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Reviewers about this novel: Hey, let's go to a party. You'll have to be beaten up and raped first then watch 666 hours of Justin Bieber videos. But after that, the party will be super fun, okay?!

Slow paced really short chapters, dumb punching bag MC, too many repeated and long descriptions, unlikable characters, dumb inconsistent boring plot that just revolves around everyone pissing at the MC. This is just pure trash.
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hawlol rated it
Dragon Ball Z: Attack of Raditz
May 1, 2019
Status: c35
If you think this might be a series that corrects Dragon Ball Z faults, you'll be disappointed.

All the mistakes are repeated, except Raditz is in the party and the movies are suddenly canon now.

It's still all about the saiyans, everyone else is weak and pretty much useless. Side characters don't matter and it's all about Goku and Vegeta but also Raditz right now.

Yet suddenly:

... more>>

during the Vegeta fight, Turtles appeared from nowhere and the plot of tree of might started. No tension, no explanation or nothing. It was a "Here comes a new challenger" kind of moment. There were also a lot of fodder characters to the already silent Z fighters to deal with, since the fight against Vegeta was too one sided


At least the novel has been acurate so far in terms of abilities and power levels (even though I dislike the use of the latter), and there are a lot of battles, which should be good for the fans. That's why I gave it a 3. But it's still all about punches, kicks and Ki blasts. There are no interesting uses of techniques.

Know that it doesn't add anything new. The same, but with Raditz, slightly different battles and 'Here comes a new challenger' trope which was quite bad.

The worst in my opinion, though, is the transmigration. Why not just give us a alternate timeline where Raditz doesn't die and becomes one of the Z fighters? It's far better than a random soul taking over his body, which has no meaning to the plot except of knowing the future.

Which brings a lot of new plot holes like how the random guy aclimated so quickly to killing the inocent frog race at the begining, or how he not only turned into a martial artist so fast and also became stronger than previous Raditz. Or how he developed Ki sense by himself, how can he kill humans without blinking, and stuff like that. All poor plot choices, in my opinion. The MC also has no personality and his motivations are too simple 'To not die to Frieza'.

I would like a story where the 'real' Raditz lived and how this fact changed the story altogether, his motivations, his relationship with Goku, his shortcomings, strengths and personality, yet there's none of that.

This feels like the Xenoverse Game, where someone picked Raditz as a character and is doing Story Mode, but to keep things from being too boring, random enemies from the movies appear from nowhere to 'spice' the battles we already know the results of. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Enchantress Amongst Alchemists: Ghost King’s Wife
September 25, 2018
Status: c100
To sumarize this novel in one word: Cliche.

If you have read any of this kind of female cultivator novels you already saw every single plot that happens in this story. I'll sumarize them until were I read.

... more>>

Transmigrator into trash body who is not really trash but a genius that can cultivate after surpassing a minor hurdle.

Evil family member plotted to take everything from the MC, including her fiance who is the crown prince. The new body owner will repay the former grievances.

A mighty but cute beast is contracted to the MC for free.

A really strong Male lead that could trample everyone in the kingdom but is hiding in plain sight, falls in love at first sight and tends to pamper and protect the MC from the shadows.

The MC starts to make pills and go up in her cultivation really fast, doing in months what people take dozens of years.

During all this steps there is constant fights with her previous repugnant family and she is faceslapping them again and again while everyone who called her trash is now second guessing their opinions.

Eventually she gets revenge against the family, while the previous fiance who cancelled the engagement tries to get her back, only to be humiliated too.

After getting revenge against, she discovers that she is actually a missing child and her actual family is super strong and far away.

Running down the street? A super important child is about to be run over by a carriage from snob people so that she save her like a hero and start problems with a new family in a new city.


Anyways, you have probably seen them all by now.

Like most people said as well, she's hated by random people without good reason which makes most conflicts kind of dumb. There isn't really a main plot either. It's just these small and petty grievances and unfufilling face slapping of people that keep popping up and hating the MC for no reason.

She also hides her strengths and backers without any reason. She says that her ability to rejuvenate herbs could bring her harm if people knew about it, only to show it in front of crowd a few chapters later for a meaningless alchemy competition that would bring her no benefit.

