JP (3.5)
1 Chapters Every 1654 Day(s) 625 Readers 2 Reviews 12-31-2015
Kazuhe Nomomiya, a boy who was given a gifted education from otaku parents.... more>>
JP (3.4)
21 Chapters Every 120.7 Day(s) 1353 Readers 2 Reviews 08-27-2015
My name is Miyamoto Mai. Today is the day I will start my adventure in new popular VRMMO Infinite Dungeon Online aka IDO, after finally creating my character with unpopular class and skills Im suddenly transfered to different world. Finally an exciting life-or-death adventure awaits me.... more>>
JP (0)
1 Chapters Every 2000 Day(s) 0 Readers 0 Reviews 07-11-2020
The otome game world's villainess Millene's past life was a Japanese high school girl. When she was young, she was a naughty kid, and now... more>>
JP (3.8)
4 Chapters Every 457 Day(s) 505 Readers 1 Reviews 01-09-2016
A [Crusade] in a world of swordsmanship and martial arts. A young man living in a remote village, Krell one day encounters a monster hidden within the depths of a cave and receives a strange book from it.... more>>
JP (3.8)
9 Chapters Every 210.9 Day(s) 1112 Readers 2 Reviews 05-26-2015
Arisu Gin is a boy with girlish looks. One day, he died when chasing after a rabbit. After realized that he was reincarnated into another world, he lost his consciousness.... more>>
JP (4)
25 Chapters Every 124.5 Day(s) 148 Readers 0 Reviews 10-28-2016
“THE NEW GATE”, an online game that trapped its players and turned into a death game, was now releasing the thousands of players that had... more>>
JP (4.8)
1 Chapters Every 2000 Day(s) 4308 Readers 43 Reviews 10-01-2016
Born to a house where women were only seen as tools to birth children, I was already in my twenties. I was standing on the crossroads of life.... more>>
JP (3.8)
11 Chapters Every 176.8 Day(s) 397 Readers 2 Reviews 01-12-2018
Angel In Online Common name AI-On . ... more>>
JP (3.5)
4 Chapters Every 420.3 Day(s) 320 Readers 0 Reviews 12-10-2015
A high school students had been summoned to the world where magic and two moon existed. Another transported story.
JP (3.8)
6 Chapters Every 5 Day(s) 2510 Readers 7 Reviews 08-21-2015
A boy who obtains a mysterious peach, a heartwarming Ero Novel. The main character is a natural devil. One who doesn’t like attention.
JP (4)
21 Chapters Every 116.5 Day(s) 1590 Readers 11 Reviews 01-09-2016
How did I get reincarnated into a dating game? It was a dating game, so I thought I’d go capture heroines and do “Kya~Kya~ufufu” things,... more>>
JP (4)
12 Chapters Every 162.1 Day(s) 545 Readers 1 Reviews 07-14-2015
You always see in those stories where a character raises a death flag like 'Once this war is over, I'm going to get married' or 'Go on ahead, I'll catch up to you later.' However, what if you had died without raising these flags and no idea as to how you had died?... more>>
JP (4.1)
2 Chapters Every 945.5 Day(s) 1115 Readers 2 Reviews 05-14-2015
While on his way to work, white collar worker Shoutarou Sagami got hit by a truck and died. And then, he was reincarnated–into a dungeon.... more>>
JP (2.7)
3 Chapters Every 602 Day(s) 373 Readers 0 Reviews 08-02-2015
The magic girl swordsman Riley who had defeated the Demon King and was being celebrated as a hero, was transported into another world by a goddess as a savior.... more>>
JP (2.7)
22 Chapters Every 116.2 Day(s) 1673 Readers 3 Reviews 10-31-2015
A world governed by a Light God, a Dark God, and a slightly ‘my pace’ Evil God.... more>>
JP (3.3)
79 Chapters Every 7.2 Day(s) 6520 Readers 17 Reviews 09-13-2015
One day, Katsuragi Daichi and his classmates found themselves in a different world. The god who summoned them to another world divided its power and... more>>
JP (2.9)
1 Chapters Every 2000 Day(s) 76 Readers 0 Reviews 08-08-2017
JP (4.2)
3 Chapters Every 5 Day(s) 948 Readers 8 Reviews 07-23-2015
A story about a swamp rumored to be the home of a monster, a girl, and a hero.
JP (4.5)
4 Chapters Every 106.5 Day(s) 3217 Readers 9 Reviews 09-30-2016
This series is split into two works: a short story and a novella.
Belfreya Alunst was once a typical villainous lady. However, for some reason,... more>>
JP (4.3)
1 Chapters Every 1 Day(s) 116 Readers 0 Reviews 07-10-2020
"The Hero defeated the Demon King in the war of men against demons..." Those kinds of stories are a thing of the past. Nowadays, adventurers, demons, Heroes, Demon Kings, and so on are all occupations that no longer involve putting one's life on the line. Peace has returned to the world, and dungeon exploration has now become a form of entertainment. Adventurers and monsters now all fight using clones they've created with magic in an extremely popular form of dungeon clearing where nobody dies. The footage of the dungeon getting cleared gets broadcasted all across the continent, and I'm a member of a Hero's party that was ranked the 4th most popular in the world...... more>>
JP (4)
10 Chapters Every 176.9 Day(s) 1933 Readers 2 Reviews 12-29-2015
Career Consultant. It was a profession where they perform various consultations for a person in hope of getting a job.... more>>
JP (3.4)
0 Chapters Every 118.2 Day(s) 1179 Readers 6 Reviews N/A
I am the Demon King… or was, in my previous life. Now, I’m a human noble girl known as Rosewood Angelique. My fiance, Heath, has been indifferent to me lately. Just as I was thinking about why this would be, I recovered fragments of my previous life’s memories and the memories of the life before that as well, that had helped me in the previous life.... more>>
JP (3.5)
1 Chapters Every 1844 Day(s) 68 Readers 0 Reviews 06-24-2015
1000 years later in the wide galaxy, amongst the four civilizations, the human race is currently in turmoil. In these conflicted times within the many... more>>
JP (2.5)
3 Chapters Every 585.3 Day(s) 644 Readers 1 Reviews 09-22-2015
Inside a certain day’s dream, [The Goddess of Love and Beauty, Yutaka Minoru] forcibly woke me and gave me a servant and a strange power. And then, I was told about the [Goddess’s Request].... more>>
JP (2.5)
0 Chapters Every 219 Day(s) 21 Readers 0 Reviews N/A
The country of Coffin, a grassland blanketed by grey clouds.... more>>
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