
    Well it Will be a compilation of a couple thing mostly cultivation with romantic subplot or romance ... more>>
    40 Series 0 Comments 1658 Views 3 Follows Jun 7, 2020 gaoolu
    No Tags
    An order of when I first started each novel. No particular ranking. Some good, some bad, some on pause.
    14 Series 0 Comments 2628 Views 3 Follows Apr 30, 2020 Chr0nicler
    Home to the warriors who seek the dao. The journeys of despair, love and self-discovery of those that seek the pinnacle of the martial way.
    5 Series 0 Comments 271 Views 0 Follows Apr 27, 2020 reader007
    No Tags
    No description.
    55 Series 6 Comments 12255 Views 29 Follows Apr 27, 2020 Ireadalot
    This list is catered towards action loving, seinen readers. If you are looking for novels with action as the main element, this is it. No beta or immature stuff...... more>>
    91 Series 3 Comments 13465 Views 19 Follows Apr 13, 2020 getmealife11
    I will state off the bat that I am a very picky reader, and this list almost entirely comprises of novels that I would reread. It also has a few novels that didn't quite match my preferences but were still very good.... more>>
    73 Series 0 Comments 9518 Views 14 Follows Apr 2, 2020 Suranchan
    - Not romance centred, can't wait to read, mostly cultivation based, apocalyptic or fantasy, involves time travel.
    Imperial Ancient Dao
    100 Series 0 Comments 20682 Views 23 Follows Mar 14, 2020 Imperial Ancient Dao
    100 novels about Cultivation with male female protagonists, whether they are Xianxia, ​​Wuxia or Xuanhuan.... more>>
    34 Series 1 Comments 3824 Views 3 Follows Feb 20, 2020 prensesberke
    No Tags
    my great series
    Imperial Ancient Dao
    53 Series 2 Comments 14607 Views 20 Follows Feb 19, 2020 Imperial Ancient Dao
    We all like it when a protagonist has a tyrannical bloodline, which transforms his body in an incredible way, like a dragon or a demon, or incredible spiritual powers and affinity to different elements and Daos... more>>
    15 Series 0 Comments 749 Views 0 Follows Jan 1, 2020 saito50
    No Tags
    No description.
    89 Series 1 Comments 5356 Views 4 Follows Dec 7, 2019 Vellekoop
    No Tags
    Good Books to pass the time of day, various tags/genres... more>>
    Imperial Ancient Dao
    60 Series 5 Comments 9627 Views 12 Follows Dec 4, 2019 Imperial Ancient Dao
    We all like novels where the protagonist crushes everything with a dominant body full of immense strength, right?... more>>
    28 Series 0 Comments 7900 Views 1 Follows Sep 22, 2019 xchronicles
    No Tags
    Some are tr*sh but still all of them are close to my heart.
    78 Series 0 Comments 27572 Views 20 Follows Sep 4, 2019 ExtremeRampage
    No Tags
    Many kinds of Novels ranging from Sci-Fi to (Dark) Fantasy, Comedy, Romance but mainly Action and Adventure, trying to avoid excessive Harem, Ecchi, Smut, no Yaoi/BL either.... more>>
    15 Series 0 Comments 1584 Views 1 Follows Aug 8, 2019 Eriht
    No Tags
    Great in their categories, yet have many flaws.... more>>
    6 Series 4 Comments 7036 Views 9 Follows Aug 6, 2019 scribbledoutname
    As much as I love normal xuanhuan, there comes a point where you get tired of seeing MCs get ridiculed, abused and chased around by arrogant young masters for 500 chapters at a time.... more>>
    35 Series 1 Comments 28181 Views 35 Follows Aug 6, 2019 GnomeStyle
    No Tags
    No description.
    35 Series 0 Comments 15920 Views 21 Follows Aug 6, 2019 Zaroz
    Novels containing individuals that have an ability/trait to have monsters and other creatures be their allies/pets or novels in which nonhumaniod creatures are smart enough... more>>