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  • A Naive Short-tempered Girl ×
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    92 Series 0 Comments 5672 Views 19 Follows Apr 29, 2020 Suranchan
    I have a soft spot for naive and oblivious MCs, so here goes my list.... more>>
    46 Series 0 Comments 35393 Views 59 Follows Apr 26, 2020 SorchaNY
    My list... (ノ∇≦*)... more>>
    17 Series 0 Comments 3147 Views 13 Follows Apr 4, 2020 SorchaNY
    "The repentance of scum*!"" The repair of scum*!"" The redemption of scum*!"... more>>
    51 Series 0 Comments 7631 Views 7 Follows Aug 15, 2019 jennamt4
    This is a list of novels that I'm currently reading. Some are waiting for English translations, some translations dropped by translators, and others I've dropped for various reasons (which I will note).... more>>