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I have to say, I am thoroughly disappointed by the way this series progressed. We have three protagonists: A main female lead and two male leads to choose from. Both male leads obviously have a lot of background emotions and characters to read into, and there is some actual development in them. The female lead, on the other hand... Is just poorly written.

There is absolutely no change in her till the end of c48, which is where the current translations are halted right now. And to be honest, the writer... more>> messing up with the story element of this series isn't even the main reason why I gave this such a dismal rating. I mean yeah, it does get very annoying at times with regards to the repeated and cliche drama plots but...

The sex. It is passionate, youthful, er**ic and everything good about smut. It is vigorously violent in a perfectly romantic manner and yet, the writer decides to limit it to far too few chapters. And poor plot writing means that they seem to be even more far apart.

This is not Mango approved.

A couple of chapters got good smut. Those are the best parts of this series. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Divine Throne of Primordial Blood
July 13, 2018
Status: v2c184
Well, this is a... Decent read.

This is not Mango approved

Now, first off. Very first off. Don't look at the Blind Protagonist tag. He regains his eyes within the first 25 chapters. Yes, people still think that he is blind. But that is only for about 100 chapters at max. That is like less than 10% of the length of this series.

... more>> Yes, in the first 100 chapters or do he is way looked down upon due to blindness, but it feels like just another MC who hides his strength.

Now, the MC. He is one who seeks knowledge rather than brute strength. Excellento! That is extremely good potential. The world is more based on bloodlines rather than cultivation levels? Amazing!

Right? Yeah... Until you get to the point where this idea is to be acted upon. A good scheming involves knowing information, and using/manipulating that. Cool. But plot armor?? In any scheme, there will be minor hiccups. Ok, but what am I getting at? We are in a world where cultivation level distinctions haven't been written very well, and the MC makes schemes based on these very cultivation levels?

You can see where I am getting at. When the author is going for a research MC with tons of exposition, he is ignoring the strength part. That is cool for maybe the MC (it is not) but what about the people surrounding him? The plot armor is too thick.

And I could have actually accepted this plot armor, if the MC genuinely was blind. But nopppe.

Next, the personality of the MC. He shifts from righteous to selfless to heroic constantly, with the love struck teen in between. Ok, I can accept that. But why is he so? Because I don't believe that someone exists with such a personality right off the bat. Unless, that someone is from a Mary Sue School. Is the MC a reincarnator or something? I don't know. But I would like to know. I mean, he had so much potential! He actually didn't fall for that I am cool if my dad raped my waifu cuz filial peity stuff for once. Other CN should do this more often. But at tge same time, because that is so weird for the setting, it needs to be written properly. I mean, filial peity is hammered into the DNA, but this guy said no. Any back story? No. He just did rational one fine day.

I like the bloodlines aspect of this series. It gives a good look into human psychology as well, though the way the MC looks at the bloodlines changes constantly. One chapter he is on about low key and next chapter, he goes about making big enemies. Now, I am cool with that IF ONLY we had some measure of how big they are, because the cultivation levels in this is so screwed. It is like the entire world is waiting for our MC to grow to the next level before it itself ranks up.

The female lead/leads... Lacking. Standard damsel in distress. At least, they will become. Yup, I can say that.

In conclusion, this novel had a LOT of potential. Writer had amazing ideas, but couldn't put them down properly. Though I gave this a 3, this is more like 4ish but I am being harsh for the lost potential.

Should you read this? Well, it definitely can be fun. I am at the point in the story where finally, an antagonist who is half decent has emerged. Who knows? I might re evaluate my rating!

But till then, this stays. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain
January 2, 2018
Status: c205
I can understand why this one gets low ratings from others. Me? 4/5 FOR SURE.

Firstly, this is not your run of the mill cultivation novel where the focus is on the cultivation or the world building or what not... For once, we are talking about the way immortality and mortal life can be connected.

