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100 Series 209 Comments 122788 Views 551 Follows Dec 3, 2020 FIEND
I  prune this list often with  better replacements.
User kkgoh has the most accurate reviews:: more>>
95 Series 126 Comments 6858 Views 27 Follows Aug 24, 2020 dracofides
No Tags
A list to keep track of all the danmei novels I've read to the end! There are also raws in the comments with descriptions. 
43 Series 90 Comments 15907 Views 61 Follows Apr 19, 2020 swuwu
No Tags
[binge over, now filling comment recs zzz] SPOILERS + assume i used mtl sites unless stated... more>>
84 Series 70 Comments 393621 Views 1795 Follows Aug 11, 2019 Stesira
No Tags
Sturgeon's law: 99% of everything is terrible.... more>>
63 Series 65 Comments 28867 Views 110 Follows May 24, 2021 hotpotathoe
BG modern romance : NO rebirth / NO transmigration ... more>>
18 Series 50 Comments 2015 Views 3 Follows Apr 8, 2022 SoniaNatira
No Tags
No description.
85 Series 45 Comments 53457 Views 162 Follows Jun 22, 2022 Zayn_Nicolas
For all my poor citizens of harem society who try very hard to find good harem novels.... more>>
44 Series 39 Comments 73901 Views 160 Follows Jun 1, 2020 tallrice
How would you bring technology into a fantasy world? Make sense of the magics? Feed people and get rid of the corrupt nobles? This is specifically on developing a city or territory, not:
- Developing a dungeon/core (see my other list: more>>
14 Series 37 Comments 8212 Views 28 Follows Jul 12, 2020 Saintessally
Political intrigue with romance on sidelines but no Harem. Check comments section for untranslated suggestions. You can read the raws for them. All are HE. 
100 Series 34 Comments 38602 Views 126 Follows Feb 27, 2021 Jewellia97
(There's a second list, just add a 2 to the name of this list and you'll find it) ... more>>
21 Series 32 Comments 9718 Views 72 Follows Oct 10, 2021 leofa
female fighting wars 
88 Series 31 Comments 54158 Views 545 Follows Feb 18, 2020 IndusEla
The title says it all. BLs with a healthy power dynamic (mostly, since those are pretty rare), well-developed leads, great storylines, almost no unhealthy and unrealistic characterisations like yandere MLs or MCs with questionable IQs. Some exceptions are there, though; I've added the novels I liked despite them having somewhat yandere character(s).... more>>
Liero Dirlewanger
21 Series 28 Comments 7824 Views 21 Follows Aug 26, 2020 Liero Dirlewanger
List is not in order. If you want to laugh, i also recommend Sun Knight and Cultivation Chat Group.... more>>
19 Series 28 Comments 26957 Views 88 Follows May 29, 2020 tallrice
Now a classic sub-genre of the Isekai genre, getting transformed into a monster is often accompanied by game elements or ability to evolve...... more>>
7 Series 27 Comments 382 Views 1 Follows Feb 28, 2022 SoniaNatira
No Tags
No description.
16 Series 27 Comments 4989 Views 27 Follows Jul 27, 2021 Kiryu_93
I am so addicted to gong mc BL.... more>>
45 Series 27 Comments 21054 Views 46 Follows Nov 11, 2020 NightmareSeller
[BG] - [No CP] more>>
98 Series 27 Comments 47992 Views 165 Follows Sep 14, 2020 Sleep-deprived-enthusiast
Sequence is CN- JP- KR- Fluffy- (Comedy)- Exceptions- To-reads. Not ranked by number. 
My descriptions varies greatly from a gist, polished review, impressions, or explains key points.        ... more>>
Demon Empress
50 Series 26 Comments 14994 Views 24 Follows Nov 17, 2021 Demon Empress
I'll be adding my own ratings for each novel on this list. The core of this list is the [S] rating. The rest are just additions.... more>>
100 Series 26 Comments 87831 Views 170 Follows Jan 10, 2021 Hoouuujae60
Be basked in the world of your delusions! Japanese romantic comedy novels to read that will never happen to you in real life...... more>>
Xia Yu
15 Series 26 Comments 7904 Views 82 Follows Aug 9, 2020 Xia Yu
[For untranslated CN novel suggestions, please refer to the Comment Section of this list]... more>>
3 Series 26 Comments 23243 Views 47 Follows Aug 5, 2019 Tony
I didn't grow up as a reader. It's just something I was never interested in as a kid. It's not something I'm proud of but I even made fun of my sisters for reading as a kid... who would've guessed I would turn into a reader myself? Not only that but own a site related to reading!... more>>
22 Series 24 Comments 8682 Views 21 Follows Jan 27, 2022 sandchii
i'd just like to share some cute romance novels i really enjoyed reading in no particular order <3... more>>
31 Series 24 Comments 264072 Views 267 Follows May 8, 2020 cherryblossomsinsummer
Smut with plot starts from #15 : )
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