Yuzuki Kihiro

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Evil God Average
JP Evil God Average
Completed Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Supernatural
When she stands, she’s like a white peony. When she sits, she’s like a tree peony. When she walks, she’s like a lily flower. And when you look her in the eyes, she’s like the Great King of Terror.... more>>

Despite having the qualities to be a peerless bishoujo, because of the look of her eyes and that atmosphere of hers, she’s feared by others; such a girl is forcefully sent to another world.

Being told that she would be granted a wish as a special favour, the girl made a wish────

“Make my eyes and atmosphere normal please.”

This is a story recounting the lifestyle in a parallel world of a girl who would be perfect (probably) if just her one weakpoint was overcome.

A fantasy comedy with magic, dungeons, and a hero and demon king(candidate) who she gets tangled up with.

She’s cursed though. <<less
Releases: 86
Tensei Ouji Wa Daraketai
JP Tensei Ouji Wa Daraketai
Comedy Fantasy Romance Shounen Slice of Life
I, Ichinose Haruto, am a college student that reincarnated as the small country of Greshart's youngest prince, Phil Grishart.... more>>

Living a previous life that's full of restraint, in this world while petting my beloved fluffy pet, I'm going to live a life full of freedom!
Or so I thought ...... But starting from summoned beasts to spirits, ores, and monsters. The more I know about this world the more evident the outbreak of trouble is.
I want to live a lazybone's life, but it's not possible at all!

I want to be lazy but I can't, Phil's tale is just about to begin! <<less
Releases: 11