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A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
July 9, 2018
Status: c400
Only partially done, but 366 chapters in I think I have a pretty good feel for this...

The Good:

  • Not another 'white knight hero' adventure
  • MC not OP
The Bad:

  • MC is a selfish, hypocritical, rationalizing, cowardly, pathological liar of a sociopath with a persecution complex. (I wish I were making this up). Oh, and no compassion, appreciation or loyalty.
  • Most characters are some aspect of shitty to justify the MCs (still ridiculous) action/nature. Those that are not are lied to, cheated, insulted, bullied, ignored, mercilessly killed (or allowed to die), are forgotten. Often a combination of more than one.
  • The MC is depicted as 'smart', but is actually just 'author justified via outcome' (ie- eventually 'right'- even if decision flawed). Additionally, others do dumb things often to make him 'look smart' in comparison. He also displays contempt for almost everyone despite not being that great, or by having recently elevated to being over them (and of course forgetting how he felt being mistreated before).
  • Plot armor is thick with this one, as much 'luck' drives the story. Another manifestation of 'easy progress' is when the MC suddenly has things he 'prepared earlier' (but didn't actually happen till 'retcon'ed in) into his possession. (*Retcon=RETroactive CONtinuity: when you are updated that 'it was actually/always this way' in the past)
  • Overall this story is pop-up events, 'bad situation of the week' style. Overall there is no growing, driven plot- instead you'll see 'Overcoming Location A' as the first main arc (to around 350), and (presumably) 'Overcoming Location B/Return to Location A' (possibly) as the second.
  • This thing is huge (2400+ chapters), and I can't say it's all 'worth it' (if the bit I've read is any indicator).
  • Most aspects of plot are both forced, and (overall) inconsequential. Many plot elements are suddenly dropped, then sometimes reintroduced hundreds of chapters later via 'extraordinary luck' (ie- happen to bump into a character from before after changing towns).
  • The class-based discrimination is plentiful in this one, and the MC adopts to it like a fish to water-- mostly ignoring people (and their consequential fate from his action or inaction) due to his high level of contempt... but, remember- 'not a white knight' story.
  • The author's sense of romance is disappointing. This is coming from someone who doesn't 'ship' and mostly could are less- but does expect the author to at least do more than 'brush up against' realistic human emotions/desires'. Well, MC is a sociopath, so... (*ship= 'relationSHP: where readers argue the pros & cons of potential mates for MC, and who they think should pair as 'best girl')
The Different:

  • Other than plot armor (mostly undeserved lucky breaks), MC is slightly above average at best.
  • If you're wondering about the 'undeserved lucky breaks':
    • MC's relative randomly sponsors his magic test due to luckily working there/having connections. Lucky!
    • MC has magic- nothing notable, but lucks into an elite master, getting taught to raise herbs, make pills and cultivate an esoteric, 'intelligence-increasing' art. Lucky!
    • Literally stumbles over something while at masters private, closed off area... turns out it's a magic item no one lost or will ever look for. Lucky!
    • MC makes item a charm (pouch in bag around neck) & forgets item's questionable nature. (seemingly not lucky here, just stupid- but gets away with it despite being a disciple of a guy planning to possess his body, so Lucky!)
    • An unrelated thing happens, making MC remember item.
    • MC starts inhuman animal trials with magic item liquid (Luckily both knowing about 'experimentation' & not just drinking it like a potion, nor spilling the super-potent stuff on himself, ever). Triple Lucky!
    • MC slightly later luckily breaks something mysterious liquid is in spilling it on some herbs, allowing him to discover the remarkable nature of the magic item no one seemingly knows exists or wrote about anywhere. Lucky!
    • Guy who taught him herbs never notices the better quality of the garden somehow- despite watching him, needing his body & suspecting him of knowing he's been seen through (& possibly knowing the art he gave him should be making him smarter). Super Lucky!
    • 'Much extra' & 'ridiculously more potent' herbs let him cultivate faster! Win!
    • Way more- but you'll have to read yourself...
  • MC is a pretty weaselly character, which is fairly obvious to anyone (though surprisingly many readers empathize & make excuses for his behavior).
  • MCs effect on the world overall is actually minimal or negative (to date- ch 400).
  • Plot seemingly designed to go nowhere, making MC a 'normal' in relation to aspects of 'the fate of the world'
I started this due to the great rep this had & the teaser from the 3d computer generated movie soon to come out.

"Why not?" I think, then give it a try...

I'm guessing the 'anti-hero' nature sells it? I dunno...

Despite the many issues, It's actually not bad (I'll finish it), but it's honestly not very good either- at least not as good as some might lead you to believe. It is still interesting and I can see others finding it more enjoyable than I do, so you may have to try it yourself & see.

Ultimately, you're watching the MCs development, and (to a lesser degree) learning about the world the MC is in (though unfortunately framed by the MC's needs and huge antisocial bias). People and interactions/relationships kinda happen, but mostly it's a story of 'Han's cultivation & the things that get in the way of it'.

Seriously- that's 80% of it right there, and the rest ties into that somehow, has to do with Han needing to be safe (or... No- That's probably it.). There are a few slightly imaginative ideas in there about a few things that are normally done a different way- but nothing really notable so far.

Anyway- Maybe it's what you'll like- but at least you know better what you're getting into. Well, the 1st 1/6th anyway. Around 1/3 is translated so far.

