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zloi medved
zloi medved rated it
Who Touched My Tail!
May 2, 2019
Status: c142
As other people have pointed out, the biggest frustration with this novel is that it starts one way, giving an interesting premise for quick transmigration face slapping, with a scheming fox protagonist, and then very very quickly downslides into very boring stories with no obstacles, no cleverness on the MCs part, and just lots of back and forth banter between the main couple.

For this reason, I was waffling between rating this 2 or 3, because while it's just kind of boring and there's no conflict or excitement at all, it's... more>> not like the novel is particularly bad or offensive, it just completely lacks any kind of character or anything about it that's interesting. Also, a QT novel completely ignoring the plots and face slapping of each world as it progressively dedicates more and more entire chapters to just the main couple interacting isn't anything new to the genre - most QT novels I read always end up throwing plot by the way side to focus on the romance, so while I find the ML kind of creepy and unlikeable, which makes the focus on their relationship less interesting to me, singling this novel out specfically for doing what most QT novels do still didn't seem fair.

But eventually I did decide to give it two stars. The reason why: I asked myself, "if you had to say one good thing about this novel, what would it be?" and I drew a blank. My personal views on the ML aside, there is nothing objectively bad about this story in particular that isn't a problem with many QT novels, but other QT novels at least in the beginning had clever face slapping scenarios, dogblood drama, heightened soap operatic characters that made them fun and interesting.

But WTMT is not the worst novel; it's not even a bad novel. Its greatest crime is that it is an absolutely mediocre novel, so much so that I wrote three paragraphs reviewing this but I didn't actually say a single thing about it, because there was nothing in the novel to say. <<less
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zloi medved
zloi medved rated it
Eternal Martial Sovereign
October 7, 2017
Status: c39
ETA: When I wrote this review, I read up to c19. Because I like to be thorough, and it's a given fact that many wuxia novels don't really "start" until about 50 chapters in, I wanted to keep reading to see if anything would change. In a way, it has. I wrote this review under the impression of "messy, poorly paced, overloaded with tropes, but if you don't care perhaps you'll still find value in it."

I have now read 39 chapters of this dreadful, dreadful novel. I can say hands... more>> down it was not worth giving a chance. What an absolute head ache. The MC does not act out of character, because there's no character to him. He's a bunch of ideas about what makes a cool MC with no real consistent core tying them together. There's no bad plot because there's no plot at all, just a string of tropey situations loosely following one after another with no real sense of interconnection. There's no story here, just pure power fantasy. As others have said, an eye rollingly handled r*pe plot with magic boner medicine, fortuitous encounters one after another, not one but TWO annoying spirit sidekicks...

The only value in this novel is a dissection of how not to write a story, which is being generous in even calling it a story. My greatest disappointment is I can't rate it 0 stars.

Previous review below:


As my friend would say - "messy."

There's nothing wrong with wish fulfillment - most wuxia is nothing more than that, some are just written with more finesse than others. But the writing in EMS is stilted and awkward. The dialogue, as Vex said, feels like it's constructed by a five year old. The protagonist is a black hole of charisma.

I've read worse novels, but usually it takes me, oh, 200 or so chapters to really feel the story drag at me to a point where I'm rolling my eyes. I've read more formulaic ones too. I've read more blatant wish fulfillment ones. But something about EMS is special. After only nineteen chapters, I'm tiredly rubbing my face and rolling my eyes. Maybe it's that less than 20 chapters had to pass before we got THREE separate harem flags, one of whom is his (non-blood related) sister, and all of them I want to hear about as much as a case of herpes. I could tell you details about their respective breasts and asses, but I couldn't give you a concrete description of their personalities (pouty and flirty doesn't count, I mean who they exist as outside of their interactions with the MC). I can't even remember their names - or the MCs name, at that. Maybe its the rush the author was in, tripping over their own feet, to hit at least five or so of the usual plot points before ten chapters of the story. Maybe it's the way it took all that boring, bland, formulaic, wish fulfillment and condensed it into the first two dozen chapters. I think that's my main issue, in fact. I don't mind formulaic wish fulfillment novels with bland, one-dimensional characters and a slowly materialising harem. I actually don't. But they usually wash over me, very slowly, over a course of hundreds of chapters, in little bite sized chunks of mediocrity that I could digest.

