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beddedOtaku rated it
The World Online
April 21, 2018
Status: c366
The World Online truly feels as though you're reading a report from someone who played a game... a very, very, very, very detailed report. I don't hate it as much, personally, as I've had CIV sessions which lasted for it-shall-not-be-spoken number of hours, but some people might find The World Online exhausting to read. But, even beyond that, the novel is simply too flawed to be called at least good, if not entertaining.

  1. Characters. All are bland. There's not an ounce of interesting personality anywhere in 366 chapters that I've read. There are only 2 characters (that I remember, at the very least) that receive the smallest of developments, but that's it. MC is dull. He's got no personality past 'my sis is cute I love her kyaaaah'. All his subordinates are forgettable. Honestly, I remember a few names here and there, but even if you set my brain on fire, I couldn't tell you what's the difference between the characters. So, keep in mind that characters are secondary (because thirdary isn't a word) if you're planning on reading this.
  2. Too. Much. Stuff. You'll often come across kingdom-building novels that just blaze through that sh*t and feel frustrated, and then you'll come across The World Online which is the opposite extreme. Past the inflated word count, I see no reason why's there so much detail. I can leverage my left nipple that 99, 99% of readers can't remember half the departments, 89% of the subordinates that are in charge of those departments, and who knows what else. While detail is important when it comes to kingdom-building, here it just literally suffocates the pace of the story and shoves the characters back into the template canister.
  3. MC knows things he couldn't have, shouldn't have and wouldn't have known. I've noticed this trend recently with the reincarnation stories, whereas MC goes back in time and chooses a completely different path than his own but somehow still knows everything. That's the case here. MC was an adventurer in the previous world, but he knows everything when it comes to being a Lord. Fine, maybe he knows some specific events, important triggers, battles etc., but he should know jack sh*t about territory building and everything involved in it. I don't understand why didn't the author just make him a Lord in the previous life. He still got betrayed and stabbed in the ass, but at least know it's logical why he knows so much sh*t he can't possibly now with this route.
  4. Story. I won't explain why the story makes no sense as that would be a huge spoiler, but it makes no sense. The way it is handled is so far removed from reality (no, not just because it's not reality) that it hurts my soul.
  5. MC single-handedly defeats the alliance of supposed big-shots in this game. Ok.
  6. Romance. Lol.
  7. Large-scale battles - they are not well-written. They are too rushed. It's hard to properly set up an image inside your head as to what is going on and how is either side winning.
There are many other things I could list, but it's almost 3AM and f*ck me if I know why I even started writing this so late. I enjoyed reading TWO and will continue reading it. But, mind you, you'll probably be skipping paragraphs and pages like mad if you want to milk even an inkling of enjoyment from this. It has too many problems, clear and simple.
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beddedOtaku rated it
Man Huang Feng Bao
March 31, 2018
Status: c162
I wouldn't mind if this was poor man's ED. I enjoyed the latter quite a lot despite its numerous flaws, so having an opportunity to read a similar story, I was somewhat excited. But, this is far from just being a poor man's ED. This is insufferable. Every time a woman's mentioned in the passage, her ti*s and ass take on the prominent role. Nothing else. Every time a 'brilliant' scheme is out in the open, you begin to wonder whether it was a five-year-old boy's attempt at a prank... more>> rather than a scheme of some experienced old dog. MC is insufferably indifferent. He's not arrogant. He's not charming. He's not evil. He's nothing. He's a plot device.

Usually, when I write reviews on here, I try to make them somewhat long as to properly display just why is something good/bad. Here? I don't even want to waste words. For 162 chapters I endured hoping it would finally break away from the shitty f*cking flirting, and shitty f*cking schemes, and shitty f*cking writing style that's absolute low-level trash even among the WNs, and shitty f*cking plot that makes no sense, and shitty f*cking world building that makes it so you don't understand a f*ck of what is happening, and shitty f*cking everything else, but nothing has changed. Rather, it has grown considerably worse than it was at the start. F*ck this. <<less
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