Good Luck if you give it a go!
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bloggbigg rated it
I Bought a Girl
July 29, 2017
Status: c27
Well, So far it's pretty flimsy tbh.

The story is very 'sh*t falls together', and doesn't dwell on any details- or pay too much attention to logic.

The whole 'I bought a girl' thing is pretty much a 'fulfillment of title' barebones thing- don't expect too much. It seems the author just wants to do scenarios for this, but couldn't be bothered with investing in anything really involved (risks, maintenance, consequences). If I were to criticize, I'd have a lot to say- but even for what it's supposed to be, I don't... more>> see there being anywhere as much 'cute' as people think.

Well, it's not bad, and it's light. Won't take you long to decide for yourself. Chaps 1-3 are particularly flimsy, so unless you immediately hate it, you can't really tell till 4. That said, it seems to be going for slow-paced 'slice of life', so even after there's not a lot to go on.


BTW, I just read c27, and I couldn't help thinking how this series lacks self awareness when the MC laments that 'the world is a dangerous place' in worry over Ruri. I mean, why would he think that? it's not like some people would abduct her and sell her for... Ooooh!

Anyway, this pointed focus AWAY from Ruri as a victim (not to mention her unbelievably bright and already healed personality considering 'god knows' what happened to her). we won't even get into the bizarrely convenient attitudes of the various family members. Couple that with the fact it's barely a plot wrinkle- as sloppy as he is he should be in jail already.

I don't see the point other than the catchy title, but whatever.

At it's heart his is just a glorified vehicle for 'weekly random cute stuff'.

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Long Live Summons!
April 10, 2017
Status: c453
I like this because it's a bit of a different perspective, and is mostly fun- but I do agree there's a lot to dislike to be honest. My main issue right off was with the MC, but he mostly settles down to an 'only occasionally excessively unreasonable' version (of a 'kindhearted' jerk) eventually.

The good:
- Frequently humorous
- Reasonably good attention to character development. Some slightly interesting characters (that aren't the MC).
- Has a plot (interesting though nothing exceptional)
- Has some interesting ideas on summoning, and (very... more>> indirectly) the nature of agency/free will.

The bad:
- MC is pretty much 20% a jerk with plot armor and luck not to be believed- oh, and he's OP. Very 'Gary Stu adventure'.
- Tons of repetitive 'descriptions' which are really bragging opportunities. You should be ok with being reminded:

-- How awesome the MC is
-- How awesome his accomplishments/titles are
-- How awesome his summons are
-- How awesome his grimoire is
-- How awesome the MC's gear is- as well as the gear of his summons

Needless to say, as the story progresses and these add up, more and more frequent 'updates' are needed, as well as 'reminders' when he faces notable enemies.

"This person's power feels like (whatever number rank) ! In terms of (where ranked among) that is more powerful than (list of powerful people met or legendary) " <- this is only a sentence- in the novel it will be 1-3 exhaustive paragraphs...

In short, LOTS of bragging. You think the MC is awesome? Here's a new strong person. Maybe you have a doubt about how awesome the MC is in comparison. LET ME REMIND YOU...

- This is a harem (which doesn't HAVE to be an issue), but 90% of the girls are pretty much lining up for him for no good reason. Also, for a harem, the target number of girls seems to be quite high and still increasing. The 'captured' number (at this point) isn't extravagant for a harem (it's low actually), so 'who knows?'. Anyway- the pacing in this regard and the balance to the action/etc isn't bad for a harem.
- Levels, Ranks, 'by more than ten times- (hundreds, thousands, etc) ': Author describes many things by rank or unnecessary exaggeration. Some of the exaggerations are obvious nonsense, while others leave you wondering if he's serious or not.
- Too many characters/groups: I shudder to think how many chars were created throughout the whole of this saga- but by c450, it's easily over 100 chars in 15 or so groups. As much as it's a complaint, it's not too hard to follow- just needlessly excessive.
- 'I invented everything': Another 'the MC is key to rediscovering/discovering methods to do many things' story. Everyone around him have been trying to overcome things for centuries and he just waltzes in and 'trips over' it. Repeatedly. Some of it's 'fine' since he gets 'lost knowledge' or a 'secret teacher', etc.- but the fact he has SO MANY THINGS... well, OP.
- Repetition: The author has a tendency to repeat things 2-6 times in a chapter and in various ways. A bit annoying. This is in addition to the bragging point mentioned earlier.
-Plot development: I should stress that the MCs progress is slightly 'part of an ongoing plotwise development arc', somewhat 'here's a new thing, it'll make the MC more awesome, just you wait', and just as much 'Oh, look at that neat thing the MC stumbled into and how beneficial it happens to be!'-- in short, if you want solid plotting- forget it. There is an overall arc, etc- but mostly things kind of happen. This isn't quite a 'pop-up events' or 'monster of the week' level of randomness (usually) - but there are sudden enough direction changes that it will make you wonder about some of the 'loose ends'.

The different:
- Dog-kicking: Surprisingly this becomes common as he 'abuses' his loyal 'pet' throughout the saga. All is not as it seems, so the authors need to stun all observers with his blatant 'heartlessness' ends up being more interesting and complicated.
- Other than the rare bits where he gives a different twist on the 'puppet wants to be a girl' story', most of the rest is standard 'RPG Magical Saga'- style developments.
- Seeing the 'Chinese culture elements' (devotion to clan/family/mother, need to have status, give others status, etc.) is quite interesting to me. I know these are fictionalized variants, but the undercurrent is there. <<less
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Advent of the Archmage
May 21, 2019
Status: Competed
A story with a fairly strong beginning which progressively becomes more and more mediocre.