The comedy in this one is good, to the extent where it comes under the comedy genre and not the comedy tag. SO, that is a major plus. But, this also means that for a lot of... more>> time, seemingly filler chapters of comedy sprout out. This could be one reason why people don't gave it positive ratings: They didn't start reading it for what it was, but were expecting something else.

After reading all that stuff, this felt really really fresh to me.

This is a story that actually gives a lot more importance to non cultivation stuff, at least till c202. Yes, the plot is slowly progressing where his cultivation is increasing. But still, the focus is more on the adventures and the scenarios, and not the very cultivation itself. This gives us a wonderful new perspective on the cultivator life without resorting to a modern setting. I mean, the MC actually likens a sect to a business company and he gets into sect building and stuff, giving us an insight about the way immortality works in the perspective of both mortals and immortals.

The plot armor in this series is rather thick, and self evident. AS I read this series with a mindset of just light reading, that is not a problem for me. However, if someone is looking for absolutely logic driven driven cultivation novels where the plot armor is well hidden, this is not for you.

My main issue with this series is also its biggest positive, the protagonist. The personality of the protagonist is excellent and what not.. it is unique, and his goofyness gives this series a good feel. BUT, the backstory is not clear. No, this is not a mysterious family type thingy. With his references to adventuring (repeatedly, I dare say), you think that the author mentioned he is reincarnated or what not but... zip. Based on the number of times this has been referenced and the clarity given by the author, this is one major plot hole that is rather conveniently left alone. Was he a modern being? Or is this adventuring stuff of his just a coincidence? Why do some other characters get his references? No, there is no bigger underlying mystery... the author just hoped that the readers won't bother to think about it.

Overall, this is a good fun read that is not to be taken seriously. So far, there is little to no romance, and I actually hope to see some romance, though I am scared of what would happen if the romance is not handled properly.

This is Mango approved, especially if you are a travelling person and you need a series to download and read during the long boring hours.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, but there is actually kinda like a decent counterbalance to the blatant plot armor: The MC can NEVER attack someone (After a point in the story). he can only defend. This leads to some really good mind games and overall, a better cultivation novel. I mean, this means that he can only ever be a badass with a team, and that makes it a lot more exciting. <<less
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Dungeon Defense
December 12, 2017
Status: v5 afterword
After completing volume 5 I think I am in a position to write a review for this one.

This is Mango approved.

Eventhough I only rated this 4/5, I still recommend this for the psychotic chaos that it brings about. I recommend it for the dark and rather devilish protagonist, and for the almost KR unique dystopian story.

First off, this barely made it to 4/5 imho. Don't get me wrong, it is a good read. Just that, the 5 volumes are not consistent in any sense what so ever. Overall, however, the... more>> story is still decently good inspite of all inconsistencies, which I feel is the hallmark of a good, ambitiously long series. Yes, ambitiously long series. For all the fast paced plot it seems to have, it is rather slow.

Due to its volume sized chunks, the story regularly drops. Often times, it is tough for it to again rise up to the same crescendo. More over, I felt that at times, the author was trying to use the psychotic card far too much. That is one of my major complaints!

When you have a psychotic story/protagonist, they have to be normal for most of the time so that the world doesn't see them as that. Of course, as in this series, you can make *pretty much* all characters to be psychotic as well. However, when you do this, there is a huge decentralization of the plot focus. Thus, for every small progress in the plot, you need to spend a LOT of time. And I don't like to read it in this particular case because of the.. lacklustre cast.

For all that people say about the cast of this novel, they are ALL psychotic, and similar at some level. This makes it quite unique, and boring as well. The author did well to focus on each of them by using the multiple pov story telling skill, and I applaud him for this. Literary wise, great! But from a reader perspective, not so great. This, as I mentioned before, causes the plot to go slowly, which is needed. unfortunately, the writer isn't able to produce 'good filler' to keep us engaged all the time.