The cliche plots that look like a macro for this kind of novel, added to the blandness of characters, conflict and lack of a main plot makes this novel unworthy of your time. Unless you never read one of this kind. <<less
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hawlol rated it
The Anarchic Consort
August 18, 2018
Status: --
Another copy&paste female transmigrator into xianxia world.

Body is trash and can't cultivate. Check. All family members are cunts and want to kill/humiliate her. Check. Engagement being annuled. Check. Bad Boy ML that's pretty, strong and a psycopath that kills for little. MC becomes a Mary-sue and everyone that calls her trash now is amazed. 3rd rate villains and schemes. Lots and lots of one dimensional characters.

Check. Check. Check. Check.

Now, there are still some copy & paste novels that are at least entertaining. This one though, it's absolutely not. There's no... more>> redeeming quality.

Story is bland. Characters are unliakable. Cultivation system is terriblely explained. Fights are poorly done. Plot holes are everywhere.

Example: She's a mercenary from 21st century but for no reason now she can make perfect armaments in less than one hour using scrap metal... because she was good at assembling guns...?! (this was said in the novel)

Expect cartoonish stupid things like two weak ladies taking a gigant boulder out from their asses to make a barrier in a road to stop the MC.

Also the ML is as cringy as a 8 year old chuunibyou trying to act cool.

Translators: Please drop this and focus in a better novel. Insane Pampered Wife (from your own site) for example, that is far better than this will ever dream to be. <<less
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hawlol rated it
The Princess Wei Yang
August 12, 2018
Status: c77
First of all, if you want to read this, you must know chinese pronouns and titles.

The translator don't help us at all, and you'll find yourself being lost by reading a bunch of meaningless words that could have been easily replaced by the character's name or something like brother, sister, mother, etc.

Intead you see bunch of Da jie, mei mei, jiejie, er zi, Da xiejie, Li Furen, San dianxia, San ge, Qi di, shuzi, shaoye, nubi, dage, xiong mei, yatou... the list goes on and on and on. I... more>> took all the examples above from only one chapter, though.

Or you could just have a spreadsheet of all these beside you to look it up every time...?

Second: This revenge story is like boiling a person in a big water tank... using only a lighter. It's slow, stupid and not efficient at all.

Her biggest enemies are a few rooms over. Just go over and stab or poison the bitches or something. Instead the MC keeps playing 'nice' while countering several stupid 3rd rate villain schemes they throw at her.

Btw, these petty schemes are always foiled but nothing substancial happens to the culprits. The novel consists of this smalls penalties accumulating over time. Things that would warrant death penalty to the MC are wrist slaps to the villains.

It would be nice if there was a big plot that the MC used to take down the evil step mother and half sister, but in the end all you see are several simplistic and dumb schemes that any half wit could see through (Except for the prime minister and La furen, apparently).

This is an overrated series with poor plot and bad translation.

Don't recommend. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Unruly Phoenix Xiaoyao
July 22, 2018
Status: c84
Listen... it's funny... but only if you can shut your brain off.

The premise makes no sense, her powers make no sense, the MC is dumb as a door and if you consider the character's actions, the male lead is a bastard manipulator usurping her little by little and the MC is the most broke, powerless and stupid emperor, ever. Which has no work btw. She just fools arounds all day.

So, as long as you don't take the story seriously, there'll be some laughs. That being said, it does wears off... more>> after some dozen chapters. There's no character progression and the plot is stupid, just like the novel overall.

Recomendation: Read until you get tired of it, while shutting you brain off, for some gags. <<less
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Good start but falls apart very fast. MC uses blacksmithing at first but stops a few chapters in. His land was doomed to fail but quickly became sucessfull. After that there's no plot. Former game events don't matter and now the world revolves around him.

MC is described to be strong in martial arts and magic at first but he get his ass kicked every single time by random noble kids without putting up a fight. All chapters about him learning stuff are just wasted because he never uses. The novel... more>> is at end just about relationships (love interest /friendship) between the characters.

Some characters are likeable but that's it. The main heroine of the game however is really unlikeable. She changes love interest as if chaging clothes, flirting with the MC at one moment and falling in love with random character when right besides the MC. It's ridiculous. She's also bland and adds very little to the story.

