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  • Shirokuma Tensei: You became the Guardian God of the Forest Legend ×
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    19 Series 0 Comments 350 Views 1 Follows Jun 17, 2024 NameNamely
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    Mama Cayna
    81 Series 1 Comments 12993 Views 44 Follows Apr 13, 2022 Mama Cayna
    If you don't like romance and harem novels, then this list might help you find good novels.  This list of Japanese novels is generally of the SOL, fantasy, and adventure genres with the theme of family and friendship.  ... more>>
    Lucia Elys
    86 Series 0 Comments 10106 Views 12 Follows Jun 4, 2021 Lucia Elys
    No Tags
    I haven't read these yet, but they seem interesting... more>>
    100 Series 21 Comments 94934 Views 227 Follows Apr 13, 2020 memed
    Isekais are fun reads when done right, cringey when generic, and horrible when done wrong.... more>>
    85 Series 2 Comments 36707 Views 45 Follows Aug 7, 2019 VesperNyan
    Isekai is tr*sh, but so am I.  Who am I to judge? We got Yaoi, Yuri, ecchi, and lots of cringe so we don't discriminate... more>>