JP (3.5)
112 Chapters Every 15.1 Day(s) 6947 Readers 9 Reviews 04-06-2021
Losing his memories, the curtains of the story of alternate world transfer of the MC rises. After the transfer his name changes to Kelvin. While steadily... more>>
JP (4.3)
143 Chapters Every 26.8 Day(s) 10162 Readers 35 Reviews 03-05-2021
A mecha otaku is reincarnated into another world as Ernesti Echevalier (Eru). In this world there exist huge humanoid weapons known as Silhouette Knight. Dreaming of piloting those robots, Eru, with childhood friends, Archid Walter and Adeltrud Walter: together they will aim to become a Knight Runner, pilot of Silhoutte Knight.... more>>
JP (3.7)
169 Chapters Every 67.6 Day(s) 5801 Readers 11 Reviews 09-16-2019
Being called out by his sister, Hida Kizuna visited the Strategic Defense School Ataraxia. He met with the girl manipulating the magic conducting armour (Zeros),... more>>
JP (4.3)
25 Chapters Every 90.2 Day(s) 2583 Readers 12 Reviews 04-21-2019
After regaining consciousness, high schooler Asagaya Makato has become an AI for a space battleship. As if that wasn’t enough, the ship has been surrounded by enemies, and he himself has a damaged engine, putting him in a dire situation.... more>>
JP (4.2)
2 Chapters Every 582.5 Day(s) 369 Readers 1 Reviews 12-26-2018
A fantasy tale that revolves around colossi and El Dorado, brought to you by the author of 『Hataraku Maou-sama!』, Wagahara Satoshi!... more>>
JP (3.3)
2 Chapters Every 1121.5 Day(s) 247 Readers 0 Reviews 04-17-2016
The time is 10:00 pm, 24th December, the night of Christmas Eve. Proclaiming herself the Demonic Dragon Princess, the beautiful Ahrian declares war against the entire world. Her proclamation, subsequently know as the “Demonic Dragon Declaration”, completely altered the life of Kagari, who has always wanted to live a quiet peaceful life. ... more>>