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  • The Struggle of Returning to The Other World ×
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    100 Series 1 Comments 407097 Views 135 Follows Aug 6, 2019 Kalmaegi
    Fantasy / Slice of Life novels to breeze through, mostly mindless fluff but a precious few located at the top have plot. Untranslated works included... more>>
    100 Series 2 Comments 32598 Views 80 Follows May 3, 2020 Jem3710
    stories about females who transmigrate/reincarnate usually into novels or otome games, btw a lot of mc villainesses, I haven’t read all of them but have enjoyed... more>>
    37 Series 1 Comments 23578 Views 52 Follows Nov 25, 2019 Sharmin
    Mostly reincarnation or transmigration into other world (Japanese)
    92 Series 0 Comments 4939 Views 10 Follows May 4, 2020 Dragonosz
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    No description.
    28 Series 0 Comments 4381 Views 3 Follows Jun 19, 2020 Azuru
    Exactly what the title entails. Most of these are slightly different compared to the ordinary Isekai troupes, or sometimes they're highly generic. Oh well