The Good:

  • The MC starts out likable (more or less), and the author initially makes a sincere effort at worldbuilding and establishing a comprehensive magic system. The plotting and events are standard fare, with a few twists on occasion...
  • Characters undergo some development initially, and a few change over time...
The BAD:

... more>>
  • Novel declines in quality as it progresses. It doesn't get 'bad', but it does get pretty mediocre.
  • Author's effort in developing, or even remembering characters diminishes. Many loose ends.
  • Lots of forced plotting. 'overlooking solutions' and 'forcing choices' become frequent.
  • This is easily a 'not what I signed up for' novel. Without 'spoiling' just know the MC will eventually make choices contrary to the initial nature of the character, shifting the whole story to potentially be quite unpalatable if you were rooting for the initial theme. <spoiler>The MC's attitude towards killing innocents shifts over time, then radically toward the end for 'plot forced' reasons.</spoiler>
  • There are quite a few points where the story becomes a vehicle for some of the author's illogical, hypocritical philosophical views regarding good and evil. Not sure if this is just to justify the plotting, or the author is actually an idiot when it comes to the value of himself life.
  • On that note, author uses calamity and casualties as a tool to show how 'epic' the situation is. This wouldn't be so bad if the 'heroes' weren't constantly portrayed as geniuses, while acting borderline incompetent. What I mean is many deaths would easily be preventable (except for defenders being stupid).
  • Lots of linear plotting, forced plotting, Deus ex machina conflict resolutions...
  • This is one of those 'villains have all the advantages and still somehow lose' stories. You know the type: always higher level, better equipment, fully informed of heroes movements/abilities, etc.
  • Almost all women are potential harem members for some time. I'm sure the end would be different if the author didn't get lazy and just ignore a bunch instead...
The Different:

  • Nothing really. The clearly declining level of author investment?
All together, I don't recommend this unless you know what you're getting into, otherwise you may find the changes not to your liking. It does start out quite well and is enjoyable for a bit- just the ending (and even weathering the mediocrity to get to it) -- I won't wish that on you. Again, not 'bad'- but there are many better. <<less
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The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up
October 3, 2018
Status: c36
Slightly non-standard reincarnator cheat story.

This is set in modern times with sci-fantasy elements.


  • Sorry, this is a template knock-off story with little 'good' to see so far. The MC's attitude is 'OK', and his mindset/major choices are 'plausible'. It's not 'bad' though- just not notably good.
The BAD:

  • Writer has very little idea how combat works, and especially not the tactics or benefits that one who's experienced (or has high stats) might develop. The fight scenes described in ch 22 & 23 are completely anti-climatic (if not just plain dumb). Just in, Ch 24-27 are worse. Author doesn't understand stats or fighting strategies/dynamics. I am really not exaggerating this. Comments ate the end of agree, and the translator actually tries to defend at the beginning of 28-- then the editor tries to fill in gaps at the end of 30!
  • MC is selfish and short sighted. Did I say 'MC'? I meant 'author', as this is slightly better than wish fulfillment with leveraged 'author justification' to sort of explain the MCs choices).

    This is (by description) a borderline post-apocalyptic story- but the MC just focuses on his own journey, completely ignoring the (implied) downfall of others, and purposefully chooses not to share information that could save lives- all so he can have an edge in his desire to rise to the top.

  • Power-ups fall from the sky. I don't even know how the main story doesn't 'break' the proposed backstory.

    Advanced aliens (or whatever) 'reveal' Earth has been undergoing a 'test' (which has now ended), and immediately move to the next (nonsense) phase, of turning the world into an 'elite race-change' lottery, and dungeons/monsters cavalcade... for reasons. Ok, whatever. So the MC (having leveled in this environment to be no one notable) asks god for a favor, which is apparently granted- so he gets to go to the past a year before any of this starts.

    Yep- clearly no on else prays to god. J/k- it's almost certainly something else- moving on...

    So, anyway- pretty much all of his actions are pretty blatant 'uses of foreknowledge' (cheats) to get all the best power-ups, and likely affecting whatever this was planned to be (after the 'test'), which is supposedly observed, and now thoroughly ruined (but who's paying attention?).


  • MC is super mediocre.
  • There is a potential 'hint' of a story where the 'NPC's are described, though I doubt it will actually go anywhere, or amount to anything.
All in all, ok if you're bored enough.
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The World Online
March 16, 2018
Status: c281
Another 'Cheats allow some otherwise undeserving guy to be OP' story. It's not as bad as some claim, but not especially good either. 'There are interesting bits' is the most I'll assert- but it's very up & down. I suspect that when the plot evolves to the 'real endgame' (no spoilers) it will get good- but that'll probably be ch 1100 or so (1356 total chapters)...


