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The beginning is great and MC is super likeable and supporting cast makes the scenes with her even better.

The first three volumes are mostly about MC doing her things with her two friends for the most part and the story is generally focused on her and this part is really great.

Afterwards though... sigh. It does get much much worse to the point I currently dropped it mid way... maybe I will muscle through it at later date. There are few main issues that appear.

  1. The story that so far was mostly about MC doing happy things making it a super light read, suddenly turned serious for no reason.
  2. There is too much perspective changes. Other than MC, the main male lead gets a lot of his own chapters but actually those chapters destroy his character in viewers eyes. Also having the perspective of both of them let's the reader understand them both completely... but when reading the individual chapters and seeing how the two misunderstand themselves is really annoying... what's more male lead isn't that good of a guy either.
  3. Still, while I would like to hate on male lead, the one that is really at fault is author who forgotten to put any sort of character development for MC. Like this story starts from when MC is 3 years old and progresses as she and her friends grow up. BUT to begin with MC is a reincarnated high school girl but from the get go she acts like a little girl she is... sure that's fine but the issue is that after 12 years, she basically doesn't change at all and remains ignorant of the world. Before this I thought that there were many dense male MCs I seen in my history of manga and anime but this girl beats them all.
  4. And last but not least, MC is supposed to be OPOP magician, which she technically is... like she goes on the missions and kills dragons and such! (those missions are skipped)... so she is supposed to be OPOP but even though she is so OP how often it ends up as her being rather useless and can't even defend herself properly. Truly MC has the magical tattoos that are supposed to protect her and sure they do... but author makes sure that from time to time she will take them off AND EVERY SINGLE DAMN TIME SHE ENDS UP IN TROUBLES BECAUSE OF IT! The worst part however is that tattoos aside, she should still be OPOP in magic regardless as tattoos are simple buffs... but somehow she can't even cast a single damn spell without them because of plot purposes! Truly if it was like that why make her magician in the first place... ah wait the title.
In any case the beginning part is really enjoyable but what comes after... basically MC never grows up, that's the main issue I see.
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ziki rated it
A Will Eternal
May 5, 2018
Status: c463
Have you ever wondered what would ISSTH be like if it wasn't Meng Hao who was MC but rather Lord Fifth? Well this glorious novel gives the answer. I won't say much other that it's easily one of the best novels on this site.
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ziki rated it
Kenkyo, Kenjitsu o Motto ni Ikite Orimasu
July 15, 2017
Status: c120
Loved it.

While the story has reincarnation/world-travel-to-game aspect to it, very quickly this aspect is completely neglected and the story becomes extremely simple namely... a girl from wealthy family going to prestige school and experiencing completely normal life. The only catch that the reincarnation aspect gives is that MC has normal mentality compared to what one might expect from high class.

There are two main aspects that I loved this story for.

First there is MC, who is generally adorable, cute and funny and with her having to often pretend that she is... more>> the high class girl, the contrast between her inner self and that what she shows to everyone is the best. What's more because she is reincarnated as a rival heroine from Otome game/Sojou manga and she knows how rival heroine ended with bad ending... MC is doing all weird things to avoid those endings which produces endless funny situations as well. Generally MC is the main reason to read this story, if someone doesn't like MC then it's probably better to give up after 10-15 chapters.

As for the second aspect I love this story, it's because how stretch out the story is. The story starts just before MC enters primary school, class by class all the way to high school (at least till now it's translated till High school). I generally always enjoy reading about someone's "entire life". Not only we see the life of MC but also other people that she meets. Some other characters are introduced early some much later, in various places and so on. Simply things leading to getting to know other people. (in comparison how often is it that story starts in High School and MC doesn't know anyone but two or three people... here however most of the cast grows up with MC and changes as the time goes on as well.) Basically for someone who wants to reminisce about good old times when they were going to school, it's good novel to pick out.

