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Rosver rated it
Coder Lee Yongho
December 6, 2016
Status: c103
I started okay, then just become so boring.

I've studied Computer Science and has experience, so that cheat debugger is very interesting for me. And it was very great at first as he explores the power of the debugger.

Then he decided to stop using it because it is stunting his development as a programmer. I go... WHAT?

It's a debugger! How is something like that be stunting you! Are you really going to find all those bugs from a program with millions of lines by yourself?... Why are these supposedly "smart" protagonist... more>> so prone to making extremely stupid decisions.

And now you are getting bored to death as the impossibility of the task of debugging the software manually become apparent. We are given details of Lee working out his problems without the help of his cheat. Then what the heck is the cheat for? The author might just as well write about a normal person if the cheat isn't going to be utilized anyway.

Then we are bombarded with technical details of computer programming.... If you are not versed with computer programming and computer science, you'll be bored by the details. If you do know these things, you'll be bored because the story is just wasting your time.

And the characters are so damned boring. Lee Yongho, you are the most boring protagonist I've ever meet. The other characters are boring as well. And the worst part? The story decides to focus on them. For character development or some sh*t. That would have been great, if the characters aren't hellishly boring!

This is an epitome of boring novels. It just becomes more and more dreary as it goes on. My head has gone numb from reading all of it. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Green Skin
July 25, 2017
Status: --
It starts interesting when it is building the setup, but it becomes dull afterwards.

The characters here are really bland, generic, cliche, or just not fleshed out. There are times when the characters' backstories are well established, like with the MC, but they end up barely portraying any personality. The side characters are just given one defining trait, and that is much it. The story does try to remedy the problem of its weak cast by constantly introducing new characters to keep everything from becoming too stale. One thing for sure,... more>> you don't come into the story for the incredible characters because there is nothing much about them.

The plot is... decent, I guess. It feels like an amalgamation of various ideas from other novels of its type. Revenge, reincarnation, game-elements, etc.. It has all been done before, and this novel doesn't really do anything different or anything outstanding. Also, the story easily breaks apart under scrutiny because it has lots of plot elements that isn't explained or it has plot developments that are just forced. In the end, it really adequate for any readers that just needs some mindless action and undemanding entertainment. The plot is of an easy popcorn variety that is most likely to satisfy the undemanding readers.

And there is the writing. It is also decent too I guess. Nothing really bad, but there is nothing good about it either. The prose is really simplistic and mundane, without any sense of artistry. This might be more of the fault of the translator, but it remains as that, a pedestrian writing that doesn't provide anything to enhance the reading experience.

Overall, the story is just mediocre. An okay read to pass time but it has nothing that makes it stand out. It is a by the numbers novel that will satisfy anyone that doesn't demand too much. <<less
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Rosver rated it
The Lazy Swordmaster
April 8, 2017
Status: c64
It is bland.

It started okay if albeit nonsensical and slow. The MC is still rather interesting in all that. Sure, not the greatest MC ever, but still entertaining enough to keep me interested.

Then the other characters started to creep in.

The slow story become even slower and the focus starts to stray. We don't get much of the MC anymore, instead we got these other characters. At least with the MC, I am still entertained; these other characters however is the very definition of boring. They just have nothing at all... more>> that is interesting. They do nothing interesting. Their reactions aren't entertaining. Their personality is meh. And their side of the story offer nothing truly important for the need for their own POV. I'm not really sure why the author is focusing on them when they are boring as heck.

A slow story that is getting slower, translation that is becoming slow too, the ever increasing number of bland characters, and other issues like lack of logic and sub par writing. The Lazy Swordmaster is a story that just becomes more and more uninteresting the further you go. <<less
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Rosver rated it
The Human Emperor
August 10, 2017
Status: c172
The story for me is actually better than average. It has a constant tension throughout that keeps it intense. It does have issues like he just meets, obtain, or remember what he needs suddenly due to luck (deus ex machina), or the story would force him in a bad situation (diabolus ex machina). Still, it is way better than most.

The main character is well fleshed out and have a very pleasant and sympathetic personality, but the other characters doesn't receive much care. This novel is very strange in that aspect.... more>> It delves very deep into the details of the setting and the situation and the events, but it barely put effort into the characters that isn't the MC.

