Satou Mato

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Headless Villainess
JP Headless Villainess
Completed Comedy Fantasy Horror
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.... more>>

In the current world I am a selfish villainess that lived as she liked; in the previous world I lived modestly.

The result of my self-centered, spoiled lifestyle was to be cheated on by my fiancee, the prince, who after conspiring with his lover, broke off his engagement with me and as the result of a strict trial, my execution was decided. And thankfully as a noble I received an "honorable" death by guillotine.

And so, after I was decapitated by the guillotine, I was reborn into a corpse…


No wait, I don’t even have a head, what are you telling me to do now? <<less
Releases: 4
My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess
JP My Sister the Heroine, and I the Villainess
Completed Fantasy Romance Shoujo Slice of Life
Upon meeting the girl who would become her adopted younger sister, the duke’s daughter Christina regained memories of her previous life. Through those memories, she learned that her new sister, Mishuli, was the heroine of a certain story. And though the story depicted a Christina who abused her sister, the real Christina turned into a siscon who spoiled Mishuli to no end.... more>>

Unfortunately, one day, Christina realized something. The best future for Mishuli depended on that story’s ending. And by following that story, whether it was execution, suicide, or exile, nothing fortunate would await Christina.

Even knowing this, Christina would not waver.

It was all for the sake of her sister.

This is a story about a siscon girl who ignored her own destiny, to bring happiness to her sister. <<less
Releases: 121
Usotsuki Senki, Meikyu wo Yuku
JP Usotsuki Senki, Meikyu wo Yuku
Action Adventure Fantasy
Rires d’Or is a girl who falls into ruin over a lie she told to keep up appearances.
She is defeated in the labyrinth which she had foolishly charged into in an attempt to get back at those who underestimated her. And just as she was was about to give in--through friends she had met, Rires d’Or was able to attain ‘Magic to move the Vertical Rolls’ with ‘The wish to make appearances true’ as her motivation.... more>>

In truth, she herself knew that she was a weak person.

This is a heroic tale about a girl who had hit rock bottom, but used her hair rolls, which were the symbol of her vanity as spinning drills in order save her friends from enemies, help the world and to make every lie she spat out become true. <<less
Releases: 2