But I gave this 4/5, that means there should be something good right? Indeed. The strategy elements and other such 'action' elements are very well done. For as long as they are, they keep you at the edge of your seat.

This is one story, which I feel would have been WAY better as a WN than an LN. The characters, for as limited they are, are given fantastic screen times and presences. The empty banter is... bad, at worst. The depictions of gore and cruelty is pretty spot on and graphic so this is NOT FOR KIDS.

On the whole, a good intelligent psychotic action drama for mature audiences that will test your patience at times, and keep you thrilled for most of the rest.

PS: The translations are fantastic, and some of the other positive comments I had about this series have already been said by others. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Trafford’s Trading Club
July 9, 2017
Status: c78
This is Mango approved. Nothing less, nothing more.

First of all, the setting. Modern day with fantasy elements. And we got tons of macabre elements. Not to mention.. This is hard-core seinen.

At first glance, it might look like a regular series, with MC getting OP powers and then living his life.

But this is far from it. First of all, it is kinda like episodic, with arcs rather than episodes. However, each new character is developed beautifully. We see a reason for their struggle, and also.. we see why they are willing... more>> to strike the deal with the devil.

However, you never feel disappointed when they disappear after the arc. Why? Because there is a good chance that they might come back in a future arc. Yes, c78 and I can confirm it. And even if they don't come back, it implies that they originally got a good ending. note that good doesn't mean positive. it can even be tragic or something. But basically, their character is resolved.

Between all of these great characters, we have the MC. So far, he can be termed as semi-beta. However, his mindset is very carefree... He is willing to accept that the world is not full of roses. However, I will say that so far the MC doesn't really come off as a strong character. Then again... the 'supporting characters' themselves are pretty well-written, meaning that there is every chance for the character of the MC to be further explored.

There is no real romance, but there is a.. romantic sub-plot (?)... Just, don't go in looking for some romance. There is some cuteness though.

Are there any negatives? Probably. So far, at c78 we are still easing into the plot with no real vision on any ambition or something. meaning that this can potentially turn into an endless SoL type story. But I am actually willing to give it a try even if that happen. Why? because of the seinen elements. The author is doing a really good job. This novel might just slightly remind you something like death Parade (not really).

Also, in CN... If something tarts this well, it almost always gets bad later on. Hoping that this time around, I am wrong.


Also.. the characters really are really lovable when they need to be. And you hate those that you need t hate.


This is Mango approved. I am happy to see something like this being offered by Qidian (Meaning that it is officially translated and hence, good quality TL.) <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Life After Marriage
April 25, 2018
Status: c25.2
Mango approved

This is pure smut and comedy. And it is good smut and comedy.

Been a while since I read something like this, and 5/5 for sure.

First, the smut. Amazingly good. It doesn't get TOO descriptive but your imagination is good enough. Hot is good.

The comedy. It is played by funny characters, quirky characters and how the MC deals with them.

So far, this is just a light read. Seeing the number of chapters, I hope it remains the same.
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MangoGuy rated it
The Godsfall Chronicles
September 23, 2018
Status: v2c6
I have taken long enough to come to a decision about this novel. I am gonna continue reading this.

Rated a solid 4/5 at this point of time because this has quality.

I would call this a pure fanatasy action gore novel. Leave all those romance comedy bits out of this, and this is genuinely good. And yes, there is no comedy. As for romance, so far, the writer is tackling well with the theme of the story: In this kind of survival of the fittest place, there is no real place... more>> for genuine romance. One night stands are a normal, at max.

Our MC is.... well, decent enough. We are given some understanding as to why in this dark place, he kinda sticks out as a white knight. It is no where enough, but hey! I will take it.

The pacing of this is breath taking. This is high pace action, and you might have a love hate relationship with that because it means there is no empty chapter to catch a break. But this quick pace means plot plot plot plot armor armor armor armor is around.

No, my keyboard didn't go crazy.

