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zeen3 rated it
Isekai Tensei Soudouki
March 19, 2018
Status: c2p2
One of if not the best isekai/tensei texts.

Main character, Bard, has multiple (literal) personalities: his original young self (who doesn't do much beyond mediation), a money-obsessed Edo period warrior (think Scrooge McDuck but a warrior rather than a deminoble) and a Chuunibyou patient from modern times who fantasised about the isekai/tensei genre and has patchy knowledge on lots of ways to do things, wonders whether dog or cat ears are better, has basic knowledge of diseases and so on. A child intellectual warrior, if you will.

Bard seems to do the... more>> mediation; serving as a go-between for the information and language so the Chuunibyou patient can not only understand it but act on it well until said patient is able to fully understand the language, and uses his knowledge to aid Scrooge McSamuraidono in his schemes to generate a large pile of coinage, whilst performing magical feats that are not really possible without his knowledge when needed; allowing him and McSamurai to have a peaceful cooperative relationship where the trio move as one with their knowledge of common sense (Bard), battle sense, monetary fetish (Sanai), information gathering, information concealment, random Chuunibyou knowledge and anthropomorphism fetish (Masaharu) ; they almost never get a poor time.


In the manga, seeing the trap and reverse trap fawning over each other is easily the best moment.


Regardless, I'd like the TLing of this series to continue well on. Even though the chapters are long (exprect half an hour per chapter) it's engaging. <<less
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zeen3 rated it
World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent (WN)
January 14, 2018
Status: v9c56
(The illustrations are always cute! The translator takes appropriate measures in the translation... ahem)

In essence, this is an isekai where the main character is absurdly strong from his training. The chapters are long, taking upwards of 20 min per each, different viewpoints are used on occasion to highlight a completely separate area of the story, yet all the views are of people who can be considered "Beyond rare". Oh, and he can f*cking dodge bullets by eyesight, 'kay?

From the very start, he begins his training. Training his physical... more>> body to the max, before then training his magical body (magical power quantity?) to the max. Also, either he's hated by the spirits or the spirits are scared af of him.

Here comes the "spoil literally everything" block... sorry.


He is "Attributeless", so he has extremely fast magic regeneration speed (practically instant) due to the air being full of mana (principals' thoughts).

He's the illegitimate son of a noble.

He learns to read & write by 2 years.

He makes up a story to hide his knowledge at three.

He understands the worlds' medicine enough to fetch & compound the ingredient required to remove a "magical" disease, just from reading two books for a few minutes. Kills three goblins (knife, break, magic grenade launcher + sword) and retrieves it.

His old shishou was a f*cking tea otaku, I don't know how I feel about that.

Introduces non-magical ways of creating fire...

Redefines magic by himself using modern knowledge to create a pseudo-handgun, rocket launcher, sniper rifle and kevlar ropes. And 1mm kevlar rope being able to hold 60kg (~130lb) is true from what I can tell.

Then we skip to when he's five. He outdoes his teacher easily, using the generic full-physical boost magic that he modifies heavily, along with an original scaffold based magic that makes "steps" in the air, letting him easily reach the speed of a car. By "harmonising" (syncing... frequency?) with the airs' magic he can fully recover his massive pool in three seconds. Oh, and then there's the generic "search" spell letting him "ping" sonar magic in the air. Oh yeah, it's f*cking hard to follow a person that can suddenly fly above a forest and cover an ocean in minutes.

Saves a generic fantasy beauty Elf being attacked by generic bandits, who treat her as an object. Leaves the bandits to die by bear-sans. Fixes her up, shows her his "Wyvern OHK" magic, teaches her to fly (wind please!), finds out that she's a 252 year old, arranges to meet her after 10 years (by "coincidence", after graduation), returns her and heads home. A week later, meets battle junkie on the way home, beats him up a little, arranges to meet and play with him near daily.


Since I've spoiled the first arc-and-a-half, I'll stop it for now. <<less
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zeen3 rated it
I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius?
January 3, 2018
Status: c21
The title is pretty sane, and whilst the upload schedule is... non-existent, it is definitely a parallel world intersection style, considering Mecca suits and the like are existent.

... more>>

Also, the idea of taking 20--21st century Anime Mecca suits, making them, adding ejection seats lends it more to the idea that "Everyone except MC is noticeably dumb" than anything. Throwing invisibility into the mix, having the Black Plague be solved by children and so on and so fourth basically says that turning the world against them is not good. Saving a ship is better than not.

Also, the MC can't speak or understand English at all, so he would have failed his exam if not for the UN practically saying to the Principal "Keep him the f*ck in school".

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