While I dislike OP MCs, a wimpy one that is stupid and gets his ass beated by any random characters is just as bad. Romance is also bland, nothing else going for it. Don't waste your time with this one. <<less
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Overrated series. First chapter is nice with the ruthless poisoning but everything else is boring. Nothing happens and the MC gets nothing done. A lot of content about nobles and politics but once again the MC just goes with the flow and quotes those themes as if you are reading a history book. There is no territory management by her and everything is done by her guardian. She's still 6 years old by chap31 without any accomplishments whatsoever.

While the premise is the reliving of an otome game, the MC doesn't... more>> know anything about the world or the future events of the game aside from her family being executed in the end. Being a reincarnator also has no effect on the story at all except for not acting her age. There is no magic until now and everyone trains sword/spear including the MC, but so far there's no action at all for any character. No war, action, romance, drama, adventure, nor territory management, not even food porn.

Maybe it'll get better in later chapters but I'll never know. <<less
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Non original but entertaining story until chap 100 and few.

This is common mary-sue into trash body reincarnation trope. All family bully her, some strong mysterious ML falls for her, blablabla.

It's a good waste of time for those who like this kind of guilty pleasure, though, so why a 2.0?

... more>> The answer is meaningless expositions and repetitions.

While this novel has almost 6, 5k chapters, each chapter is really small and most of it will be useless ramblings or repetitions that add nothing to the plot. Encounters will be dragged though several chaps and characters will ramble for several pages instead of acting.

In each chapter you'll read 2-3 paragraphs of actual plot, at most. Everything else will be waste written for stretching the novel.

What little story is left is actually amusing, and I enjoyed, even with the OP couple, since none of then are complete psychopaths like most novels in this genre.

So, if you think you can manage the absurd amount of filler content after chapter 100+ go ahead and read it, as I think the plot and characters are nice, but after reading 420 chapters I can tell you the little that happened could be written in only 70 at most.

Although I liked, my patience ran out. Adding the fact that this has 6.5k and probably won't be finished, I decided to drop it when the story became a little lukewarm (check the releases per week and calculate how many years would take to finish it at this rate). <<less
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If I can summarize this novel so far is: Plot holes and hypocritical MC. Bad title btw. She's no doctor nor tamer. She has a healing cheat and gain some beasts though luck. That's all.

... more>>

At first she cries injustice for her family being thrown out and how people are evil and everything is unfair.

Then a little in the future, she's training child murderers, assassinating people in gruesome ways, torturing people, forcing a betrayed woman to be a whore for her own ex husband that she hates, or even kidnapping phoenix babies from their nest while threatening to kill the other two.

Lying and schemming are also already a second nature to her.


Anti-heros are fine. Hypocritical ones are not. If the MC doesn't care for the pain of innocents, we won't care about hers.

Villains are like saturday morning cartoon shows. Their plans are stupid, always fails, but they don't die and just go away to come back next show.

The MC foils the plans of her father, the concubine and the crown prince so many times, yet they all don't fall and at max just change positions.


The king caughts the crown prince raping and killing children during the act. He's set for execution but is pardoned for stupid reason. The royal tutor that loses the position but falls upwards as a general instead of being disgraced.

Royal doctor that gets demoted and almost executed, involved in treason plot, somehow can treat the king while all other royal alchemists just watch him do it.


The sixth prince faction is composed of lazy dumbasses that knows nothing and do nothing except for the MC. The enemy faction plots and fails the entire time and nothing happens to them, while still making demands from the king. It's just ridiculous. The king is just the most stupid character in the entire novel and can't see the most obvious plots in front of him.

If there's something good to salvage is one of the male leads: Feng Shen. The only character worth something in the novel. I read so far only for his romance with the MC, but nothing really important happens aside from some fluff moments. Every important male falls for a 13 year old girl by the way. Don't ask why.

For last, at the start there were fights and cultivation, but after arriving at the capital everything slows down to a crawl and the MC just stops evolving. It's like the author thought: 'This is too fast, let's stop and milk the plot as much as possible."

And after I saw the "4790 Chapters (Ongoing) " while there's already so many bad things as far as chap 322, all I can think is 'f**k this, I'm out!' <<less
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hawlol rated it
Into the World of Medicine
July 24, 2018
Status: c97.7
Chapters are too small. These 100+ chapters are really about 20-25. Story is cliche but face slapping never gets old. MC is also liakable and kick ass intead of just talking.

There's little repetition and meaningless exposition, which is a big plus in xianxias.