The world set up is good. We already have a villain power level ceiling put in place, which is excellent because it means this author has some ending in mind. The support staff either dies, or becomes plot relevant. Which is actually quite terrific, if you think about it.

On the whole, I feel that this is a very high quality novel. The 4 I gave is more so because of the strong character the protagonist seems to just have. Without any substantial back story. The cliches are there, but with the fast pace you don't really mind.

For all I know, if this maintains this same action pace, I might give this a 5.

This is Mango approved. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Martial God Asura
March 4, 2018
Status: c1392
Wow...I never reviewed this?

I dropped it at around 1.4k chapters. I put in too much time and effort into this one... Wasn't worth it.

At one point of time, I gave this a 3 star rating, meaning that people can read this. Since then, I have come to view it as a 2 ie; I don't recommend people to read this.

MGA is made up of the stuff that everyone loves from cultivation novels: action, bloody gore, jade beauties and multiple lovers, MC who is ruthless and doesn't give a sh*t, youngmasters... more>> and faceslapping, and so on and so forth. At the same time, all of these things come back to severely hurt it when they are repeated arc after arc. Currently, the novel doesn't seem to have any end. I feel that this is the pokemon kind of novel: go to a new region, get new bishes, fight people and become strong, and go to new region as a weak guy. That is all there is to it. At least, pokemon has interesting villains in Team Rocket; MGA fails here as well.

The romance is VERY poor. I wish there was none. The cultivation is redundant... For the MC, it is just lucky encounter after lucky encounter. It is a martial arts based cultivation and not a Dao based one.

The girls are pretty.

The face slapping is good... Pretty much all there is working for it. Due to the insane release rate, I expect people with nothing better to read will flock to read this. Is it worth it? Not in my opinion. I gave it enough time to improve. It was a waste.

This is not Mango approved. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Lovely Belle
September 19, 2017
Status: c9
Well... nothing much to say about this. Lots of research material in this book... you could probably get yourself your post graduation.

The cheating aspect is actually not too much. Like, it never turns into a c*ckblock. Just the fapping made me give 5/5.

However, other than fapping, is there anything worth in it? NO.

This is not Mango approved, but who cares... we got some research to do*insert Lenny*
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MangoGuy rated it
Love Affair With Sister-in-Law
August 11, 2017
Status: c5
Rating is 3. Why? Read on...

I originally thought it was a good fapping material. Not great idea.

Then I thought about the plot. Not a great idea.

... more>> I then thought of waiting for the TL to release. Not a great idea.

So... is it that bad? No.

It is not great fapping material. For 9 or so chapters, the number of moments it has.. is too bad. And the writing itself is... appreciated, but could be better.

The plot? Read the tags and you can tell me the plot in 2 minutes.

So? It has a paper thin plot with not that great steamy scenes... but! It has its moments. It doesn't involve any emotions, so my rating is only for it's fappiness.

c3 is the bomb though. Like.. the brightest moment of the series. The rest is just mediocre, even for an er**ic series.

This is not Mango approved, unless your internet speed doesn't support hentai. <<less
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I know this is an early review, but something has to be done about the 1 stars.

I have given it a 4 objectively. I wouldn't call this smut, as it is pretty much on the H novel side. Like, in depth details and all that. The comedy is present, but a bit lack lustre.

I am hoping that this doesn't go into the cute type setting, as it would then be a 3 at best. This can become a real good serious dark take on predefined relationships.

At the moment, this barely... more>> makes it to 4. The er**ic scenes are pretty well written, which is the main thing behind my rating. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
The Cold Regent Keeps a Fox as a Consort
July 16, 2018
Status: c52 part2
If you can completely switch off your common sense, and simply focus on the cuteness aspect of this story, then you will enjoy it.

This series surprised me by having not one dimensional side characters/antagonists, but zero dimensional. Literally dots. Like, why would you feel threatened about your place in the heart of your romantic partner by a fricking pet?

The male leads, so far, are just that. It is quite very standard fare. Jade greek body with arctic currents around them.