The main character himself, even though he is in a compelling situation that makes him very proactive and is pleasant enough, isn't very different from your typical Chinese protagonist in that he is very focused on acting on a goal. A single goal. Everything he do is for this goal. This really narrows the protagonist's actions and interactions like he don't take up a hobby, or just have fun or we don't see him interact much with his friends and family. He sometimes feels like a puppet that just works for his goal rather than an actual character.

If there is one thing this novel fails at badly, it is in the pacing. It is really slow. Really, really, slooooowwwww... This novel does almost everything to slow itself. It repeats, reiterate and state again every detail that could be repeated, reiterated and stated again. It looks over various details of the setting, the situation and the back-stories in excessive length. A single action (like walking up a set of stairs) could suddenly take several paragraph or take the whole chapter. It is terribly slow and is the biggest source of frustration in this novel.

So, a good enough story with under developed characters and an extremely slow pacing. It can be a very satisfying read if you can tolerate its pacing. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Monster Pet Evolution
January 16, 2019
Status: --
It is kinda meh.

The concept was really interesting. Many would be reminded by pokemon since the concept is about bonding with monsters and training them, but the execution just make it sound so boring.

For one, the characters are really dull. They feel like severely neutered anime characters. They are all extremely simplified, I guess that is the word. Like, this story would suddenly focus on random characters to make them display some cliched gimmicks, like that overly excited boy and older sister who keep hitting; or to display some shallow... more>> emotion, like with the woman whose the bird nearly got killed. We really don't know them so we can't care about any of them.

There is also the protagonist... what an incredibly dull protagonist he is. His background is so cliche. He barely has any personality. His cheat ability is wasted on him. He is just so... BLEH! He is a kind of character that makes any story, with this kind of character as protagonist, so uninteresting.

And the pacing is just boring. You could say slow, but slow is more about how the events are told. Maybe there is a lot of descriptions, introspection, emotions, etc. or the writing is verbose repetitive, etc.. This story doesn't do that. What it did is to focus on the mundane, the in-between moments, those things where nothing really happens that any decent author knows should be removed from the story or not spend time on. Like talking to the neighbors about inane things. Most authors would just write a sentence or a paragraph about it, something like "They talked about the weather and " and that is it. This story however spends a chapter or so about such things. Really riveting author. Really riveting.

And the story... well I didn't read the whole thing yet but after two dozens of chapter, there should be something. Right? Well, there are moments but I don't really think the author is trying to tell a story. As I said about the pacing, the story is focused on the in-between moments, those moments that shouldn't be in the story. Those that should be skipped to only tell those scenes that are important to the story. But the author includes them, and there are lot of them. The important moments, those moments that actually are about the story, those that move the story forward, are so far apart. In between them are just long stretches of nothing.

And the storytelling, I've worse ones but this isn't good. A large part of the text is infodumping. Most of it is repetitive. Worse, a lot of it seems like the author thinks the readers are dumb. I know that paralyzing poison paralyzes it victims. Even the repetition of information make it feels like the author thinks you are like Dory and forget things just after a few moments.

And, while I know this is just a translation, the prose is just bland. It close to being beige prose. It is just so plain.

Also a problem with the prose is the empty meaningless phrases that is just used to pad things. Just take this sentence for example: The current date was the 14th, which meant that it would be happening tomorrow. Can't the author just write: It's tomorrow? Just two words. That is all you need. And almost all sentences are like this.


What can I say? This is boringly executed, terribly boring. The concept is kinda fun, it is after all has a concept that it shares with Pokemon, but everything about it seems to try to make the concept uninteresting as possible.

If you want to read a boring version of Pokemon, this is it. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Mysterious World Beast God
April 3, 2018
Status: --
It could have been good, or even great. Sadly, it doesn't work to its strengths.

The premise could have worked really well. Our protagonists is turned into a summoned beast and we got two worlds to explore, the world of summoned beast and the world where they are summoned.

The author could have explored the setting and the life of the protagonist as a summoned creature. Instead, the author choose the route of adding more and more stuff in. The story become overly crowded with various elements that just drags the story... more>> down. We now have four worlds, and aside from the world our protagonist is in, we barely explore them. The story also doesn't utilize the setting very well especially when the story tries to be character centric (but fail at il).