Lastly I guess I will add that the whole novel so far (120CH) is extremely light read... the story is absolutely simple, there is no need to think much either and there basically aren't any annoying parts either. Usually in story like this there would be annoying high and mighty anti-heroine who would get in the way of MC at every step but in this story it's actually MC who is supposed to be doing so but she doesn't really care. In her school there are supposed two-princes that every girl chases after but MC is like... stay away, the further the better! I don't want any bed endings!

PS: As one might expect, with MC being a girl and story being about her going to school living her life without anything spectacular... this novel is probably dedicated to female audience but just for a note as a guy I loved it all the same... (the wait for new chapters will be difficult though especially with this being a story that one wants to sit down and read in one go rather than pick it up chapter by chapter) <<less
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ziki rated it
Throne of Magical Arcana
September 18, 2017
Status: c118
A very different story from what one might expect from stories about magicians on this website. Leaving MC aside as personality wise he is a normal MC, neither bad nor excellent there are few aspects that stand out in this novel.

  1. The world building. Despite the fact that all 118 chapters that I read took place in one city, the story already established and introduced the world as well as it's history. The dynamic between church and nobles, the oppression of magicians, the great insight into the life of the poor people from the slams. How they struggle for few coins every day and how no one really cares whatever they get beaten up by local gangsters or used as blood sacrefice in some rituals. Last but not least because the story resolves about music quite a lot, the history of this worlds music is greatly developed as well.
  2. Music... I won't say that I am big fan of music, I listen to it all the time without knowing which genre is which but I definitely like music as a whole and I always liked to watch animes about music and the struggle of MC in the musical world. Rather than magical part, it was the music progress that MC made that I liked a lot... most of all, it's clear that author did his study on music to be able to write everything in great detail. Adding to that I always liked the classic as well. Good recommendation from me is that the moment chapter is about MC introducing this or that song, it's good to open youtube and start playing the given music in background. Speaking of music though, it sure is enyoable to see MC cheat everyone to think he is a music genius just by stealing the music pieces of the world he came from.
  3. The characters. Well once again let's leave MC out of this as he isn't really fantastic by MC's standard but what is fantastic are the well developed side characters. Mind you there isn't a single really important side character so far... by that I mean someone like a heroine or MC's party member to travel with, put it simply secondary-mc's. No the story did not established the second most important character out of yet. But the huge cast of side characters were established really well. The city in which first 118 chapters take place in is full of characters and life. The come from different parts of MC's storylines as well, his life in slums, his musician carrier and his magician shannanagans as well. Even though there is quite many of them those characters appear quite often which made me rememberer them quite well.
In any case I really like the depths that the story had so far and I look forward to it's future. I did not complement it at all but MC as he is as well as everything-magic related is on good... more>> level as well. Not outstanding but really good. But truly I came here expecting a story about magic but it was actually everything else that I like about the story a lot. <<less
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ziki rated it
Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society
October 5, 2017
Status: c102
If I wrote the review earlier the score might even been 5 but now that I reached chapter 102, there are way too many things that annoyed me... naturally what annoyed me the most was how the great story about a guy doing dungeons and having zero care about the entire world suddenly started slowly turning into "MC IS OP, MC WILL SAVE THE WORLD, EVERY GIRL MC MEETS FALLS FOR HIM BUT MC IS DENSE (and just to be clear about deffinition of the word. Dense=as*hole character who is... more>> ten-timing every female character that appears in the story and yet not a single of those female characters cares about it)

Now then let me enter a little bit into spoiler territory.


The story starts with MC entering a dungeon (just for sake of it: dungeon = place filled with monsters and bosses. When defeated MC is strengthen gets items, skills and spells.). Before story hits chapter 10 though, the earth experiences the change and monsters and such start appearing in real world, at the same time people with super powers start appear as well. Unlike most idiotic MCs that would go out to save the world, our MC decides to stay at home and level up in dungeon as unlike in real world, in dungeon he is immortal (even if he dies he just needs to wait a week for re-spawn). In any case for few years MC is just doing his missions and interacts with people from other worlds in dungeons with absolute zero care about what happens on earth. At this point the number of potential heroines is 3 so it's not too bad.

