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Being Love Exclusively by You
CN Being Love Exclusively by You
Completed Josei Psychological Romance
She is foolish enough, stupid enough, idiotic enough. Whatever it takes, it makes him want to possess and capture the attention of “her music”. To... more>> the extent that he couldn’t ignore her anymore as if she is air. Wanting to get closer to her, wanting to take all of her, but damn, she is afraid and trembles at him. He doesn’t want to wait anymore “for the lyric”, and at her side he feels so restless. But this absent-minded girl, unexpectedly being so foolish, asked him–why I am so special? <<less
Releases: 43
Demoness Go See The Emperor
CN Demoness Go See The Emperor
Historical Romance Shoujo
Na Lam ascends the throne at the age of fifteen. The empress dowager worries her son is too arrogant and selfish to be a good emperor. The empress dowager recruits Ling Fei, the daughter of a trustworthy ally, to moderate Na Lam’s arrogance.... more>>

Na Lam doesn’t want the commoner Ling Fei to become his empress. Ling Fei promises Na Lam that if he can defeat her in a duel then she’ll ask the empress dowager to break their betrothal. <<less
Releases: 16
Forbidden Love
CN Forbidden Love
Completed Comedy Romance Shoujo Xuanhuan
Oh no! What a disaster!... more>>

The man who she blinded, thinking he was a pervert…. It just so happens that he was the person her family needed to pay a debt of gratitude to!

Though they were both were wronged… in that kind of situation, how could she blame him? Aiya! Just resign to it! Let’s just disguise as a maid to enter into his household and secretly take care of him then…

Who would have thought that her kind intentions were see as a threat…

Ah! No way! She was ‘discovered’?! Not only did he make her into his personal maidservant, he had also figured out her weakness!

Being by his side all the time, he slowly fills her heart… but he was destined to marry another woman… How should she deal with this forbidden love? <<less
Releases: 11
Fortunately, I Did Not
CN Fortunately, I Did Not
Roar, she really hates him. Not only did he grab her first place in the class but also as if speaking to a beggar, says he will give her the scholarship.... more>>

No matter how poor she is, she will not accept such humiliating “kindness”! They obviously are classmates for a year, each keeping to themselves. His sudden interest in her rose. If not timid, but in addition worked to his advantage.

She didn’t think she had any place to attract him ah –

Well, perhaps it is because in the department that day, she secretly cursed him and was discovered only provoking his “play pig, eat tiger” personality. Always putting on that annoying smile, so that she cannot get angry. Also always appeared at her side, even her mother took notice!

Before she always hoped he would not come bothering her...

Now she began to fear, he would not cherish her... <<less
Releases: 6
Hunting for a Delicious Wife (After)
CN Hunting for a Delicious Wife (After)
Josei Mature Romance
Tang Xin Lian had never met a good man in her life. In order to stay away from rotten peach blossom flowers (bad relationships) and to take care of her son so that they’ll have a peaceful life, she indulged in the notion of employing a fake husband!... more>>

Even if she considered all men unreliable, the candidate she chose was gay, so it should’ve been safe right?

Little did she know – –

First of all, who said that a man who drank at a gay bar would have to like men?

Secondly, regarding her “new roommate” Zhong Zhen Dong’s outward appearance, which was cultured and refined, he was also modest and courteous. However in actuality, this man was without a doubt very cunning. If you easily believed him, you wouldn’t even know how you died one day!

The naïve, innocent, little white rabbit wasn’t aware of it. She was just happy the flies around her were finally driven away.

That was until the big wolf entered her inner chambers and proceeded to go to the next level. He tried to control her desire, her body, and her heart. Even her son who always stuck to her, traitorously shouted ‘father’ with genuine admiration.

She then realized Mr. Nice Guy actually originally harbored evil intentions towards her. It was simply a tiger disguising itself as a pig to eat its prey!