The story itself become more and more fragmented as it goes. There is already two story lines at the start: the story of our protagonist and the story of the protagonist's summoner. Then the author decides to add more summoners (yes there are many women, each from different worlds, who could summon our protagonist) each with different story lines to follow. Then the author decides to add a mystery element too. Then more characters that add more story-lines. The author was not able to tell initial storyline well, add several more and the story just breaks apart.

And then there are the characters. Our protagonists is a pushover and rather dull. He also received cheats later in the story. His masters are all females and as typical with females in CN novels, they are really dull. Every character here is just dull.


It is a poorly written story. The ideas are wasted, the plot is a mess, the characters are dull, and the setting is underutilized. It is quite clear that it comes from an author that has no idea how to write a story. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Dragon Maken War
August 30, 2017
Status: --
This story is really annoying. Almost everything it did is annoying.

Characters talk too much. Like, they are about to be hit by a powerful attack but somehow is able to vomit a paragraph worth of monoloogue.

And the main character is all about being "cool" and "awesome" instead of being a character. His character and personality is just so unrelatable with his constant pretentious display of "coolness, " and he becomes really annoying really quick.

... more>> And the other characters are mostly there as audience to the MC's awesomeness, even the villains.

And the plot is just scenes after scenes of the MC showing off his awesomeness.

This is just a really shallow story. It is all flash without substance. Still, I could see this attracting a certain kind of demographic and this is mostly aimed at them. Otherwise, it has very little to offer in terms of story and artistry. <<less
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Rosver rated it
June 9, 2017
Status: --
In many aspects, the story is alright. The plot especially is full of tension. The characters are quite complex. The setting is vast and varied. However, the story has one issue that buries anything good it has. It tells instead of shows. This is especially apparent with the characters. We are constantly told of what they do, what they feel, what they experience and, even, what they are.

Without any effort in showing things, I, as a reader, feels detached from the story. There is no emotional connections with the characters.... more>> I'm not transported to the fictional world the characters are in. The events feels like thousand of miles away. I just can't get engaged in the story.

Show, don't tell is a writing advice the author desperately needs. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Gourmet of Another World
April 11, 2017
Status: --
The setup is identical to Gourmet Food Supplier, just a different setting.

And like Gourmet Food Supplier, the enjoyment comes from the costumers; while the cook, the MC, is being a pest. Why do they keep making the MC unpleasant?

Again, another fairly fun premise ruined by a fairly awful MC.
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I just read a few chapters, then I stopped.

The story just feels very monotonous. Every chapter feels the same. The jokes are repetitive. The events have similar level of tension (nothing) and mood (light). The characters are one note. The main character's goal is uncomplicated. The setting is bland.

Just, nothing. There is nothing in the story that moves you or affect you in some way. It is just white noise.
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Rosver rated it
Invijible Panda
October 23, 2017
Status: --

This story tries to be so bad, it's good. It is written in an intentionally bad style. Bad grammar, bad spelling, nonsense plot, awful characters, nonexistent setting... everything is done deliberately bad. It does all of this for the hope of being funny.

There are mediums that are deliberately bad to evoke laughter. What comes to my mind is Mr. Incredible and Pals and lot of works by Monty Python. Generally most parodies do this, and if done well, it can be incredibly funny.

However, there is fine line between Funny Terrible... more>> and just Terrible. Most of the time, this story is just plain terrible. The tittle speaks for itself. Invijible instead of Invincible. If you find that funny... then you might find this story funny. If not, then it is really not.

And I, obviously, doesn't find this funny at all. It is lazy. It randomly puts spelling and grammar errors. It messes with random story tropes and cliches. It picks various popular stories and make lazy, obvious jokes about them. It just reeks of laziness and absence of creativity. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Praise the Orc!
October 3, 2017
Status: Completed
As an escapist story, it is really good. It was exciting, fun and generally easy to digest. Read and enjoy the journey.

Most of the characters are likeable. Many especially the protagonist are exaggerated and larger-than-life making them a bit difficult to identify with but they sure make for an exciting story to read.