Still suddenly the story takes shift. For absolutely no reason what so ever, MC suddenly becomes a hero... not by doing anything mind you but rather by ignoring the world and doing his levelling up. He didn't save anyone, nor did he defeat the big bad boss, no he simply got few achievements and grinned his stats but suddenly the author decided to label him as a "HERO". Soon after, yet again author changes MC and MC suddenly has misgivings about helping people and saving them from dying... worst part of all without any warning before I even noticed MC became a generic dense protagonist that wants to save the world... sigh, where did MC that had zero care about world's problems and just wanted to earn money went to? Putting those two together it's really like two different MCs and two different stories all together.


In short, what I am raging about is that author butchered the entire plot and it's MC, changing it all into hero's journey to save the world. <<less
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ziki rated it
Expecting to Fall into Ruin, I Aim to Become a Blacksmith
October 15, 2017
Status: v3c17
I stopped before volume 4 seeing how it was not completed, although I really recommend to stop at chapter 3c15 because the next two are the filler.

Now then let's start a proper review.

Eliza is the best girl.

... more>> ...

I could finish it here but let's try adding little bit more.

It's really easy light hearten read, just read and enjoy the ride. Any problems that arrive aren't too serious and their conclusion is quick as well... it's actually weird to see a story about nobles without back-stabing and people dying left and right but nothing of that sort happens here.

Even though the story tires to hide it behind occasional monster battles and magic system... the story can pretty much be summed up as high schoolers doing their things and having dreadful love triangles all over the place... what is a pleasant surprise though is that there is no hints of MC ever getting a harem which is present in most storylines and what is even more surprising is that by the end of the third volume the two main couples as well as one side couple are pretty much sorted out in a good way where everyone can pretty much live happy ever after... what we get there is so satisfying that even if there was 4 volume translated I might have skipped on reading it as from this point on the story can go only worse.

Other than that the story has the elements of MC building his territory but to be honest, it's just there to be there. Compared to Reincarnation of the Lord or Release that which, the building of territory is not worth mentioning here... it's truly all about love triangles... well most stories are about dreadful love triangles but here the execution is rather good so it's worth a read. <<less
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ziki rated it
Age of Adepts
July 26, 2017
Status: c123
I expected the WMW clone and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn't the case. While the Computer Chip is clear copy of an idea... unlike "The Wizard World", the battles as well as the storyline is of it's own.

The story is overall okay, sometimes boring sometimes great. MC is quite plain personality wise as it's the stereotypical MC, keeping low profile while being separately amazing thanks to the chip. The good part about this story are however it's side characters as unlike most stories, this one... more>> has more than few reappearing characters established characters whose importance doesn't disappear as soon as MC levels up and moves on. Best of all, there is even a good heroine established quite early and it seems like her importance will remain the same through the story unlike most CN novels where MC finds a new strongest, most beautiful, jade-like girl every damn arc!

So generally knowing that the story is not only about the MC is good thing.

Other than there is somewhat copied from WMW world-building but yet again with it's own twist... my favourite location were definitely the underground tunnels where there is somewhat of small-scale war between two factions with endless skirmishes and fight for resources. In such location in RPG like fashion MC receives Missions (Quests) to do things and such thing is rarely written in entertaining and non-strange way.

Overall I like the story a lot and while it's not the best of the kind and is at least grade below WMW it's entertaining enough. Still the reason why I didn't give it 4 but rather 3 is because the story has a very MAJOR flaw and that is it's combat system.

The battles themselves are entertaining to read and have the strategy element to them as well... but the issue is that they don't follow the established rules at all. I want to give a simple example. In the story it is mentioned how Adepts (AKA mages) basically have "Mana bars". MC has fireball like spell that costs 20ish mana and based on calculation he can use his skill 4 times. Various skills have various mana costs and so and and so forth.

