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Shaymon, the man who has achieved the apex of dark magic, is framed as being a Demon King and is killed.... more>>
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Master Cheon-Ho birthed two foxes out of boredom. One was beautiful and strong while the other was plain and weak. The story follows a fox... more>>
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After living in a desolate land, where there wasn't even a single blade of grass and hunger was an everyday reality, Min Sung finally returns to Earth: his home.... more>>
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What is true satisfaction?... more>>
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Yun Woo is the youngest author in history to enter the literature world. His debut work was a massive hit but this success was short lived for the unprepared.... more>>
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Level-Up Doctor... more>>
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Her parents were mu*dered.
That day, an unidentified man was standing in her room.
Ivan Yelkah.... more>>
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She wrote a letter there, at an antique storage box of books that I got by a mere chance, and a reply came back.... more>>
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An age where science was at the height of its rapid development.
The smooth lines of railroad tracks had divided Ingram’s large landmass cardinally by the time people had really noticed,
And large airships were being developed in their factories by the day in hopes for future commercial use.
The fruits of science were being shared amongst everyone.... more>>
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Carlyle’s family has always been in control of things, especially marriage and love. One day Carlyle was diagnosed as an insensitive person. Carlyle was told to have s*x with anyone but Omegas. He was then introduced to Ash Jones. Surprisingly, Carlyle and Ash had kissed each other 6 years before on New Year’s Eve.... more>>
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One day, I suddenly fell into a BL novel. How did I became the main character’s younger sister in one day?! “If you connect the... more>>
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Yvonne is a blessed wizard.
She wasn’t herself as the core of the dragon was planted in her heart. She was becoming like a dragon: cold and distant.
So she left. She left her lover by her own choice, and when he passed away, she realized that life without him was just as painful. She couldn’t bear to part with him, so she killed herself without regret. ... more>>
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I came here with only the goal of revenge.... more>>
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