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  • My 【Repair】Skill Became an Almighty Cheat Skill, So I Thought I’d Open Up a Weapon Shop ×
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    24 Series 0 Comments 1428 Views 1 Follows Nov 25, 2019 M.D.D
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    48 Series 0 Comments 11401 Views 8 Follows Oct 9, 2019 Nyanmaru
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    Here are the light/web novels I've read or am still currently reading ... more>>
    5 Series 0 Comments 1468 Views 0 Follows Sep 7, 2019 Eril
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    No description.
    76 Series 3 Comments 22672 Views 41 Follows Aug 12, 2019 Freezy
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    Like reading newish stuff that ends up on the ranking list, but don't check that that much. Good news, I don't check 'that' much which... more>>