Still with all that established the story doesn't hold to it at all and other than MC at the start of the story, everyone has unlimited amount of mana and can spam their skills. Later on MC also somehow gains this ability with that completely not main any sense. The worst part however that this change is brutally brought without any explaining. Basiacally at one point in the story there is a girl that first fights against "Strong fellow apprentice" and then battles MC who drags her around and make her fight various monsters to "Tire her out". But while such strategy should work perfectly as that girl had about 3 times as much mana as MC, somehow not only she could kept up the unbreakable magic barrier for few hours but also endlessly spam her attacking spacial slash ability and few ultimates as well without breaking a sweat. Truly her attacks were naturally stronger than MC's fireball so it's mana cost could be at best on the same level but the author is like... who cares that she was spamming her spells endlessly... MC still shouldn't use more than 4 spells... later on however it's like... oh wait, everyone can do it and MC somehow looks weak in comparison... oh well let MC have unlimited mana as well. For a note: it was also heavily established that one needs entire night of sleep to regain their mana after using and here those guys are spamming it without even any mana potions... COMMON! IF YOU ESTABLISH SOME RULES THEN AT LEAST FOLLOW THEM. IF YOU ARE GOING TO IGNORE THE RULES IN YOUR OWN STORY WHY WRITE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE!

Truly for a story that heavily focuses on combat, it's combat system that is continuously being explained in 1/4 of the story is completely ignored whenver Author feels like it just to make combat scene more appealing. <<less
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ziki rated it
King of Gods
May 1, 2018
Status: c561
This story is basically Kakashi goes on cultivation journey. It's truly is like this because here are the main abilities of MC.

  1. MC is generally op because he gets special eyeball.
  2. This sharingan's two main ablities are super observation (he can see far away and in great detial in slow motion) two, it can copy techniques of others.
  3. MC's main combat style that don't rely on his eyeball are lighting style "jutsus".
  4. If this isn't enough then around chapter 500 he gets Kamui like ability... namely he can teleport small objects into his own dimension within the eyeball and then sent those object outward... while doing so there is space whirlpool happening.
So yea, if someone did read Naruto then they will see the similarities... sadly his character ain't like that at all and naturally... more>> as an MC his best ability in the end is the universal plot armor.

Oh well, the story is decent cultivation storyline like any other. It's not a gem but it is decent so it's worth a read. It's quite slow placed though only after 500 chapter + does MC finally goes off to journey through the grand world and because there are only 600 chapters translated, I stopped at this point waiting for more in the future. <<less
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ziki rated it
Swallowed Star
April 14, 2018
Status: c888
IET has many stories and most of them are rather similar this one however while it's essence is still "cultivator getting overpowered" the setting of the story is really different. Unlike all other novels that all stay at ancient china setting this one does not and it goes full science fiction mode. No one flies around normally but rather uses space-ships, the inheritance and manuals all cybernetics, hell the entire world is connected by massive virtual reality and people order best treasures by buying them online and they can expect... more>> the space delivery within a month.

I would say that this setting alone makes this one of best IET series as well as one of best cultivator series by far. The reason why? Well it's because it's realistic... truly whenever I read the cultivator series in which the times goes to extreme and forget MC's original place, the other places existed for endless amount of time and yet their civilization never reached cars and phones not to even mention spaceships and technology. The billions of years civilization and they still use bamboo scripts for their writing... truly all this is always silly. Here however... there is even a race of AI that has gone full skynet mode and they are one of major treats to humanity :). Truly the world setting and world building is unlike any other IET story.

Other than setting however the story has many great parts as well and the usual IET story's strengths as well naturally it's also have it's usual weakness but not all of them. <<less
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ziki rated it
Night Ranger
January 8, 2018
Status: c172
The opening chapters make the story look extremely generic but the following makes quite an interesting story and one aspect that stood out to me the most was the world building. The progression of the story is also good and there are actually quite a lot of secondary characters that are both likeable and do reappear quite often or are properly set up for the future. I can really appreciate the villains build up and the foreshadowing that the story makes.

