Novel Updates Policy

Novel Updates will not add your releases if:

  • There’s an active translator for the novel. An active translator is a translator who has released at least two releases within the past 30 days OR has caught up with the latest raw chapters (the latest raw chapter must be translated within 30 days), has been translating the series for at least 30 days and has translated over 30 releases according to the raw site for the series. This rule does not apply to you if any of these applies to you:
    • If you start translating the series from the beginning. No, you cannot translate chapter 1 then do a chapter jump to chapter 50. Your chapter 1 would be accepted while your chapter 50 wouldn’t. 
    • If you have permission from the current active translator
    • If your releases were accepted when there were no active translators at the time
    • If you have translated at least 50 releases (according to the raw site) for the series
    • If you were an active translator at any point for the series
    • If your releases were accepted due to meeting the requirements at any point
  • Your release is locked. (Not accepted: password protected, requiring user to log in, appwalled or paywalled releases. Accepted: adwall releases). For password protection releases, an exception to this rule would be if the password is on the same page as the chapter link and easy to find.
  • Your release is not translated from an Asian novel.
  • No raw source is found for your chapters.
  • You’re both the author and translator of the novel you’re writing/translating.

Last updated: September 29th, 2018

If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to [email protected]