There is a plot, and some things fit together well. Depending on your taste, you may find it interesting. Even if you do... more>> find it interesting (I did), I hope you're patient, as 'Chinese webnovel=slow pacing'. Anyway, highlights are:

    • The relationship between the MC and his sister is cute.
    • The MC actually corrects some 'prior life' mistakes in relationships.
    • There is a fair amount of 'wargaming' style strategy and historical fiction woven in (if you like those).
The BAD:

Overall, the pacing seem ok enough in small doses, but a bit lethargic overall. As an example read 10 chapters, then recap what happened in those 10 chapters- it's almost certain to not be much (unless you count the minutae- then there's a lot)

    • So much deus ex despite the planning. So much plot armor & many forced outcomes.
    • All other relationships are casually convenient to the plot- even people's desires/hobbies seamlessly dovetail with his plans.
    • Tons of 'I can't bothered with basic research' nonsense- like whether people can live on a planet with 1000x the surface area of Earth (Hint: They can't), or how easy it is to make & use parachutes (not very).
    • The MC (& author more likely) is more than a bit of a racist (nationalist?), but that aside, he does some horrible things to tribal people for selfish gain. Don't worry though, he feels a bit bad about it. Each time...
The Different:

    • Epic Battle historical re-enactments? Historic figure depictions? I guess...
    • The nature of 'the main plot' (VR world) actually being a subplot to 'the sublot' (Government secret, etc.) is kinda neat. Unfortunately It's going to be drawn out longer than I have any interest in following. Maybe I'll come back when it's done being translated- but this isn't really good enough for me to 'week to week' follow.
Altogether it really depends on what you like & how patient you are. Honestly most of the administration is pretty logical, and shows he can work without cheats (or the author forgets he played in adventure mode before) - showing how this really story didn't need the timeskip/cheats at all. Actually, almost all suspense is killed because he has advance knowledge- when without it, he'd be guessing or researching most of it instead, and we'd have more admiration for his success. Well, whatever. Not my novel.

Anyway- it's something you'll have to 'taste' yourself to decide... <<less
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The Forsaken Hero
February 2, 2018
Status: v1c15
Op wish-fulfilment with a focus on revenge and a side order of magically convenient harem.


At ch 15 he's already conveniently killing innocent people- so clearly lacking self-awareness, yet another novel can't bear to 'not do to others what was done to you'.


What's left isn't bad, but other than the initial twist- I don't see too much more coming out of this. Just another average adventure.
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bloggbigg rated it
My Girlfriend is a Zombie
May 7, 2017
Status: c58
This one is ok- probably more appealing if you're really into zombies.

It starts off really well, and the focus (as the title describes) is a post-apocalyptic survival horror story. Well- it starts out that way. Now, at ch 58, the survival horror is still there, but it's no longer focused- it's just 'sh*t that happens to the protag', as he devolves away from his initial goal and becomes more and more of a jerk.

The Good:

... more>> Story is somewhat interesting. Writing is somewhat organized. Translation is good.

The Bad:

'Loot corpse for XP' style world. Protag is not as smart as the writer thinks. He's also a bit of a jerk/bully. Ok. more than a bit.

The Different:


So, turn a post apocalyptic love story that transcends all adversity into... a harem?

Sure, what could go wrong?

The writer's sense of logic & focus was clearly re-directed when he decided kissing mutant zombies gave beneficial effects. Then he starts introducing (and repeatedly commenting on) the idea of tentacle monsters? Whatever...


The only reason I haven't dropped this is the other stuff I'm following is slow/stalled. It's not bad, just not as good as this is rated. <<less
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Counterfeit Hero
December 4, 2017
Status: c97
I wanted to rate this higher, but in fairness, it drops off after around chapter 90- and that's not to say at all that most of what came before that isn't worth reading even if it does get 'meh' after that.

Pretty good plotting, situations, action. It's got some comedy, and a few interesting-ish (but still cliche) characters.

The BAD:
The Protag is billed as clever, though it's really more accurate that everyone else is not so smart. Everything else is pretty much bog standard for an 'underestimated' OP protag.... more>> Gets lucky 'fall in lap' superior equipment, learns to actually fight/be excellent in fighting, etc., starts getting women crawling out of the woodwork for him for magic reasons. Somehow still can't handle making a simple relationship choice despite acting near desperate near constantly-
You know the drill...

I won't even get into how the author seems undecided on whether he wants to redeem 'fatties' or make fun of them (mostly that one).

The Different:
As a Mecha, sci-fi action comedy- I won't say it's rare, but there aren't a lot I know of that are good. A good portion of trhe humor works well enough, so that's a good thing- other than those points, making him NOT the sole developer of his improved tech (though still a key designer) is a step toward logic- but still not there. Everything else has pretty much been seen before- and the 'fatty' angle isn't exactly relevant since he makes him a Sammo Hung level of excellent, that he is cut apart from the rest.

Overall, I'd recommend reading to about 90 (or so? I'll check later) - after that it gets pretty mediocre.

It's not just me- QI (the translating group) is happy to 'steal' popular ongoing translations from other translators- and even they stopped translating this (for whatever reason) back in August... <<less
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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku (WN)
July 13, 2017
Status: v15c42
More or less a slow-paced hero saga.

This is SLOW. It is NOT 'Slice of life' as many claim.

I can see due to the frequent 'shifted focus' & 'bumped up priority' of the MCs selfish mundane bs that it may seem like 'slice of life'-- but it's really just plotted very slow & constantly interrupted.

There is an overriding plot which even the MC acknowledges (as it would interfere with his important 'food & friends' life) - so, despite the author's frequent focus elsewhere (mostly food) - it's not that it's... more>> 'slice of life', so much as the MC (& the author) don't really care about the 'actual' imminent threats (till they feel like it/have to).

Maybe the author just couldn't think of anything & filled it with junk. We'll never know.

Overall the story is actually a little better than average- if you can get past how much of an ass the MC frequently is.