Overall a good waste of time, just be warned the chapters are really small and the story will be just starting in these 100+ ones.
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hawlol rated it
Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken
June 27, 2018
Status: c35
Garbage. MC defeats everyone with one punch. Harem members are dolls without personality that loves him for no reason. He also buys a slave and immediately have s*x (rapes in my opinion) with her, who cares if she was willing. Writing is poor and seems like the author is a 12 year old kid. There is no plot.

Don't waste your time.
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hawlol rated it
Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss
August 15, 2018
Status: c439
Both MC and ML are hypocritical psychopaths with one dimensional personalites. Someone in a family hurt them in any way? Exterminate the entire family. Someone is just an asshole and did something bad but that does not entail death? Exterminate the entire family. They don't like someone's face? Yeah.. You get the drill.

Resume of every plot in this novel: MC exacts 'revenge' and challenges every 'villain' (any person she doesn't like is a villain) directly while beating everyone in her path. Eventually, some stronger villain than herself shows up, and... more>> after almost being killed, she get's saved by the male lead. Copy and paste till the latest chapter. Add a lot of meaningless dialogues of third rate villains and gossipers calling her trash or being amazed by her subtle change and that's the whole novel.

Cultivation system and fights are bland and lackluster. No methods, skills or even martial arts. She solves everything by kicking the enemy in chest. Her medicinal skills are just a cheat. The authors says she heals the sick and that's it, no interesting diseases or treatments.

The author is also in love with the world trash (for fcks sake, don't do a drinking game with the word in this novel or you'll die a few chapters in), and there's no word that's better to describe this than disgusting trash. Btw, I missclicked on 2. This is definitely a one. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Jiang Hu’s Road is Curved
July 30, 2018
Status: c26
I followed the other reviews below and gave this a chance. I deeply regret it.

MC is a retarded woman that believes she's in a 'Mary Sue' world where the MC is a disney like princess with a constant male harem of powerful men that serve her. It's not retarded funny, but retarded annoying. She's gets constantly thrown down because no one is fawing on her, Male leads don't like her, her reputation is bad, etc.

She also get's manhandled by every male lead. So far there are 3 and they all... more>> do so. There are several martial arts scenes but there's no cultivation system or anything that represents strength. ML can beat her, she can beat everyone else. That's the only logic so far. Fights are lackluster.

Worst of all... it's BORING. Nothing happens, it's just the MC wandering around complaining about the lack of Male Leads chasing her and how she wants to be the most pretty woman ever. Could only last up to chapter 26 thinking it would get better, but it only got worse.

Don't recommend. <<less
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hawlol rated it
The God Slaying Hero and the Seven Covenants
June 23, 2018
Status: c20
5 short lines of plot. 10 long paragraphs of info dump/ramblings. History is really slow paced because of it. Ruins any potential the novel had.

MC is beta male with low self esteem. Thinks he's trash but everyone thinks he's awesome kind of thing. Chapter releases are also slow.

Overall don't waste your time on this.
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hawlol rated it
Martial Hero Rebirth
September 23, 2018
Status: c55
A god player from a hardcore VRMMO transmigrates into the game world that is a martial arts/cultivation setting.

It's not original, but it's entertaining. People like battle frenzy fantasy novels and this is one of those. Like action movies from the 90s, brainless fun.

Where this falls short, though, is with other cliches in Chinese Novels. Gossipers, author sucking up to the MC, gossipers sucking up to the MC, long expositions, lot of repetitions etc. There will be a lot of it, and I really mean a lot.

If the MC farts and... more>> there's not an entire page of Gossipers commenting about how strong, imposing and genius-like his fart is, please praise the sun, because it's a miracle.

Us reading constant praises to the MC who's only considered a genius because of his Cheat Game System that fastens his learning with experience points is all the more annoying. Since they are undeserving praises and merits.

In order to enjoy it more I just skip these parts so I advise you to do the same.

Volume 1 is a little slow and it tells about his life in the new Sect. Volume 2 is him walking the Jiang Hu, and things got more exciting and violent, so if it gets a little boring, try to hang on until Volume 2.

So far, the powers are more mild and not the mountain shattering techniques of most Wuxias/Xuanhuans, with more focus on martial arts than cultivation.

