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  • Bizarre Love Triangle – The Distance Between us in this Triangle is a Convergent Zero ×
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    64 Series 9 Comments 18977 Views 55 Follows Sep 28, 2021 Miraii_LN
    Just some romance novels that i enjoy and want to read. I personaly prefer stories without harem, so i made this. I made this list for myself, but everyone can view too. I hope this list could help anyone who saw this.... more>>
    94 Series 0 Comments 9612 Views 16 Follows Aug 17, 2021 gelkhen
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    No description.
    57 Series 0 Comments 15331 Views 10 Follows Jul 17, 2021 k1m3l
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    No description.
    20 Series 0 Comments 671 Views 1 Follows Jul 8, 2021 Tenome
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    Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! (このライトノベルがすごい! Kono Raito Noberu ga Sugoi!, lit. This Light Novel is Amazing!) is an annual light novel guide book published by Takarajimasha. The guide book publishes a list of the top ten most popular light novels according to readers polled on the Internet. An introduction to each of the works comes with each listing, along with an interview of the light novel's author or authors for first place. Many of the light novels that have been listed in this guide book were later adapted into anime series. Most of the light novels listed contain a series of volumes, but some single-volume light novels also get listed. The first release of... more>>
    78 Series 1 Comments 6805 Views 8 Follows Apr 2, 2021 k1m3l
    No specific order to the list.... more>>
    100 Series 26 Comments 65362 Views 132 Follows Jan 10, 2021 Hoouuujae60
    Be basked in the world of your delusions! Japanese romantic comedy novels to read that will never happen to you in real life...... more>>
    H i r a e t h F l o x
    16 Series 1 Comments 4831 Views 10 Follows Jan 5, 2021 H i r a e t h F l o x
    No description.
    40 Series 0 Comments 7846 Views 36 Follows Nov 20, 2020 .Skye.
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    Japanese stories focusing on the sweet relationships of high school students
    5 Series 0 Comments 627 Views 2 Follows Oct 30, 2020 Apia
    Just some novel that i want to get picked up.
    67 Series 5 Comments 15960 Views 42 Follows Sep 13, 2020 Apia
    This is just some romcom that i read and love. If you have recommendation you can tell me in the comment.