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Great Han’s Female General Wei Qiqi
October 10, 2017
Status: c95
Decent novel.

MC is a 2nd generation rich tomboy that schemed by her evil stepmother with a curse n transmigrate to the past w her own body. N met the male lead asap to make the plot goes round.

ML is a pushover chauvinistic man. Have the right to the throne but give it to his dog of brother that other than always scheme him also always humiliate him and probably wanna kill him as well. Yet he still doesnt do anything or resist at all... atleast he have an... more>> ego bigger than his balls even if its just his ego as a man in front of woman that is.. (quite pathetic actually...). imho he just a doormat, not a gentleman type (especially if I remember that he fooling a 17yo teenage girl n rape her when being rejected). he disgusted me.

The plot are decent to the point of rush. MC tryin to go back to her era so she reject ML repeatedly which challenging his ego as a man n make him wanna subdue her, end up with he rape her... (a No is a No, so I count it as rape)

Overall, the romance is a mess. it looks promising at the beginning until the author decide that its too slow n make a shortcut by rape because of the total chapter quota. the comedy are so so, not really funny from the start to the end. all the characters personality including MC n ML r shallow enough to make the story bland.

decent enough to read while waiting for ur fave novels update, but not good enough to include as one of fave novel. thats all from me. <<less
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Cant help to comparing this to sansheng (same author)

The result is I prefer sansheng better because it full of action, not talking/fillers like this one.

The plot seems lost from the path start from the 3rd life.

Also sansheng have an image of pure white sheet of paper, while XXZ give an image of stupid little girl.

I think its okay if u read this one before sansheng. But if u read this after... sigh*
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The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Doctor
October 8, 2017
Status: c35
a good novel where the MC is a coroner with a corpses fetish. She LOVE all that linked with corpses.

Although all supporting characters around MC are either dumb, naive, low IQ, or undependable (sang chen, wan lu, young master qin, MC father, etc) that most of the time only inviting unnecessary troubles for MC. The story pretty much goes smoothly well without any future hightech or op skill..
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Imperial God Emperor
October 6, 2017
Status: c613
A novel about a brawn for brain idiot who most of the time thinking that he smart with his plans that mostly always end up with plotarmor kickin or random passerby helper to save his ass.

lot of plotholes.

lots of random names of characters which spent a whole or more paragraphs to describe how high and mighty they are, just to last for a couple chapters and being forgotten soon. ex: snowkingdom emperor, yinyang monarch, etc2..

random and dumb plots that keep spawning bcoz of the idiotic MC keep... more>> making dumb and random mistakes/excuses. ex: leaving his cousin in a hostile sect.

also I dun get it how all the characters seems like to brag n speak nonsenses in a dead/alive fight like "watch my super duper difficult special hidden move will kill you!", "my high lv ultra rare treasure will cut u like a tofu!", blablabla, etc2. like REALLY???!!! okay, thats maybe count as word count. so yep... lots of wordcount fillers

but I still rate this novel 3* bcoz at least this novel is not a never-ending repetitive copy paste plot trash like most of the CN out there. n u might like this novel if u ignore all those bad points that I state above.

give it a try if u want. <<less
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Against the Gods
September 28, 2017
Status: c920
The story are good written. Storyline goes smoothly as theres connection between all the story plot. MC personality is arrogant, but not retarded arrogant like MGA.

If you ever read dragon ball, this novel kinda looks the same. MC always beaten almost/to the death and comes back with power up. And all those tournament act. Not to forget all the dirty jokes.

The downside is 1) MC`s luck are sometimes kinda forcely applied by the author that make it seems ridiculous. 2) Sometimes repetitive like the repeatedly beaten/supposed tobe death plot. 3)... more>> somewhat cliche.

Anyway its good time reading but not the best. If you dont mind harem, pervert and somewhat arrogant pettyminded MC then try to read this. <<less
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Great Demon King
August 29, 2017
Status: c370
Warning: lots of NSFW scenes.

Even with super plot armor, heaven defying luck, super pets (or summons?) MC still cant keep his thing inside of his pants... and thats why his most troublesome issues is not his enemies but how to make peace with all his women without get castrated by any of em or their super families.

Fun to read in idle time.
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Start with decent plot.

Progress to cliche plot. A forced School/sect plot just to make the story goes.

When mc: 1. Hv nothing beneficial to her in that sect. 2. Know that it a dumb scheme by her stupid sister. Yet MC still doesnt reject it..

R. I. P.

I bet lots of readers stop reading at that point. Cant blame em. I almost stop myself...

Rate 2-3 from 5* so far..

Gotta wait the progress.
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Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
November 25, 2017
Status: c345
same author as EAA.

(-) Each chapter is too short, doesnt worth tobe called as one chapter.

(-) Most character either brainless/too dumb/d*ckhead that easy to manipulated by the whitelotus antagonist that last as long as roaches.

... more>> (-) same repetitive plot, mostly about women crazyly delussion to the ML or coveting MC treasures (pets, weapons, pills, etc), ploting and scheming with manipulating their brainless fans or blinded supporters to die together in the end by MC hands (or her pets/ML/whatever...).

(+) better ML than EAA, an amnesiac patient, not a s*xaddict.

After read lots of chapters of this novel, I wanna smash my head to the wall. why the hell I even read this trash?? seriously regret wasting my time for this. save urself before its too late! RUN from this novel! <<less
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