The Good:

  • For an OP 'non-hero' hero saga, the author maintains challenge vs power levels acceptably. This relates specifically to powers & battle tactics- nothing more. Everything else is badly distributed.
  • Interesting events. Nothing 'new', but acceptably handled.
  • The humor occasionally works well.
  • Turns into a food based eating/cooking novel, punctuated with occasional action.
The Bad:

  • Turns into a food based eating/cooking novel, punctuated with occasional action.
  • The author is fixated on lolis, and has the MC denies his interest constantly, though it's pretty much the female roster of notable characters with a few exceptions.
  • It's a faux harem. A bunch of the above mentioned lolis (& a few 'adults') like/love him- mostly 'just cause'.
  • The MC is very much some strange author construct- with enough 'nice guy' so you don't hate him, but really a passive-aggressive & selfish jerk in many other respects. He's much a hypocrite (self-admitted), and inconsistent as well. He also does a fair bit of manipulation & trust betrayal- which is presented in a 'as long as no one finds out' type 'innocent/good intention' style of thing. Ah- if that sounds refreshing compared to your classic 'dense' MCs or 'herbivore' MCs- don't get your hopes up- he can do those too when the situation warrants it...

    He forces one of the girls to diet unilaterally, and another who doesn't like meat, he starts to sneak meat into her food. These are people who he _knows_ love him & he won't so much as kiss...

    • Female characters:
      • Become loyal followers regardless of original intent. Fall for him.
      • If married or background char they don't fall for him.
    • Male characters:
      • if hostile; either
        • die or
        • are ruined/rendered non-hostile.
      • if non-hostile they admire him & offer him one or more of:
        • daughters (sometimes forcing them on him)
        • noble positions/wealth (sometimes forcing them on him)
        • slaves
        • secrets/services
        • etc- without many exceptions. Support characters aren't _bad_, but they're pretty cookie cutter & none see any real development other than falling for him somehow, or increasing in power enough to keep up with him.
          -Ok, I guess they are pretty bad...
      • [collapse]

  • As it develops, it acquires way too many characters. After a while I stopped trying to remember who was whom when they brought back someone long forgotten, and surprisingly, it didn't matter-- seems everyone is pretty much in a few categories of 'story prop'
  • Game-style leveling, skills, & 'gamey' plot developments / complications. Later on, unseeded but 'convenient' skills/powers develop sporadically in characters. "if you stop to wonder 'Why/How did that happen', it'll get annoying.

    Tama (a stereotypical beast girl, who 'plays as' a ninja due to the stories/coaxing of Arisa, eventually demonstartes shadow clones and shadow walk- 'just cause'. No, they have no related skills/magic. They don't need them apparently.

  • The author's view of 'world balance' is pretty bad, with things being 'low level' mostly, till something 'insurmountable' pops up. The standards what is of 'low level', etc- changes quite a bit as well (but is always unrealistic).

    We definitely won't get into how the 'world balance' allows for the leveling cheats he exploits, and the lackadaisical management of the gods, who clearly talk to people, grant them powers (even ones they cheated to gain) but apparently don't tell them to do much as far as 'helping' the world vs threats.

  • The 'power creep', where later things must be more powerful than earlier things is pretty spotty. Chapter 15 in particular is a 'deux ex' nightmare of 'suddenly more powerful' showcases.
  • The enemies are super-cliche. Even worse:


    The main arc slowly becomes trapped in the more cliche 'villains know everything/have many advantages' template common to many 'hero against all odds' novels. Even though all kingdoms have spies and don't want to suffer the gods wrath- none know sh*t about anything. I don't mean specifically 'the bad guy's diabolical plan'- I mean basic crap- like knowledge about the gods/powers/their own advanced expertise, and any form of research within their ow safe fields.

    For the MC to not know crap is fine if he's an independent/low resource hero- but it's a significant oversight for the MC who has tons of connections & deep pockets (just to start).

    Of course he's a selfish, food-focused jerk- but even so it takes a disturbingly long time for him to get interested in crap that affects everyone's life- including his own. His selfish desire to put things off almost leads to really bad things happening in Ch 15. Of course, 'plot armor'- but it's irritating for a few moments.

  • The author learns obnoxious cliffhanger breaks by ch 15.
  • Events are skewed in the MCs already OP favor by making things somehow convenient in various ways for him, all the time. Even things that could be bad for him just give him more skills/resources.

    I'd note an example, but seriously- this happens pretty much from the start & constantly thereafter. You can't miss it.

  • Suffers from 'sci-fi' encroachment later on.

    (Who am I kidding? If it becomes a 'VR-fantasy' game world created by high tech at the end I won't be surprised.)

    That aside, characters bringing modern weapons is one thing (it happens), but there's a definite 'City/Dungeon cores are computers' feel, and going into space and seeing the planet is probably a give away- as well. We won't get into the 'alternate Earths' that can be summoned from that they touch on occasionally, since it'd take too long. These aren't concepts 'forbidden' to be in fantasy- but the presentation feels quite sci-fi.

  • The art is pretty 'meh' & doesn't really reflect the characters. No biggie, though.
The different:

  • The author's apparent intentional choice to make such a duplicitous & hypocritical main character. He's almost a sociopath to be honest- but he's really just short-sighted and selfish (when he's not being kind and helpful). Other than that, he's just another OP Gary Stu.

