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zoexd rated it
Breaking Off the Engagement… Bring it on!
October 10, 2018
Status: c182
Read up to chapter 182

Just a few points to note:

  • the protagonist is damn OP and dense. She is slowly building the amount of admirers who are all falling for her with every her action. (reverse harem)
  • A typical plot that you can predict what will happens the end BUT you will have no idea who will end up with the protagonist...
  • Strength is No. 1 here.
  • Her family and her friends are all powerful, especially her grandmother and grandfather. Wayyyy OP.
  • And lastly, I want more chapters on Sana!
If you are looking for... more>> a light-hearted novel with OP characters, this may be the one you are finding for:) <<less
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Divine Doctor: Daughter of the First Wife
September 27, 2018
Status: c368
From Chapter 183 onward, it seems that our MC has a change of mindset. From a playful and crafty person who tried to protect her own family to a person who believes that violent is the answer to protect herself and her family.

... more>>

It seems that the incident of being drugged affected her so badly that she started to believe that violent and strength is the way to survive.


The MC has become much more cruel when the story progresses. It is understandable since she has went through a lot of 'events' but she became more unlikable too at the same time...

However, we get to see more interaction between MC and ML. And I just want to say it they are such a perfect pair! <<less
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It's a fluff story that will make you feel so warm and happy when you read it. However, there is a lack of development when it comes to conflict. The conflict seems like it is being solved way too easily and way too fast. I hoping to see more development in the characters and story in the coming chapters:) I'm in for those fluff~
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zoexd rated it
Number One Lazy Merchant of the Beast World
June 22, 2019
Status: c8
The story is way too cute! I was dying of cuteness overload!! Fluff Overload!
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