EMS was an immediate overload of all these things.

I mean, to take a more positive approach, because I don't want to be wholly negative, at the very least this novel makes no pretense about what it intends to be. Absolutely none. Its immediate delivery of all these repeated tropes is very straightforward and it doesn't dawdle around and trick you into thinking it's something more (boy have I regretted recommending novels I thought were pretty great and then three hundred chapters in I just... sigh...) and you will be able to decide very early on whether this is the novel for you. That's refreshing. Props for that?

This is not the novel for me. Maybe it's the novel for you. But it's definitely not the novel for me.

Hold on, let me give a stellar example of the writing. From chapter 20:

"You... just who are you?" The two men's faces were full of horror as they retreated. [...]

"Who I am isn't important. What's important is that there are no grievances between us, and yet you all wanted to kill me. It's evident what sort of people you are. Today I, Xiao Yun, am going to exterminate an evil for the public and erase you all from this earth."

Son! Don't drop a line like "Who I am isn't important" and then proceed to introduce yourself by name! It's an absurd piece of writing. It's like it was just written sentence by sentence with no real thought about what preceded or succeeded it, just based on what sounded cooler.


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zloi medved
I thought I'd summarise some of my main takeaways from this novels narrative, characterisation, plot arcs, worldbuilding, and so forth as simply as possible to make it easier to read and digest! This is only my own opinion of course, but I hope it's a fair review! :)
  • Sexual assault and threatening suicide isn't romantic. It's abuse.
  • Sexual assault and threatening suicide isn't romantic. It's abuse.
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zloi medved
zloi medved rated it
I Was Reincarnated
July 5, 2018
Status: c35
I won't go into the character stuff, other people have already done that. I'll give my major complaint that hasn't been touched on by any other reviewers:

About 50% of this story just does not need to exist.

It's not uncommon for Japanese stories to switch POV between characters, at the very least, this POV switch offers something and still moves the plot along. Every second chapter of this story switches to another character's POV but just rehashes things that have already happened, to no real purpose. Many of these characters are... more>> minor enough that their viewpoints do not matter. It's just an artificial inflation of chapters and pointless filler. While a switch in POV providing an outsider perspective on the MC in a first person narrative can be interesting, if done in moderation, when literally every second chapter, sometimes three chapters in a row, is just the same event being covered and whole dialogue texts being copy pasted and repeated, it becomes tiresome and pointless and just stalls the story.

If you can skip entire chapters of a story and not lose anything, it's a poorly written story. <<less
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zloi medved
zloi medved rated it
Unrivaled Medicine God
October 2, 2018
Status: c113
When I started reading this story, I immediately thought, "Uh oh." The main problem I, and many other readers going off reviews, have with this novel is actually glaringly obvious from the get go, but I wanted to give it every benefit of the doubt because I was really interested in reading an alchemy novel that actually focused on alchemy. In the end, I have only one thing to say to the author:

Find yourself a very aggressive editor.

... more>>

There was a massive sale on filler content down at the writing store and this author stocked up in bulk. Things that could be said in 1 sentence are consistently said over five repetitive paragraphs. There are other issues with the story, there are always issues with webnovels, but these issues are easily dismissed. Cliche plot turns (barely a twist, a turn at best) ? Tropey, poorly written harem members that indicate a distressing lack of any knowledge or interest on how women actually think, feel, and act? Unnecessary foreshadowing on simply resolved schemes? Yeah. Good luck finding a webnovel without those things. But they can easily be balanced with more interesting MCs and writing, and just browsing the comments of QI shows there are plenty of people who apparently actively like these things.

But the filler. My god, the filler. One very merciless editor who sent back every chapter given and told the author to go cut out a good 60% chunk of it could have saved this novel, but alas, Chinese writers are paid by the word I hear.

I give this story the same amount of stars as the average amount of content in any given chapter. 40% real story, 60% filler.

(Actually it's more of a 20/80 split on average, because when you have literally entire chapters are nothing more than filler, it really messes with the statistics. But you get an extra star for having occasionally interesting enough alchemy stuff to get me to read 113 chapters of this rubbish.)

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