Overall I like it, but can't give it too much of a good grade because of excess of these annoying fillers. Also, thank you to the lastest translator who is fast and good at it. You rock, Sir! <<less
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It's the common isekai plot. Beta JP male gets transfered to a world of magic with a cheat ability.

This cheat, though, is only for crafting and he is pitifully weak in battle. And so far he keeps being weak for 40 chapters with no breakthough in sight.

Girls keep popping from everywhere and falling in love with him for no reason as usual. The only thing this MC got going for him is that he is a little less dense and can understand that a girl is in love with him... more>> and reciprocate or turn her down. That being said the romance bloomed too fast and weirdly.

For a while I though he was going towards a iron-man or mecha route in this magic - medieval setting and was quite excited, but these 40 chapters have turned me down. The way he uses the crafting to overcome his weakness are just meh: Golens and guns.

Anyways, this is a too standard harem isekai novel that everyone knows about with very little variation. You probably already know what to expect.

For me it's a good waste of time by going in with low standards. Isekais are a guilty pleasure of mine, after all. <<less
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This is the best otome-game novel I've read so far, and I've read them all up to the 1000th rankings.

The characters are liakeable, deep and not one dimentional. There are no evil young masters or spoiled ladies plaguing everyone everywhere. Even the side characters have their own personality.

The story is nice and heartwarming. There are good drama and romance moments.

Most otome-game's novels discards the game settings and events a few chapters in. In this one, however, a lot of events still matter, and even the climax is a secret event... more>> from the game.

The MC is likeable and kind. She solves problems being a nice and civilized girl. No faceslaping, killing, hitting or anything like that.

All being said there are two bad points about this novel:

    • The title: There's nothing yandere in this. While the original game is portraited as yandere, there's no violence in the story, at all. This might annoy some readers that got in expecting horror/gore/suspense.
    • Pacing: The pacing is a little too fast and the game setting ended too quickly. There was a lot more that could be done in that arc, especially more development of the game heroine and main villain relationship. (Not the MC but Lily and Gif)
Still, I consider this a must read for anyone that enjoys the genre. Translation is also on point which is a big plus. A really underrated novel on this site. I'm glad I was bored enough to comb through the rankings. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Grimoire x Reverse ~Reincarnated Demon Romance Tale~
June 22, 2018
Status: v2c13
It's a game world with level ups but no stats. Power levels are abstract and the characters are overpowered at one point and weaklings a moment after due to author's whim. Sometimes he uses levels to portrait power but ignores it for most of times. It's a mess.

MC only solves things with pure strenght, bashing things. Eventually he finds someone stronger, uses a magic stone, get stronger and bashes the enemy in the same way, but with more power... rinse and repeat for every fight.

Hirago is only there to... more>> play tsundere and kidnapped/bullied princess.

Translation goes bad really fast with weird dialogues with no meaning. At first MC takes the game story into consideration, but in vol2 he says 'f**k it' and just does whatever he wants.

Had potential but failed to live up to it. Don't waste your time. <<less
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hawlol rated it
Evil Emperor’s Wild Consort
August 2, 2018
Status: c372
Starts well, albeit not original. Falls apart after Heavenly City Saga.

Too much cursing and stupid reasonings during fights. People curse for half a page in between punches.

Fights are poorly described. Although there's a cultivation system, for other than saying 'X is stronger than Y', is pretty useless.

Stupid settings that are so aggrieving:

    • 'Wars' gets stopped so the MC can accept a stupid 1x1 duel. Everyone complies.
    • People arrive at the nick of time in every single event. It's absurd. Sudden battle? Hey, there's a general with 10k troops marching to save the MC from nowhere. Surprise attack on city? Random enemy reinforcements arrive exactly when they are losing from far away.
    • Characters are functional retarded. The most obvious plots and schemes just pass right through them.
    • People try to kill her, lose the battle then say "I'm from faction X, if you kill me they'll avenge me!" followed by several lines of whinning/cursing even if the MC has a better background. Doesn't sound bad at first, but after every single villain does it, it gets annoying as hell.
    • MC is a magnet for unreasonable stupid hate.
I tried to read this as a pass time, and the first arcs were nice, the black city arc was bearable, but Xia/Heaven city saga was really really bad. Dropped since I was getting angry when reading because of so many unreasonable 'battle twists'. Don't recommend.
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