Being tied to this handsome man was definitely a calamity, not a blessing. Right now, it wasn’t considered too late. She could still escape without a trace with her son. She’d erase the past 100 days, and exchange it for a happy, stable life… <<less
Releases: 15
Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before)
CN Hunting for a Delicious Wife (Before)
Completed Josei Mature Romance Slice of Life
Every male or female that entered the bar, all hoped to become the center of attention. However, Tang Xin Lian was the opposite. Undoubtedly receding to sit in a corner alone, dressed suitably but not sexily, yet she still managed to attract the gaze of Zhong Zhen Dong. Let’s not talk about the fact that she only ordered a glass of milk at the bar, she had a pair of clear and innocent big eyes that brought about mischief in others!... more>>

Against expectations, this little white rabbit had the courage to walk over with milk in hand, and opened her mouth in hopes of hiring him as her fake husband. Furthermore, it included food and housing, but not sleeping together. The only condition was to help her fend off a “bad peach!” (a bad relationship)

~Tsk tsk tsk~ (Sound of clicking one’s tongue). How can one survive without knowing the viciousness (dangers) of mankind? Just let him, this big, feral wolf, personally teach the dangers of playing with fire.

She said she wasn’t interested in men? It doesn’t matter, it’s okay as long as he’s interested in her!

She said she doesn’t want to marry? He doesn’t care about a person’s status, he’s satisfied to be able to love her everyday!

Her son is from a previous marriage? Even if she had 100 sons, it wouldn’t matter! Furthermore, this 8-year old little rascal was very useful; can tease, can play with, can act as a hostage.

She was completely in the palm of his hand. He watched the little white rabbit still not obediently submitting and returning under the wolf’s claws quietly as his dessert! <<less
Releases: 42
It is a Straight Road
CN It is a Straight Road
Completed Drama Mystery Romance Supernatural
Second Prince of Xi Xuan – half of his life is grand and wild, half of his life is sadness and woe. Born in Xi Xuan but buried in an unnamed hill at death, unable to afford his very own coffin. – Yuan Tu, Great Fortune Teller of Xi Xuan.... more>>

Life is always like this! He can never get what he wants, including this woman! He has always held her in respect and has even chased after her before. When he fell from grace, he did not implicate her, so what deep grievance does she hold against him to trample him to the ground like this? Since she is ganging up with that man to realize the woeful half of his life’s prophesy, he swears to himself that he is not going to make her life easy. Even if it is for just one day, he must live longer than them and witness their end!


Why, when she is finally about to die, when Xi Xuan can no longer boast of their fabulous Xu Zhi, why did he nearly go crazy with grief? No, he is not going to let her die! Xi Xuan needs their Great Scholar and he must let her witness the demise of that wretched man before he breathe his last! <<less
Releases: 24
Love Me Again
CN Love Me Again
Completed Adult Drama Josei Mature Romance Smut
6th book in Yuan Yuan’s series 老梗也是梗系列之(AKA We were supposed to have died in a plane crash, instead we transmigrated). The stories consist of three modern settings and three historical.... more>>

Luo An Hai didn’t expect that one day she would witness her own funeral.

The last thing she remembered was being on a plane to England for business negotiations. If she had succeeded then the majority of shareholders would vote her way, and she would become the CEO of Luo’s company.

But she didn’t expect the plane to crash.

Her last thought was that ten years of hard work fell down the drain. She had endured ten years living at the Luo Mansion, and fought to keep the homewrecker and the homewrecker’s son, Han Ding Rui taking Luo’s company from her hands.

She couldn’t accept the moment her dream was within grasp, her life would end in a plane crash.

A second after the plane crash, she was standing in front of her tombstone.

Her father had aged since the last time she saw him.

She froze. Unexpectedly her father was sobbing at her funeral. She hadn’t called the aged man her father since their estrangement the day he brought home the homewrecker and Han Ding Rui.

She resented her father for marrying her mother for money. Her mother loved her father deeply. But what did her mother receive? Her mother ended up dying of a lonely heart.

She dedicated her life to opposing her father, the homewrecker, and the homewrecker’s son. She hated them and treated them badly… so why are they grieving? Why does Han Ding Rui stare at her photo?

Suddenly she is given a second chance, but will things be different? <<less
Releases: 16
Peach Passion
CN Peach Passion
Completed Drama Josei Romance
Embarrassing!  She wanted to curse.  He’s a stalker!... more>>

Now, what is he up to?!

Remembering the “wolf” on the train, Xiang Ti was so ashamed.  She just wanted to dig a hole and hide!

Admittedly, this man was the most outstanding and attractive she’d ever encountered.

But her plan in life did not include marriage.  She wants to focus on a career and live life like the modern woman.

