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  • I Died And Turned Into A Cat ×
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    57 Series 2 Comments 23539 Views 87 Follows Jan 11, 2020 itsasecret
    These are the stories which I liked, and others which I frequently saw, but just passed by. It turns out that it was a GREAT STORY, a diamond in a rough.... more>>
    22 Series 0 Comments 1863 Views 3 Follows Dec 9, 2019 Enilora
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    76 Series 0 Comments 38453 Views 88 Follows Oct 12, 2019 straw.berry
    List of popular korean webnovels/light novels
    Alina Moktan
    78 Series 0 Comments 42531 Views 203 Follows Aug 8, 2019 Alina Moktan
    This is all newly translated romance korean novel. Fantasy, Otome Game, Villianess Noble Lady. Yandere and Arrogant Male Lead. Weak Female MC. There is less... more>>