As for this story weakest point... well, MC is definitely... more>> OP for his rank but the challenges he faces still put him under hard pressure and well while everything usually turns out alright at the end, MC actually doesn't always win which is a plus. STILL!!! With the story's premise in which MC is the gamer transported into the game world with both extreme knowledge and extreme end-game skills, the story really doesn't feel fair and MC is clearly put into the Chosen one shoes. Still while usual chosen one is simply super talented or supper lucky, the premise in which MCs are :teleported to the past/they replay the game/they relive their lives: while keeping all their memories and fighting instincts and skills clearly break the balance of MC from the get go. I personally grew to hate this starting point because abilities aside the fact that MC pretty much knows everything there is to know and is never surprised by anything that story throws at him. Like this very often the story simply turns into MC making his great plan of getting strong again and following from one point to another. In this story there are still surprises for MC sure but in the end, MC should be a character that reader should relate with and be able to explore the world through him, here however MC already knows everything so how can reader relate. <<less
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ziki rated it
The Second Coming of Gluttony
February 17, 2019
Status: c3
It seems like a lot of people like this novel a lot seeing the rating and reviews. As for me though, I can't bring myself to read pass 3rd chapter. MC one of most important elements for any novel. Here, the author went out of his way to describe him as an absolute scumbag, probably for the sake of giving him a redemption plotline later on... But, screw that, I don't want to see this guy get redeemed at all, I definitely don't want to follow him on his isekai... more>> journey either.

The author is really good, making me despise someone with just 2 chapters but to me at least, it backfired enough that the whole novel puts me off.


Returning to this novel once again, remembering how it turned out after chapter 3, I started over and completely skipped over chapter 3... the result, well I did read all the chapters in 2 days. I wouldn't call this fantastic novel worthy of 4.7 average score which would make it one of best novels on this websites, but it's rather alright overall.

If there is one thing that I would truly appreciate in this novel then it would be MC's ability to somewhat see the future... because of this ability, rather than simply getting lucky like most MCs, or some BS gut feeling or simply wanting to be the good guy, MC here makes choices based on this ability that mostly leads him to the best outcome. There are still some BS luck here and there and worse of all, MC seems to be capable of irregularly summon his overpowered future self for whatever reason whenever author messes up and puts him in the inescapable situation but hey overall it's rather good.

The world building is rather solid as well and this is an isekai with multiple people being able to go back and forth between the earth and "the isekai world" which makes the world building aspect so much deeper. The isekai world needs saving but the people aren't going there to save it but rather to simply profit from it, the moment it's beyond saving they can simply go back to earth and cut losses this fact alone makes it so much better than typical isekai where everyone who goes there has to save the world no matter what as even if they are scum they still need that world to continue existing, here it's all about the profit. <<less
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ziki rated it
Super God Gene
February 7, 2019
Status: c1101
Hmm... I'm really surprised with being able to read over 1000 chapters of this novel. I guess it's not terrible but over all, it's basically the same thing over and over again.

On the plus side, the world setting and leveling system is quite cool.

The weakest point is definitely MC though and considering how we follow him the entire way, the annoyance with him slowly builds up until eventually you flip the table.
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ziki rated it
The Nine Cauldrons
April 25, 2018
Status: c493
Out of all IET novels I read (CD, DE, Swallowed star) this one is without the doubt the least impressive and has the most lazy writing.

It was still enjoyable read overall but there are many aspects that are really pitiful and author doesn't care about changing the already well established fact. Like MC is the mad overpowered reincarnated hitman with extreme power of disguise and impossible to track... still there are many occasions in the story where for the sake of the plot, all those abilities suddenally mean nothing. As... more>> usual there are many people wanting to kill MC... so MC uses his godly skills and when the story needs them, they are impossible to see through, when IET remembers that there hasn't been a proper battle in the while, any random guy can now see through this disguise with a single look. This is just one of few examples. Speaking of MC though, with him being reincarnated grandmaster martial artist, he is MAD overpowered and while the previous world had different cultivation methods, it doesn't take MC any time to learn and understand new one. Basically MC is absolute master from the get go and with it the best aspect of IET novels with is MC's improvement and grow is absolutely taken away. In DE, MC was reincarnated cripple so fighting and all that stuff was new to him and him growing in power was interesting sight. Here however MC is established as absolute master from a toddler standpoint so it's really boring this way. Like this, without the doubt this MC is the worst MC I read in IET novels and overall he is below average all novels. It's not like MC is bad but he doesn't really have any interesting qualities that would make him stand out in any way in form.

