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zarex97 rated it
Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai
November 3, 2016
Status: v2 prologue
This is a tale about Kousuke Ikuno, a normal high school student. Well, not exactly.

The MC is man with deep distrust towards women (Beautiful women specifically), basically saying that they are all bitches, the only variation is the type of bitch they are.
... more>>

He is involved with the student council president, an ojou-sama girl that is very popular, kind and responsible, or it seems so for everyone, in reality she is a bit manipulative and cunning. She declares that her objective is to obtain him, as a pet. When asked why she says is because he's special, because Kousuke alone was the only one who disregarded her beauty and position and saw through her facade.

Ikuno, the main caracther, is an otaku and his "refuge" is a club presided by him, but as all the members except him are ghost ones the student council has given him a time limit to encounter new members, and so while looking for these new members he si made to help with "consultation duties" by the Student Council President, and the first student that goes to them is a "Gal" (Aizawa), that appearently is not so gal in reality, she is just a shy innocent girl that ended up lying and talking about her (fictional) experience with men, so, as she strives to learn more about the real thing so her friends can believe her she came to them.

And so the story starts. The story of a man with a "trauma", who consequently has a distrust towards women, he is a person who sees every move of them a cunning and calculated strategem made while thinking in the benifits they can obtain first

Well, the MC reminds me the one from "Hajimete no Gal", "Clotaku", "Chuuko Demo Koi ga sh*tai", if you enjoyed any of these works I think I can recommend you this, being critical this seems your standard harem rom-com, but I think is kinda interesting, for example, towards the end of the novel *SPOILER * the incident where the gal, Aizawa, was going to be punished she (The studen Council President) seemed to have done certain things to gain her trust, I saw it that way at least, by knowing the "criminal" but not saying anything and letting it evolve so far, in other novels they would have normally acted inmediately, the fact that she could so non-chalantly continue her plans, that is one of the things I liked.

Btw, includes childhood friend and a funny little sister (non blood related obviously, xD)

And so.. The score for me is 3.8-3.9, rounding it up, 4.

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zarex97 rated it
Tatakau Shisho
May 24, 2016
Status: v3 Prologue
Well, later I will expand this review, but for now, one of the first things I must say is... Seriously? 3.4 stars??

I can not believe it. Even if this is not a masterpiece (4, 1 is my actual score) it deserves more.

Well I do not want to spoil so I will just say that so far I liked the story and the characters, and by the impression that gave me, I'm expecting some good plot twists. So, my recommendation, even if its something its heard a lot, "Give it a... more>> chance" <<less
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zarex97 rated it
God and Devil World
May 30, 2016
Status: --
I Totally agree with "leedalys".

The premise was a bit interesting but then the MC degenerates (actually maybe is not a degradation as it is very possible that he was like this since the beggining)

I was reading hoping for something at least like Highschool of the Dead, but I got Hitler (now rapist too) in a zombie apocalypse (surrounded by jewish people). Pardon my the bad taste joke but hard not to feel the attemptof brainwashing by the author

Returning to the MC he is scum, and not the good... more>> kind that actually knows it itself, or just thinks he is not by his moral values, but instead you find someone raping a dog and try to teach you why, at doing that, he is beneffiting the dog and society.

Is sick, really, if you want some action in the NSFW sense then you are better reading the all s*x no plot novels, if you want action, survival and horror you may prefer something along the lines of Terror Infinity. But for your mind's sake, only read this novel as an example of how to write badly.

Of course, this just my opinion, I respect the tastes of the author as much as I respect the ones of a cannibal, as long as it doesn't involves me... <<less
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zarex97 rated it
Beloved Little Treasure
November 15, 2015
Status: --
One of the most disgusting novels I have ever read. I absolutely do not recommend you to read this, I am a man, and I am not a feminist, actually, most the people say the opposite about me, even this me thinks of this a deeply sick novel (or a least one of the sickest characthers).
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Well, normally you would believe this a novel just about ERO, and really dark by the synopsis, something like "again a scumbag MC and a sh*tty story", well this story brings surprises.

... more>>

When you immerse in this you find out that the so perfects plans of the MC are in the eyes of others, If you watched/read no game no life is like the plans of sora shiro worked in part because the other people actually let them win.

You got a manipulative MC who is like a puppeteer, and really, you see how he controls the flow of the conversations and reactions of other people while staging some kind of great plan, and he says from the beginning that this plan will basically ruin everything, and I was waiting for that (Like how ryuk warns kira that he will kill him someday), but what I was not expecting was that you would get to see actual deepness in other characters, really, "each head is a different world" as they say...

I do not for you, but when I started to discover things about makoto I could not help but to feel some dread, like a spider elaborating his trap and managing to catch her food, but ignorant of the other spider that closing on her.


That is what I felt at least, some really good tension building here. <<less
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zarex97 rated it
My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending
July 21, 2016
Status: v2c36
I have been reading this since the first dozen of chapters, I do not know myself why I haven't reviewed this previously.

Long history short. WHAT IS THIS DRUG!? Seriously amazing...

Here we got a misunderstood protagonist with a very sharp mouth (and mind if may I say) that is trying to do something that can be played badly many times in other novels, surviving, he is on route to his death so he has to slowly try to disengage that route. The novels is packed with hilarious moments, great chars and... more>> their respective development, good romance (it goes unattended a bit after the first arc) and schemes/politics.

So, if you are still asking yourself what this novel has to offer, I ask back to you. What are you waiting for to be glued to your pc for hours absentmindedly hitting f5? <<less
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zarex97 rated it
Manuscript Screening Boy and Manuscript Submitting Girl
July 24, 2016
Status: epilogue
A romance and slice of life beautifully constructed, full of feelings.

Both the female lead and male lead complement each other greatly, and although is so good that more volumes would be a blessing it also managed to end shortly but excellently.

As it would be expected from the Author of Hikarum, may I say
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