Her whole image exuded the “don’t offend me” message, however —

This man did not heed the warning and pursued her persistently!

Although there were not many suitors before her “stalker”, but she was still dissatisfied with this “wolf”.

Even if he used his eyes to worship her, and generously praised her beauty, she is not happy!

Because she didn’t want to fall in love with any man.

But when he smiles, why can’t she stop thinking about him?!

Why is this happening, when she is never one to be seduced by the “male beauty” before?!

But he’s proven to be a sly fox.  How is she supposed to resist?! <<less
Releases: 29
Red Bean Lyrics
CN Red Bean Lyrics
Comedy Drama Historical Josei Romance
What does “drunken chaos” mean?... more>>

Well, he is a bloody good example of it.

First time getting drunk he beat up his sworn brothers to a pulp.

Second time getting drunk he completely demolished his own house.

But these recorded incidents weren’t really that big of a deal. That is until this most recent time, when he got drunk and laid his fingers on the one precious little treasure that he watched grow up in front of him!

*sigh* since the “rice” is “cooked” and the deed cannot be undone. He could only take it like a champ and face the “pedophilia” accusations.

Turning familial affection into romance, he’s pouring all his love into doting on and spoiling his little wife.

He thought he had a whole lifetime to spend with her in sweet embrace. But cruel fate stood in the way, waiting to tear lovers away from each other …. <<less
Releases: 1
Singing Spring Melody
CN Singing Spring Melody
Completed Comedy Drama Josei Romance
Hahaha, this little girl is just too amusing!... more>>

When other people come to beg the Godly Doctor for help they kneel outside anxiously for three days. But she’s actually enjoying it! She even hunted a pigeon and spit roasted it over the fire.

When other people see the Godly Doctor they bow down low with their heads on the ground, plea, cry, beg, and do everything they can.

She on the other hand,  overwhelmed by the charm and pheromones, started to drool when she saw him!

Although he always hated these excessively kind and selfless idiots, this little beauty’s “lustful” and ditzy ways are just too hilarious!

A little peck on the mouth from time to time, a touch of her hands, an arm around her waist, makes him very happy ….

UNTIL, he found out that he’s getting charged for all of that!?

According to her profiteering ways of calculation he’s going to go bankrupt before the wedding night!

Heh heh heh, since his future sister-in-law is going to play dirty and play the badger game with him then he’s not holding back anymore. He’s going to use his invincible honey trap to make sure they lose oh so completely …. <<less
Releases: 11
The CEO’s Pregnant Wife
CN The CEO’s Pregnant Wife
Completed Josei Mature Mystery Romance Supernatural
Super troublesome!... more>>

Since when was being pregnant easier than buying fresh vegetables? Alright, alright, she did admit herself that she had been muddleheaded,

but this man really does not have any sense of commitment.

As the host of the night club, not only is he bad at servicing others, his ‘skill’ turned out to be deadly worse.

It pained her to death, and by that time her mood had already turned sour.

She will absolutely report this to Customer Association.

But… but… he wasn’t a host after all!

Furthermore, to her surprise, the worse thing that was to transpire was that she had become pregnant with his child!

The next chronology is big. The most misfortune thing was that she was his only antidote.

Hu hu hu, someone tell her, what should she do in order to free herself from this big dilemma? <<less
Releases: 42
The Demoness Is Not Evil
CN The Demoness Is Not Evil
Completed Historical Josei Martial Arts Mature Mystery Romance Wuxia
They say Gentleman Xiao Yao (carefree) Liu Feng is a famed righteous pugilist. He himself thought that even if he isn’t considered noble and benevolent, he is at least of honourable character.... more>>

But only when he met her, did he realise that he is very well capable of being such a lecherous man. At every little moment he is constantly wanting to take advantage of her, always trying to touch her soft slender hands. It’s hopeless, who told this lady to just be so interesting, causing his heart to helplessly be moved by her—-

Her appearance looks like that of a refined lady from a well off background, but in reality she is nothing like that inside. Not only highly skilled in martial arts, her sharp tongue is also highly skilled, capable of angering people to a whole new boiling point.

Her ways of doing things is also extremely bold, completely treating the principle of impropriety between men and women like an old fart. He had only jokingly invited her to sleep with him, yet she actually pats the bed beckoning him to attend to her (?) Even going to the point of shooing him out the room after eating him dry, finding him to be too obstructive on the eye, what a way to shoot down his self-esteem.