The are a large the number of different places the story goes to in the fantasy realm and that offers various materials to the story. The story also just stay there just long enough to keep it from... more>> getting stale.

The plot is a constant high of excitement and tension as it progress from one quest to the next, with a few exceptions. It is really a plus for those who wants just a good exciting story.

Now, while it is a really good in delivering the goods, it does come with major flaws. The plot while exciting is rather predictable. The setting while plentiful is not detailed. The real world is bland, clumsily integrated and poorly executed. The characters, while bigger than life, are rather flat and have simplistic developments. A lot of things are not explained and certain things like the skills are really inconsistent. And the epilogue tarnishes the story's ending with a rushed pace and cliche development and an open-ended conclusion.

I debate whether to give a three of a four but settle on four. While it is really flawed and kinda superficial, it does provided me with a lots of fun and excitement. It has the spirit of an enjoyable story. <<less
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Rosver rated it
The Hero
August 5, 2017
Status: v8c8
It has interesting ideas that it seem to copy from other works, but other than that, it is really poorly crafted.

What I disliked most of this novel is its crappy pacing. I can stand slow, but... goddamn! Only a totally incompetent writer would write a whole chapter that comprise only of a few seconds of time in an action filled moment. It has one of the most sh*tty paced fighting scenes I ever come across. Even slow paced stories sped up in fighting scenes. This one slow down even more!

Its... more>> terribly slow pacing is specially detrimental to this novel. It is supposed to be about a hero who fights evil alien monsters... and it is filled with passages about the character walking and talking and walking, even in fighting scenes it is filled with long passages of talking.

And the characters, they are really bland. The protagonist specially. They have like zero personality or worse, inconsistent. The author seems to give them this kind of personality one moment then erase that and put another personality later, as the story required. The story is clearly more focused on plot than characters. However...

The plot is terribly derivative. Think of any popular hero stories and you'll likely see parts of it copied here. However, it does things wrong. Instead of using and developing these ideas to create intense situations, the story instead uses them more as a background and do very little effect to the overall story. It is just a bunch of random things put in because it is standard in the genre. The protagonist fights the bad guys because every superhero stories do so.

This could probably worked in a more competent hands, but as is, this is a super hero story with its vital parts removed. Instead of intense fighting scenes, it drags. Instead of interesting characters, they are bland. Instead of using the ideas (it copied) to create interesting situations, it just waste them by doing nothing interesting with them.

It is just incredibly mediocre and forgettable superhero-story wannabe. The author tries to write a superhero novel but just doesn't understand why people read them or why they interest people so. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Dragon Order of Flame
June 27, 2017
Status: --
How... dull.

The main character is just so blah! I don't know what the author was thinking but it seems that the author is trying to write the most uninteresting MC ever. The mc's personality is so 'safe' and restricted. That is, the MC doesn't takes to exploring interesting options or unique thoughts. Everything he do is so routine. He do them because that was what he did before. And anything he did that is different, it would lack any imagination. The most boring MC ever!

And the pacing of the story... more>> is so slow! Really slow. For an action adventure story, a terribly slow pace is suicide.

And where is the action adventure anyway... at volume 2? Honest! The story for several chapter? parts? You could swear that you are reading a family drama than action adventure.

And as a family drama, it isn't that good at all. It is so contrived and cliche that you can't feel any drama at all. What the heck was the point of all this?

And the characters. There are few characters here being focused on and they are all bland and cliche. Think the MC is boring? Take at look at his father. He doesn't only make you feel bored, he makes you feel apathetic. You loose any semblance of care and interest in the story by his mere presence.

The mc's mother and brother is the impotent version of Cinderella's mother and stepsisters. At least, with Cinderella's version, they have character and flair. A classic rendition. Here, you got evil stepmother and evil stepsisters wannabe that present zero danger.

Really, what is the point of all these characters? Without them, the story could have proceed faster. Instead you are presented with a tedious family drama about characters that you just can't care about. Fail!

It is boring and forgettable. There are good qualities like the writing and descriptions but with a story so uninteresting and dull, terrible writing would have make it better. At least with terrible writing you can laugh and poke fun at it. With this... there is nothing. <<less
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Stunning Edge
February 7, 2017
Status: --
Enjoyable, if unsubstantial.

