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    74 Series 0 Comments 2519 Views 8 Follows Aug 9, 2020 ShiraYuuKii
    Yea, you will find similar stories with one name of a villain in one will be the name of a heroine in another :3 and of course some your list of worse male leads will go longer XD and its more of a list of my current readings of K-novels rather then a rec list ~_~  PS: I would suggest you to archive the wattpad ones which may disappear at any moment~... more>>
    100 Series 0 Comments 11246 Views 39 Follows Jul 21, 2020 aoiki
    If you see 3.9 I just added it since I quite enjoyed them for sure... more>>
    Kawaii misti
    43 Series 0 Comments 24421 Views 44 Follows Jul 7, 2020 Kawaii misti
    One women,lots of man+ female domination+reverse pregnancy+reverse rape+lots of Smut! ... more>>
    63 Series 0 Comments 7740 Views 15 Follows May 26, 2020 Dyosa
    This is just based on my taste. Lol There might be something related to system, ancient, modern, world-hopping, transmigration, and the likes. I was supposed to create a BG/Yaoi list, but I think it’s better to separate it for those that are not that open. Hehehe... more>>
    Alina Moktan
    100 Series 3 Comments 67314 Views 277 Follows Aug 8, 2019 Alina Moktan
    This is all newly translated romance korean novel. Fantasy, Otome Game, Villianess Noble Lady. Yandere and Arrogant Male Lead. Weak Female MC. There is less... more>>
    Alina Moktan
    49 Series 10 Comments 63635 Views 258 Follows Aug 6, 2019 Alina Moktan
    Recommended best reverse harem or polyandry novel with many hot, sexy and handsome guys. I have completed read them. Some novel were drop, so you... more>>