Generally this novel is for IET fans that already read the other translated series and wish for more... if you didn't read the other ones, it's much better to start there and after reading those deciding whatever you wish more. <<less
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ziki rated it
Black Iron’s Glory
April 14, 2019
Status: c140
The story is slow, and most slice of life with mundane life of MC.

Whenever the plot moves though it's always somewhat extremely continent or extremely out of place.

MC's whole magic journey is one lucky encounter after another. Worse of all however, even after learning magic it's not like he really has any use for it anyway. Other than randomly killing some people on the street at some point which was completely out of character for him. Why it happened though... I don't know. Maybe the author was simply too tired... more>> of writing non-action for over 100 chapters so he simply wanted to went and sent MC to slaughter guys just because they stood in his way on the street. (he really had nothing to do with them) The other time, MC went to look for his brother and accidentally went on another rampage killing 30-ish people who had nothing to do with eh situation.

In any case, the story is not all bad and the slice of life portion is good but there are really strange or convenient things happening out of nowhere. To begin with though, if someone is looking for isekai story with MC going around the magical world doing the usual thing, then this is definitely not the story for them. <<less
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ziki rated it
Emperor’s Domination
April 5, 2018
Status: c20
Gave up on chapter 20. Not only MC is arrogant prick that makes any other wuxia MCs being of humbleness but also MC is so god damn OP that on the Mortal level (aka the lowest level without any cultivation), MC is capable of taking out people 4-5 stages above him.
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ziki rated it
Kingdom’s Bloodline
April 9, 2019
Status: c457
Probably the best novel or even story in general that I read in recent years. As other reviews point out though, it does have a lot of weak points though because with this novel, the author truly set out on a grand undertaking of making a great story but fails at making it enjoyable read.

When reading this novel, it takes a long time before I could appreciate it's greatness, but even then I will curse it flaws. For example MC... I could write an essay about how I didn't like... more>> MC from chapter 1 all the way to chapter 457.

This is a morally grey, realistic world, which has complex side characters that with their own individual motives, plot endless schemes whose each reveal brings a major plot-twist. But MC continues to be this one selfless existence whose only goal is to be a good guy and bring the world peace. For the most of the story, MC is usually a spectator watching things unfold. But whenever he makes any decision on his part, it's always for the sake of others.

This novel has a lot of great side characters, a lot. And if I had to make my top 30 favourite characters of this novel. MC would still not make the list. <<less
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ziki rated it
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
September 10, 2018
Status: c51
The story isn't bad but for some reason Author simply pushed MC to become the self-sacrificing tragic hero who doesn't mind being loathed, hated and at this point it seems he doesn't even mind dying any-more as long as the world is safe... which is the exact opposite of what the MC's plans are at the start of the series, which is to escape the fate of being killed because he took over a body of a villain that had the death flag.

Worse of all however is that MC can... more>> often easily accomplish everything he did, without reviving the wrong reputation for it but still, the author wants him to be the tragic hero so hey... here it is.

Adding to that however, by the end of the second volume, it's pretty much everyone loathes the MC but MC doesn't seem to care at all and has no reaction to it at all. I know that ignoring what people say about you, saves you a lot of trouble in life but generally, when entire world feels like spitting at the mere sight of you, it's not something a PERSON could ignore... but hey it's not like MC needs to be realistic does he.

In any case this major flaw of the story simply explodes at the start of the third volume and it really pushed me off. <<less
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Well regardless of how MC gained his power the story pretty much comes down to MC being insanely overpowered but not having anything to do with his powers... which is truly absurd idea. MC generally thinks of his powers as useless but convenient thing to have... following the idea that magic is not useful in realistic-world setting world... which to me automatically makes the MC a brat or a moron considering the things he could do.

With regard to that in other stories even someone who suddenally develops God complex or... more>> wants to take over the world is better. Here however, MC can't even come up with an idea of conjuring money and instead does some odd jobs for a detective friend just so that friend bought him ramen!!!