    I seriously think the author is trolling in some weird way- or maybe he doesn't realize how stupid his broken logic is when comparing 'loving faux harem (he won't even flirt with) ' vs 'sneak off to sleep with a prostitute (he manages not to pay for) ' action. wtf? Ok, so despite lolis being legal (in this world), he wants to hold off- fine- I can respect that. Slavery? Just roll with it- let's sell crime slaves while we're at it. But the clincher is one of his 'devotees' is an adult (elf), one looks adult (homonculus) and one is (like him) just in a younger body (we'll leave alone that by his own standards, he had those prostitutes doing the shota thing- cause no sense being a hypocrite in just one way...)

    I'm pretty certain the author is milking this (stretching out the story). I don't blame him (I guess), but I have no doubt the MC's 'relationship progress stalling' actions, and focus on food are just bs 'filler' justifiers to draw out the story. At first I figured they were just stalling due to lack of development/ideas ('I can't think what to do next! Oh, I now- I'll have them cook some FOOD!'-- but I don't think that's it anymore (or at least not the only issue)

    Now, I can't 'prove' what's in the author's head, but when the 'main girl' in a story suddenly says 'make 100 girls pregnant' & THEN I'll tell you how to make me pregnant (become a god) - you KNOW that as 'proof of love', that's some serious bs.

    And the fact that it justifies 'god knows how much' supposed 'moral thrashing' from a guy who only sleeps with prostitutes...

    Well, we can now reasonably expect this story to NEVER END (or at least till the author's milked it dry)

    Yeah, sure Author- whatever you want...

I started to read this more with the curiosity to see what drove the reviews to be as polarized as they are- and now I get it. Further, the comments in the chapters are even more divided, as the MC does his 'It would take me 5 minutes to save their lives, but it's out of my way' schtick- and the comments then fall into 'he's an ass' & 'he owes nobody nothing' camps.


The worst thing is the MC knows he's doing wrong, as he talks about guilt once in a while- so basically he's trying to do as little as his conscience can handle- but with people right in front of him, he always 'kicks in'- but any distance away, and he'll claim to leave them to their fate- even if the situation would escalate in his absence. He has no 'vision'. Of course, the plot draws him in conveniently one way or the other- but there are a bunch of people who love the idea of a badass OP MC sitting around cooking crepes while people die elsewhere because 'not his job'. I can see the 'anti-white knight' justification, as it is an overused archetype- but being an ass isn't cool, ok?

Or more 'The worst thing is the Author knows he's doing wrong...'

Well- it's his thing to to enrich or ruin.

Another thing people keep citing is 'cultural differences'- as if Japanese people are ok with prostitutes, sneaking around, and insincere relationships. It's true they tolerate things they can't control more, saying 'can't be helped'- especially if there's a difference in status, but that doesn't mean they like it- they're just powerless to do anything, or it's considered 'rude'.

The MC being surrounded with people who he pretty much ignores the true feelings of- instead being intimate with random prostitutes at a moment's n0tice... The girls don't realize how lucky they are not to get involved with him.

Well, I'm talking like he's a character with a personality- but I suspect like any other Gary Stu, he's just one of the weirdest author foils out there.


So, should you read it?


It's likable but nothing to jump at. It really boils down to how much the MC irritates you- the rest of the story is pretty formula, and a step above average, but barely. I'll keep reading it, but I don't expect much though I do find it enjoyable at various times. I also find it retarded at others, but that's most of the genre...

The MC does seem to get better over time, but I suspect it's more an issue of 'different circumstances' (that give less opportunity to illustrate) than actual change- but we'll see in 2-3000 chapters if the author has his way...

Give it a try, it's passable- I just don't put it at the top of my list.

Your mileage may vary. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
April 27, 2019
Status: c121

This starts out pretty good (has potential), then slowly does dumb things, mostly chunni nonsense. It never exactly gets 'too bad', but I can easily people dropping this when the writer pulls some of his shenanigans...

The Good:

... more>>
  • Somewhat entertaining
  • MC is mostly likable
  • Introduces custom world-building
The BAD:

  • Very illogical, chunni
  • Actually blatantly steals 'Iron-man' & 'Tony Stark' as image concepts for entirely too much of the plot (ongoing)
  • Occasionally breaks common sense, physics, logic, & math to force plot
  • MC is an idiot most of the time to force plot
  • Random powerful people suddenly become evil to force plot
  • Characters change goals suddenly to force plot
  • So much forced plot
  • Irritating FL. Hell, everyone is a caricature of some sort...
  • Most 'hacking'/computer knowledge is 'off' or very wrong
  • Initial setup (Earth plot) unresolved.
The Different:

  • Copyright violation?
If you can get past the weak bits (maybe think of it as some teen-agers first or second story- it likely is), then maybe you'll find parts of it amusing.

Don't expect too much, though... <<less
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Let's not mince words- this story isn't particularly good.

That said, it's not as bad as some suggest, though it has its flaws. I find it interesting & hope it improves.

