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Monster Paradise
November 6, 2017
Status: c94
I will have to say it is a good story. The initial confusion of the story seem come out of nowhere with no explanation at chapter 1 is because the translator didn't put in the prologue/ introduction chapter from the original web novel and directly goes to chapter one. Google the chinese name of this novel and u will find the web version.

Short conclusion of the prologue chapter : Main character (most likely from modern world same timeline as now) playing card collection game for 6 month and spending... more>> ten thousand of his currency only to fail to obtain most rare card category ingame Super super rare (SSR) and in a fit delete the game from his Iphone 7. Once deleted the app, his phone keep popping out what he assume to be advertisement/virus game pop up on his phone that refuse to goes away. He has no choice but play along with the pop up and term and condition that state game has a high chance of death (73%) and he accept it. In next page a wheel of fate with start stop button of 12 selection (goldfinger) and he spin it (seem no different of all 12) once it stop a flash of light goes from the phone to his head. Finally, the pop up state the start of the game and he just vanish from his world with his phone smash to the pavement.

Hope this reduce the confusion of most reader here and darn EndlessFantasy Translation pick up your game and add in the prologue. For those wanna read the prologue now with google translation here the link http://www. Uukanshu. Net/b/54171/16253. Html <<less
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God Of Soul System
December 9, 2017
Status: c466
A good story to read if u like bleach, naruto and one piece. But there is a catch, I don't know is it for increasing the chapter/word count, after the one piece world it felt a massive drop in attraction....

... more>>

First 359 chapter is in one piece world with main char using his very own zanpaku thousand magic (yeah it can basically using all other zanpaku ability) along one piece world of haki and body strengthening till he conquer the whole world and become overload in one piece world. (Don't worry luffy still get his one piece using identity of adventurer instead of pirate)
Then the next 207 chapter, main char goes naruto world and repeat strengthening using chakra, natural chakra, path of six and merge those power with his shinigami and repeat conquer naruto world to become overload.

At last 143 chapter of him going to bleach world and conquer the world and become overload.

You see the repeating part yet ? He keep going from world to world absorb different power system and conquer everything like some sort of ego to fulfill. The chapter is getting shorter and shorter because the author running out of thing to write. After the first world the next 2 world very quickly become boring because of repeating theme. If only the author end the whole thing at first world it will be a great 4/5 star story but if u add in the next 2 world I don't even know it is deserve 3/5 star.

By the way https://www. novelupdates. com/series/the-strongest-hokage/ is author earlier story with similar setting but only with naruto and one piece world. And the whole novel stink of repackaging so try not to read both novel together.

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