The plot isn't very complex and lacks surprises or creativity. Reading, you pretty much know what you are going to get. Pretty much pop flick style, enjoyable, but nothing else.

The characters also lacks complexity and nuances, especially the secondary ones. A word or two can adequately describe them. They aren't detestable or infuriating, but there is just nothing more.

... more>> The description is rather minimal and generic.

And it doesn't go deeply into the themes it touches, like religion. It uses them more as motivations for the events that is happening.

Overall, a rather average work. It is something enjoyable enough but offers nothing more than that. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Perfect Superstar
January 24, 2019
Status: --
It is good.

There are a lot of things to admire about this story. Many of the characters are interesting. The protagonist is a good person. The songs and other works are utilized in a respectful manner. There is just a lot of good things to say about this story.

But, it does have its faults. The faults aren't big, but they do come off as annoying. One is its repetitive writing. I know this is standard for Chinese webnovels to be wordy and repetitive to increase word count or something, but... more>> that doesn't change that this is not a good practice. It means many of what you read are not necessary and has no point in the story.

There is also the lack of actual challenges for the protagonist. The author do try to present something as a challenge but it barely do anything to the protagonist. Most seems to resolve themselves without the protagonist's involvement or effort.

And considering the lack of challenges, the story rather slow pace is unwanted. The lack of challenges means there is a lack of tension. Having the story unfold slowly does makes it boring.

And while I said that the protagonist is a good person... really good, in fact. He is too good to a fault. He is just, so perfect. No flaws whatsoever. Though, I do give this story some slack for having such a character as the protagonist. This story kinda present itself as a feel good novel. It is something you read to relax. It doesn't want to give you too much tension and a protagonist like this fits the rather well. The problem isn't exactly that the protagonist is too perfect, the problem is more like the story doesn't make the protagonist interesting. Like, the enjoyment you'll get from this story is the circumstances that surrounds the protagonist and not much from the protagonist itself.

Overall, a good story. Not great, but good enough especially as a feel good story. <<less
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Rosver rated it
Legend of the Great Saint
June 14, 2017
Status: c116
Okay. The story is not bad, but there are moments where it is cringe-worthy or uncanny.

The story itself is alright with its interesting plot and energetic pacing, but you can see those moments when the events are really forced and contrived with characters and setting elements that just pops up to move the plot or artificially create tension or the MC (and other characters) forced to act in ways to create conflict when they should be easily avoidable.

The setting is rather underdeveloped with a lot of it unexplained or just... more>> thrown to the readers with no warning. Like these Wolf Guards. Poof! A few of them appear in this very remote place where the MC is for contrived reasons. There are just these things that just come out of nowhere. I know this is a common problem with these kind of stories but this story handle it with even less grace that your typical Xianxia.

I know that this is a fantasy story and would surely have rather bizarre characters, but, some of the characters (like the MC) feels like they are delusional and fit really well in psychiatric hospitals. They are just so out of touch with reality and have extreme values that are just absurd, even considering the setting they are in. It makes them really unrealistic and hard to empathize with or relate to.

Most of the characters are otherwise rather flat and forgettable. The author sometimes put in some twist in the character, but it often just feels out of place and gimmicky or annoying.

So, on the whole, this story is rather enjoyable to read, but otherwise, it still falls into the pitfalls of a typical Xianxia novel. It has a better than average plot, but with the typical vague setting and poorly realized characters.

For people who like to read xianxia novels, it more than satisfy, but otherwise, it's a xianxia. It is what you expect a xianxia novel would be. <<less
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Rosver rated it
God of Cooking
February 2, 2017
Status: --
It is a good read overall but I do have some complaints with it.

One thing I had a problem with is the lack of dimension. Yes, it is about cooking, but limiting it in setting (it focuses too much on characters) and culture (many cultures are not represented) really waste a lot of potential.

My second complaint are the characters. They are rather flat. I don't hate them, but they aren't really very interesting, and the story focuses a lot on them.

And there is also the pacing. Sometimes, it would just... more>> becomes so very slow. A whole series of chapter would just have them just talking about nothing. It will just become so damn boring. <<less
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