The Good:

    • The MC is somewhat interesting. His character is pretty simple and somewhat relatable, though his goals are trite.
    • The author put some small bit of effort into his world (though to be honest there's nothing special there other than the specific 'cheat' used- and that's not 'new' by any stretch).
    • Some humor is 'ok'- definitely not the author's forte.
    • Use of 'Net responses' for development, information, and feedback is done rather well (considering the rest of the story anyway).
The BAD:

    • Author is crazy verbose. Explains too much, too often.
    • Characters are all stereotypes, except the MC- who is two (borderline MPD) stereotypes vying for dominance (not literally, but close enough...)
    • Plotting is both erratically paced and often forced. Though not unusual for this kind of story (isekai), it is too fast for a character based story (fast development vs 'deeper' characters). Mostly 'impatient author' issues.
The Different:

    • This is an odd 'weak to strong' story that has potential to do something different. Not sure if this author can pull it off, but may be worth watching it's development.
For the time being, this is nothing special- we'll see if it stays that way. It has potential, but the author may be unable to reach it fully...
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bloggbigg rated it
Murabito Desu Ga Nani Ka?
September 15, 2018
Status: c6
Pretty mediocre


  • The MC plans things.
The BAD:

  • Pretty much a wish fulfillment fantasy.
  • The writing seems pretty iffy, pacing is erratic. Lots of unneeded exposition.
  • MC is pretty inconsiderate, with a bunch of sneakiness and secrets- some of which are unnecessary. Other people suffering is pretty much irrelevant to him (though he eventually 'does the right thing' anyway).

    I think he stole the hero's instructor, too...

  • Fight scenes are ridiculous- just list the names of the actions you're doing?

  • Nothing really.
Where it seems to start, and where it major detours for convenient reasons... Eh- it's a story.
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bloggbigg rated it
Seized by the System
September 13, 2018
Status: c24
An interesting story that has potential to do something different. This is more 3.5/5 so far, but I'll bump up as it's trying to do something different and has potential to be quite good.


  • There are some variant plays on old ideas here, and interesting almost new implementations.
  • The comedic angle is good.
  • Plotting seem s pretty well thought out so far. World development seems a touch patchwork, but not bad.
The BAD:

  • Pacing is erratic- Story seems irritatingly purposeless till Ch 7.
  • Many plot-convenient developments sprinkled throughout.
  • Many hidden, unexplained 'magical' motivators
    • Spoiler

      (aggro, morality)

  • Support characters handled more as plot props than contributors/characters

  • 'OP protag' is captive NEET in his own, stolen body.
Overall, once you get past Ch 7, you'll know whether you might like this or not. It has some potential, so it remains to be seen if/how it handles the awkward/unusual situation (hopefully to good end).
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bloggbigg rated it
Sinister Ex-Girlfriend
September 11, 2018
Status: c1

Prologue is mostly exposition and gobledigook. There is an organization that does things based off of the oft-overused (and nonsense) time-travel motivator of 'something went wrong in history'. 'Job-related' couples-bashing subtext aside, much chatter, no action.

Ch 1 reinforces 'historically traditional' Chinese assumptions of class and value... and.. that's pretty much it. sneaky conspiring based on motivators related to that... The story could progress slower, but I don't see how...
New translator & some issue, but nothing compared to the weak plotting... Well, not sure if the narrative is... more>> tensed improperly in trans or original- as the story reads like secretarial shorthand for a transcript summary of events which occurred instead of a proactive story.

To be honest, I'm already losing interest in this 'this is how things summed up'-style story, but I try to endure...

Nope. Too painful to read. I don't see the point of this situational mish-mash or why it's 'important'. I don't care anymore, either.

I swear I have no idea what someone can see in this to give it 5 stars. It's pretty forced/contrived/cliche- so 'go figure'?

I suspect a better translation was taken down. I'l review this again when a better translation pops up. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
MMORPG: Martial Gamer
March 5, 2018
Status: c198
This is ok, and was growing on me- but is now getting tiresome. It had quite a similarity to Legendary Moonlight Sculptor- though it's not a rip-off, more 'a similar world' mechanics and setup (though slightly inferior).

'Magic VRMMO lets cash-strapped protag be OP in the VR world. Everything goes his way.'

more or less.

The background and characters are slightly unusual- The MC is happilly married, and though there are rumblings of potential harem-ness, it's highly unlikely to happen. the characters are somewhat developing- but so far, it's a great deal of... more>> 'we're all jerks, but you like us anyway' as a story premise. Seriously- the author's gone out of their way to paint every affiliated character as selfish and/or reprehensible, and no one seems to care because 'they're nice to me' (I guess).

The plotting is pretty good, with minor issues on things shoehorned in for convenience- but altogether entertaining so far. The MC has a likable personality, and is clever- though some of his clever 'crosses the line' when he's supposed to be a noob as well, but it doesn't really 'break' anything (since MC=OP already).

I finally figured out why I keep reading this besides the 'why bother- it's average at best...' and the 'this bit is interesting- wonder where this will go...' imbalance- and it's the 'A plot', 'B, C, D... plot' imbalance.

The 'A plot' (the main story abut the protag & his challenges) is pretty average and predictable- at times sub-par. Add to that the crap personalities and antics of most everyone around him, and this is a 'drop'- easily.

The 'B plot' (& others) are also pretty average too- but there are enough of them, and they are somewhat interesting, and they fit in with the 'A plot' (more or less) in occasionally unexpected ways. This keeps things from being fully predictable- and surprisingly this is where most of the 'nice' characters are.

Be warned though- this doesn't exactly elevate the whole- just serves pretty well as a curiosity feeder. I guess it kind of suggests the writer is better at writing soaps the VR fantasy.

Speaking of the VR side- this 'game world' is supposedly a PVP server (as far as drama is concerned), but the story mechanics pretty much show the author only has a 'better than vague' idea of what that entails. It's PVP 'when convenient'- but otherwise the 'despicable characters guild' (Quan Zen sect) pretty much has free movement and is ignored by everyone (for reasons of story convenience & despite their universally being hated) till the writer feel like 'things should happen'.

