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  • A Sorcerer’s Journey ×
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    10 Series 5 Comments 487 Views 1 Follows May 22, 2020 CaptainButtshark
    Basically where the MC travels between worlds/planes with different species, civilizations and the like. More importantly the worlds have different species, cultures and paths to... more>>
    Kaptan Flint
    37 Series 0 Comments 9738 Views 9 Follows Dec 26, 2019 Kaptan Flint
    No Tags
    No description.
    59 Series 6 Comments 28798 Views 61 Follows Dec 25, 2019 AcasualPawn__
    I dislike retards!!!!! Too much emotional mc is also a big no~~~~~~... more>>
    Scholar Monarch
    8 Series 0 Comments 1268 Views 2 Follows Dec 24, 2019 Scholar Monarch
    No Tags
    I refuse to read a lot of novels for many reasons such as it being to cliche, harem, etc.
    Here are those few that are... more>>
    20 Series 0 Comments 2838 Views 4 Follows Aug 6, 2019 zivoy
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    Chinese novels I enjoyed.... more>>