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A Solution for Jealousy
JP A Solution for Jealousy
Completed Romance School Life
A novel adaption of HoneyWorks “Yakimochi no Kotae (A Solution for Jealousy)“ about Mochizuki Souta (nickname: Mochita), a third-year at Sakuragaoka High School, who holds long-standing unrequited feelings for her the air-headed pretty girl, Akari, who’s the president of the Art Club.... more>>

As the Art Club helps the Film Club with making a movie, he musters up the courage to confess and she actually accepts?! But when they accidentally witness Natsuki and Haruki’s “confession,” things start to get complicated….? <<less
Releases: 8
Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu
JP Kokuhaku Yokou Renshuu
Completed Comedy Drama Romance School Life Shoujo
Based on the popular Vocaloid series, by HoneyWorks, called “Kokuhoku Yokou Renshuu (Confession Rehearsal)“:... more>>

Natsuki, a third-year at Sakuragaoka High School, who holds unrequited feelings for her childhood friend, Yuu, who’s in the Film Club. However, instead of being honest about her feelings, she makes him be her confession “rehearsal” partner. Unable to say her true feelings, things start to get complicated when Miou and Akari, who are also in the Art Club, get involved! Will she ever be able to confess for real!? <<less
Releases: 9
Picture Book of My First Love
JP Picture Book of My First Love
Romance School Life Shoujo
Here’s the intro and first chapter of the novel adaption of HoneyWorks’ “Hatsukoi no Ehon (Picture Book of My First Love)“ about the president of... more>> the Art Club, Miou, and the Film Club’s star, Haruki. The two third years from Sakuragaoka High School walk home together every day, but Miou is too shy to tell him her feelings. While helping with his movie, Miou asks him, “Do you have a crush on anyone?” and to her great surprise, Haruki answers, “I do.” And what’s more, Haruki confesses to Natsuki, his childhood friend?! <<less
Releases: 3