I guess to 'damn' the author for this when it's not uncommon for the genre would be excessive, but trust me- the list of 'liberties taken', 'luck awarded', and 'expertise excelled in' is pretty long (and effortlessly gained for the most part).

It may be your cup of tea, or not. Worth a look at least- it is different. <<less
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I like to think I'm not stupid, so it confuses me that after 50+ chapters I have no idea what the point of this story is.

I have no idea what the writer is doing.

The MC is reincarnated from another world.

... more>> None of their knowledge/perspective has affected anything.

The MC is living in a world that was a game she played.

Again, barely matters.

Magic apparently exists. It's mentioned anyway.

No interest.

Repeatedly plot points and factors are introduced, and the number that are seemingly forgotten just increase.

Now- in their defense, what would be otherwise a plodding mess is instead a slow moving (almost slice-of-life) story is with borderline interesting characters.

This is 100% a story you follow in the hope it's going someplace- and I don't know if you'll be rewarded. As much as I like to think this is all building into a huge payoff later... I both doubt it, and want the story to suck less now.

I'll follow a bit longer, but ch 50 just cliff-hangered to 'only plot armor can save you now', so I'm not encouraged...


Yeah... Ch 51 is literally a heroic save. The guy she sent away is (despite orders) there, riding her monster beast (though there was no mention of him practicing, nor the beast being big enough/able to fly). Good thing they could see a child running in a walled fort, and the enemy stupidly 'throwing away' his achievement so they could agilely intercept. I guess? Yeah... I don't care anymore.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Horrible pacing.

Shortest chapters ever.

Stopped caring at ch5.

Lawyer doesn't know pawning other people's stuff off is a crime? Seriously?

I get trying to make this flimsy thing a comedy-- but making your MC bad at his job in the most basic way right off is probably not a good long term character/plot investment...
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bloggbigg rated it
Cultivation Chat Group
December 11, 2017
Status: c209
This is by far one of my top picks, and I am likely to increase my rating since I have so little to complain about (I just don't like to over-rate things).

The Good:
Very humorous. Nice plotting & situations. Solid MC.

The BAD:
Not much. The character development is a bit lacking, but considering so many characters are centuries old, they're reasonably not expected to change much. Also, as a comedy, more cartoony characters are to be expected anyway.

I could ALMOST complain about the pacing since it's slower than I'd like-... more>> but it's really a matter of translation speed not being high as I'd prefer, the story's pacing is pretty reasonable.

The Different:
When ancient cultivators go online to for social networks, but the 'real world' is still one of conflict, secrets, and treachery things can be different- and they often are...
Quite a good synthesis of 'traditional' meets 'modern'. <<less
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bloggbigg rated it
The Taming of the Yandere
November 27, 2017
Status: v1c20
Not bad so far, but not really gone anywhere yet either...

Seems to be focused on character development & interactions. At this point I'm really just giving this the benefit of the doubt.

The BAD:
Well, putting aside that yandere are a bs type of Otaku-only stereotype, I'd say that the pacing is pretty slow. This has been called 'slice of life' in the hopes of getting it off, but honestly 'slice of life' would have better conversations with more people, or more events/interactions. After 20 chapters, something like 10... more>> situations have happened, and that's not so horrible, except I'm calling 'getting called into the teacher's office' an event. The issue with the events is not so much the low number, or the content (though that's partly an issue), but the blase tone that permeates the novel. The MC has an attitude where even in life or death situations, he will say he's affected, but pretty much act like needed for the plot to quietly progress.

After saving her life, he gives the police fake info- rationalizing some stuff. This turns out to make it hard for the yandere to stalk him- but it wasn't planned. What he apparently planned was to break the law giving false info to the police, assume no one would be taking cell phone pics, and that it wouldn't complicate his HS/home life for being a hero/liar. No wait- not what he planned. Well, it was just as likely. The MC does this 'all risk/no reward' thing 'just cause'..
Much later when she throws a bunch of knives at him, I guess he brushes it off/acts like it's not a reason to break off ties/avoid her like the plague since she had bad aim. Well, I dunno why actually- but he pretty much acts like its no big deal.


Apparently this yandere is less violent, more psychological. I kinda think that makes it 'not a yandere'- but since yandere are nonsense anyway, I don't got much to say other than--

My dumb note:

Tsundere & Yandere are both dumb. I think at one point tsundere was an unintentionally racist comedy thing (almost all redheads), but for some reason the Japanese seem to love them & keep putting them in other places (despite the fact that generally speaking, people's brains aren't actually that broken). Anyway, someone 'upped the ante' & did the yandere, and of course the Japanese think any good looking girl interested in you is awesome-- even if she would kill you due to any unintentional act that could spark a sliver of escalate-able jealousy (I'm hoping not really- but anime seem to be trying to convince otherwise).
Anyway, she's not at all stalker-ish, & fairly safe to be around- ie, not really very yandere. This is pretty much a necessity since this isn't the slightest bit a comedy so far. 'Why does it need to be a comedy?' you ask'? because hitting people is a crime & causes injuries/bleeding/death/jail visits EXCEPT in comedies. Since this isn't one, the author needs to either 'make less yan', 'use plot armor', or 'control pre-yan situations'


I started this to see where it could go & if it could be interesting, because it seemed like it might be a writing challenge. So, was it? Dunno yet, but from what I've seen so far- not expecting much to be honest... <<less
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