The cuteness aspect of the fox is well done. It is... more>> not overly done, and is done naturally. I am surprised to say this, but the animals in this series have more character than the humans.

In the end, it is too soon to say if it Mango approved or not. However, I definitely wouldn't put this at the top of my list.

As a guilty pressure novel for those who adore the fluff genre novels, perhaps this might find success. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Shen Yin Wang Zuo
November 27, 2017
Status: c450
Even though I have rated this a 3, it is probably more of a 3.5

This review is valid is till c450, as I dropped the series after this. This review comes after about a month since I dropped it, so it is going to be more on how memorable (or not) it is.

First off, when you have TJSS write something for you, you expect something out of it. Unfortunately for this novel, it backfired. The writing was not up to the mark. It was just the average stuff. Below average,... more>> if I put it under closer scrutiny.

First off, as far as I remember, the MC is a one girl kind of guy. Good for us! So we can finally see a romance, a real romance? With the female lead in the story doing what ever the plot needs for her to do??

Yeah... on that. First off, the way they fall in love, is not really mature. Ok. We can give them the teenage desires card. but fall in love THAT deeply? Come on... And not just that. The male MC is until the portrayed as a perfect man, with barely any impurities in his mind. That kid sure did a sharp 180!

The female lead is constantly in the loop, but I wish she wasn't. Because the author tries desperately to keep her relevant without her really taking part in the story. She loses so and so of her senses so she is just a trash, until plot needs her t overcome that. Heck, if this was a female MC novel, I would give this the biggest of thumbs up!!

Why am I harping so much about the romance in a cultivation CN? Well.. because most of the focus has been on that! And it is just half baked. I mean TJSS should probably recheck his romance concepts.

On to the rest of the cast. Obligatory OP dad. Check. Obligatory TJSS powerful team as long time companions? Check. They have some internal romance and what not? Check. There is an invincible growth type pet? Check.

And beyond all of this... THE PLOT ARMOR!! For as much harder the life of the female lead TJSS makes, the plot armor of the male lead is further strengthened. to the extent where fairies and deities acknowledge his plot armor.

Yup, you read it right. For a pretty bland male lead (seriously bland) struggles and secret plot armors is what you should be looking for. but here... uh. Any time you want to have an MC who is born as a God, just make sure that you put more thought into it.

Conclusion: Is it a good read? Sure. For those readers who like spiceless MC who are saints (THE VERY EPITOME OF SAINTS) this can be a decent read.

Is it worth the time? I don't think so. The chapters are kinda long. It is a TJSS work. You know what to expect.

This is not Mango approved.

And that takes a lot of heart to say, considering how much I have invested in this series. <<less
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Such a wonderful little read.. First off, this series is not to be taken seriously. Reading one or two chapters a day is the way!! This is somewhat like the anime Tonari no Seki-kun, as in a girl and a boy have misunderstandings and all.. In a sweet and funny way. I dont expect this to turn into a serious romance, but that will be interesting as well~~

This is actually pretty relatable to the average LN reader, and the average loner (the commandments are gold LMAO!) and if you... more>> believe it.. It shows you why a majority of Japanese youths turn out to be virgins for a long time~~

All in: A good light tea time read. Very minor diabetes cuteness~~ Don't binge. The TL is awesome as well!! This is Mango approved!! <<less
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normal guy rated it
Great Demon King
April 15, 2016
Status: --
the concept and the story is actually fantastic. The MC is a bit impulsive when it comes to women, but other than that, he is a bit different from the regular MC’s. Personally, I felt that the story (till chap 85) was more promising than good with the pacing being a bit inconsistent. But, then again, GDK has a long way to go. As far as recommendations go, I would say that those who binge read should wait till there are atleast about 100-125 chaps to get a better gist... more>> of the series. Also, the humor in this series is pretty thoughtful. As far as rating goes, I would say 3/5 for now with a potential to get to 4/5 by chap 125. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Dream of Fuyao
January 1, 2019
Status: c13
To be honest, this started off well. And this was good until around the half way point.