WORSE yet... at first the story is the usually slice of life, MC getting girls while sleeping in class. But very soon the author finds himself not being able to think of any decent plot so first he introduces some terrorization organization that MC takes out in 3 chapters... seeing how that didn't work, the Author decides to do the most moronic thing and that is to introduce random monsters that appear in the world for MC to fight against... simply because yet again, both author and MC seem to think that magic power can only find it's uses in battle against magical creatures... (even then those battles pretty much come down to ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH!)

In any case, the idea of slice of life series with MC having overpowered magic powers ain't too bad... sadly the execution here is rather terrible. MC is okayish and the other characters are very generic, still there is pretty much no storyline at all and the world setting is as bad as it can be. Like this is slice of life high school series but other than the heroine, there isn't a single other character that has any sort of importance in the school... and very few of them even have name mentioned once... just to never appear again.

So yea as a slice of life this series fails as well... so generally I wouldn't recommend anyone to bother with this one. (sigh why did I pick up another Japanese Light Novel from this website... it never ends well. Korea for the win!!!) <<less
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ziki rated it
The Trembling World
April 18, 2018
Status: c77
It's a decent zombie story, although it's really weird for it to start off as a VR storyline but oh well. The story focuses on survival and people die when they are killed so yea everything is nice.

The only problem is MC. MC is pretty much an evil guy that does what he does for the sake of survival. The only point that is different in him compared to typical villain of apocalypse world is that he ain't raping any woman that he finds but other than that... killing in... more>> cold blood, abandoning others to save his skin and using them as cannon fodder... you name it he did it.

Now! I won't say that I dislike such MC, no for a brutal storyline and world like this, MC like this is extremely competent! Having competent MC who knows what's need to be done is always nice, and over all it's not like he goes around hunting for people and as long as someone doesn't cross him he won't do anything to them either. The problem comes however from his introduction.

MC at the beginning of the story is a normal person (Well with his limbs missing but generally his mind is that of a normal guy)... still despite this introduction by the chapter 40 he is already what I described, the extreme survivalist who will do everything that is necessary for survival, including killing other people without blinking. Seeing other people die doesn't make him feel a thing either. Worse off all, MC tries to explain it by saying that "he has been through a lot"... f*ck NO! The story just started and you had but single zombie encounter! In which world is it enough for a normal person to suddenally turn into a merciless Rambo!!! MC's character shift is so big that it's mind-blowing! His premise is that of a normal rich kid but in less than ten chapters he turns into a war veteran with 20 years of experience in killing people!!!! It really makes no sense! If the story took few months for MC to develop into the cold hearted badass then it would be great story but here it's really goes from zero to hero within a second.

Well I ended up reaching chaper 77 and I must say that while I could ignore the MC's "character development" there is simply too many issues with this novel be it it's MC or the plot. Simply put it not only there are many issues but worse of all the story is really boring. <<less
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ziki rated it
Release that Witch
April 4, 2018
Status: c568
Very good story and I enjoyed it a lot, at one point placing it in my top 3. But recently I can't really get myself back to it at all. And the reason is simple, at one point the story really becomes non-MC focused. Don't get me wrong I love good stories with multiple perspectives and such BUT here it's not that. Rather than having MC and other important characters having their perspective from time to time, here we keep on getting random plebeians getting their own chapters and those... more>> chapters all serve the same purpose which is to glorify MC and his genius. We get entire set of chapters spent only on random guys that never had any sort of importance to the general plot-line... worse off all unlike most stories the general plotline is actually quite good which makes those random chapters do even more evil for this story.

This issue does not appear very quickly at mass but at the time I am right now it's really... I want to get back to the story but chapter after chapter is about some random people that never appeared before and will never appear again. If those characters hold any importance overall it wouldn't be so bad but here... it's only makes me sigh as there it is really large flaw in this great work... as to why I write this review, well it's because it's a flaw that I don't encounter often but also it doesn't seem like anyone points it out in reviews. <<less
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