Ai~ to fall for such a unique girl, causing him to be filled with joy one moment, and filled with sorrow the next. Overjoyed when he has her by his side, sorrowful when she acts so elusive. If that was not enough, she didn’t even leave a single note behind and disappeared without a trace, causing him to become like an abandoned husband searching for his wife.

Little do they know that this is an important test to see if these two people can be together….. <<less
Releases: 20
The General Only Fears the Maiden’s Escape
CN The General Only Fears the Maiden’s Escape
Completed Romance
Everyone says that General Chai’s personality is cruel and tyrannical, having beaten to death servants and that he prefers men. Even if rumors cannot be completely believed, she doesn’t want to go along with her stepmother’s social ladder climbing intentions. Although she knows that it is improper, she decides to give him a show of severity to prevent him from coming to propose marriage. But before receiving his consent, her stepmother had already made her move. Not only did she order a servant to bring muddle-headed her to the brothel, she colluded with the brothel owner to make plans for her, to let the two of them reach the stage where there’s no going back,... more>> and force her to marry.

Luckily, he knew from the start and took advantage of this to play along and help her escape from this trouble. She discovered then that he actually conducts himself in an upright and honest manner, not at all cruel and ruthless like rumors said.

Who knew that her stepmother would put her under house arrest for money, wanting to sell her to someone as a concubine. He worried about her situation, and did not hesitate at all to look after her in the nights, and even making his liking towards her known, making her realize that she had long carved the imposing and handsome him into her heart.

However, with the day of her wedding approaching, the her without freedom did not dare to hope for any results with him. Who knew that in spite of his status of a general, that in spite of criticisms, he would come to steal the bride! <<less
Releases: 18
The General Wants to Hug and Sleep
CN The General Wants to Hug and Sleep
Completed Comedy Historical Josei Romance
A story about a general with insomnia, and a girl who is looking for husband to keep her tea house.
Releases: 36
The Imperial Princess Accidentally Seduced Her Husband
CN The Imperial Princess Accidentally Seduced Her Husband
Completed Adult Ecchi Harem Historical Josei Mature Tragedy
Ah……..she was married to a Marquis, yet he only had intent to treat her as a concubine not as his first wife, a princess (princess refers to a person’s first wife, it is a position of power among the wives and in the household). Now she overheard that he only married her for appearances sake?... more>>

It was just great! Not only was she forced to marry, she also lost her freedom. Since her husband was also unwilling to marry, they might as well not bother with each other…….

His newly wedded wife was so very strange!

A night before the wedding he caught her peeking shamelessly. She also demanded that the favor he owed her for having saved his life, two years prior in the desert was to not touch her?

Usually a wife would be sharing a husband with three or four other women. Thus they would be full of worry and trepidation, serving their husband to the best of their ability attempting to become the favourite and obtain the valued Princess position. Yet she actually tried to distance herself from him as much as possible. How was this a relationship?

Though it did not matter to him, for he long had the intention to separate himself from her, he was only marrying her because of the Imperial Edict after all. If he didn’t seize this golden opportunity then he was too dumb to deserve it.

Let her regret it!

She was very proficient in the art of Qi Huang. Even though this princess’ beauty wasn’t too outstanding, it wasn’t bad and her temperament was unquestionable. This Prime Minister’s Daughter even had a touch of feminine charisma. Her varying facial features made him forget about the other beautiful concubine completely and made him want to……..only care for her!?

Although he swore to the moon that he would not touch her, however tonight the night sky was cloudy……… <<less
Releases: 20
Wedding Night Late Ten Years
CN Wedding Night Late Ten Years
Completed Historical Josei Romance
Chen Quan Ran is a young general. Rather than return home and see his child wife, Mo Lan, he leads his army in battle for 10 years. ... more>>

Mo Lan is a gentle bred young lady who has not met her husband Chen Quan Ran since their wedding day ten years ago. Chen Quan Ran’s grandma loves Mo Lan so she feigns illness to lure him home.

Chen Quan Ran can be heartless toward anyone except his grandma who raised him. He returns home and he surprisingly falls in love with his wife who has a secret… <<less
Releases: 10