Is it funny? Yes. Is it funny enough that I recommend it to you? No.

Does it have a plot? Yes. Is it good enough for me to recommend it to you? No.

Is it short? Yes. Could it have been better as a longer one? Definitely yes.

This just reeks of amateurish writing surrounding a decent idea.

This is not Mango approved.
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MangoGuy rated it
Old Vampire and a Holy Girl
November 26, 2018
Status: c13
Even though I have rated it 5, it is too soon. But I would like to clear up some stuff about this novel first.

This novel is absolutely not to be taken seriously. It is just a SoL comedy about how an old forgotten vampire is mistaken to be a NEET in need of the help of the Holy Saint.

Yes, the saint may seem overly bubbly and childish for not caring about what he thinks, but that is just the way a young saint girl stereotype is supposed to be.

I quite... more>> enjoy the comedy in this one, and this is more like a 1 chapter a day novel rather than a binging novel. New characters seem to be on the way and the dragon doggo is just blessed.

This is Mango approved. <<less
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Well...a fapfest for S&M lovers. A normal/awkward fap for the more vanilla people. But in the end, nothing but a fap.

Long and detailed s*x with enough fetish to term it excellent. But this is a more niche ero novel. So, just 4 from me.
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Do I want to continue reading this? Yup. But I only gave it 2!!

First off, this is regulation asf.

Nothing new other than her getting knocked up.

... more>> Antagonists are null dimensional, female MC herself is a bit interesting but her interactions with other characters means that she turns herself into just another null dimensional female MC.

Male MC is male MC. The kid tries to act cute and all, but it will only work on someone who is reading this kind of stuff for the first time

This type of novels usually have only one saving grace: the b***h slaps and face slaps. For this one, not. The building up is literally bad. Due to the null dimensionality, even if there is a good face slapping, you don't give a damn.

In the end, it is not really good writing, even for this genre.

But why do I read this? Short chapters... oh, it is ongoing and 1.4k+ chapters? Guilty pleasure... and the rare moment of humour where I smile.

At c74, this review might seem hasty. But the author isn't helping me.

This is not Mango approved

Edit: After c212

The antagonists are still null dimensional, but the thing is... even the characters are! Like, hint them one thing and then they just go after the MC! I am thoroughly surprised with the high rating, inspite of what I can say is only a poor read. The author is just dragging one arc to this long...I seriously am considering giving this a 1. And not a hate 1, no. A rational 1. <<less
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MangoGuy rated it
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard
February 27, 2018
Status: c266
Firstly, set in modelling industry and not in movies. That is a plus for unique. The husband is Rich and powerful but it is female MC... ok.

First off, I rate this a 3. As in, you can read this. But ONLY if you have nothing else to read or you are looking for just random reads. It follows a daily soup kind of plot, with one drama event after another with no 'actual' long term plot or foreshadowing ever. It is just the serial for middle aged house wives.

Instead of... more>> focusing on the fluffy aspects of the genre, the author focuses on the actual profession and the sweetness of their relation. Good step. But what next? It maintains the same stuff, with one jealous enemy after another.

The female lead has an inconsistent personality. I will say this now: She has talent, but she made it big by telling (whether she wanted to or not) to her husband. So, anyone looking for a girl power series... This is a stretch.

The male lead is possessive... Like every other make lead. The enemy characters... Better not to talk about them.

The supporting cast gets some good romance/screen play, but not appreciable/good character development.

The face slapping and drama elements keep this popular... Not to mention the fan service sex. Good soft core material.

Overall, more of a 2.75 rather than a 3. And you can bet that this will have a LOT of chapters, and the vague long term plot (if present) can be guessed after just reading the first chapter. Yup.

Perhaps I should change my rating...

Think of this as the female Emperor's Domination. Just, this has more competition. <<less
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