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If you have a high curiosity about that incestuous sounding title and you are highly expecting to read some lemon there then you're intuition is probably less than right. These two mothers are of the respectable adults with a regal bearing of quasi-deity queen and a divine empress, both responsible adult which are also extreme and lovable.

In the beginning, the story progresses like it doesn't have any aim and the main character only have lofty goals (even now from what I've read so far) so all tensions and excitement are... more>> lacking in substance. Given with this poor MC, it's also, in a sense he got a lot of potentials of future development and the way I see it, he is now incrementally being shape up to be a mature hero in this different world.

It's kinda sad that his only talent is his courage and designing modern firearms.


In conclusion for now, my biggest point about this novel is that it's very first volume lacks ambition but with a good world building structure. And the most notable part of this novel is it's characters, so once you've read more characters introduced, especially on the next volumes, that's when this novel shines more.

Lastly, I don't know how well is this translated since I've only read the English version. But to comment at it, Lord Obsidian's grammar is very decent. <<less
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zaphkiel_el_rem rated it
Tomorrow, I Will Die. You Will Revive
December 24, 2017
Status: side story 4
As a very open minded person I am..............

I cannot help but fall in love with the slice of life, the over exaggerating comedies of error, the playfulness and the hidden sorrow behind the strong smiles of every characters, especially to this most dazzling main heroine named Hikari Yumesaki.

The story revolves on those genre above I said and of course with a slight touch of fantasy picturing a spiritual detachment and swapping. Those are certainly hard to pulled in terms of execution because taste in drama and hilarity are both broadly... more>> subjective. So let's put a hypothesis based on the novel's surface:

    • A boy suddenly realized that he don't have a memory of yesterday and the other 3rd day and found himself next morning waking up in a watermelon field ---------------- Isn't this an exciting mystery to start a story?
    • He then finds out after dissolving his common sense that there's another soul using his body every other day and finds it out to be a girl at heart ----------------- Not a very original idea and calling it cliche is not underrating it but think about it, have you ever completely thought out all the possible events that could happen in such cases of a boy/girl sharing a body? Factor it also that these two doesn't know each other to begin with.
    • Our male protagonist have a delinquent looks and demeanor but a coward at heart and our princess here is a cheerful, dynamic, outlandish and an unpredictable type of girl. --------------------- A perfect opposing personality, hence at this point, you're not wrong to tell that big changes are bound to takes place at his environment from now. Be it from the misunderstandings, old habits making a disaster, unveiling each other's soul etc. etc. Meaning a good sign of fleshing character developments.
Now it's easier to see the outlines of this novel's story-telling, basically, it's style is to let you experience a long skit of easygoing happiness but deep down it's a way to shift your balance of laughter to sadness in a natural manner. It's narrative is also easy to point out which and whom the sentences is describing.

I highly recommend this novel for those who have such fondness of lightheart/drama series in perfect harmony. <<less
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zaphkiel_el_rem rated it
Gin no Juujika to Draculea
December 30, 2017
Status: v5 final chapter
If you're a fan of supernaturals or about the mythical vampires, werewolves, Dr. Frankenstein's monster and the likes, with a twist of mystery, rom-com, drama and some cliche-cream of the crop lewdness, and a main character who have a quick wits and don't hesitate to give his answers then you might like this novel as do I.

Hisui, your main protagonist, is already acquainted with this type of legends as for the premise. The plot is written in a way that his supposedly new normal life should move on but before... more>> it could have, he met again his fate to encounter such monsters and face to accept this kind of environment around him and to accept his past or move on in the process. What fills most of the contents are settings, fan services, a tragic past, and the casts' quirks. All volumes got some good build up of mystery somewhat as well, it didn't branch that much so all question will see the light through all those books. And best of all, what I really like about this series is that, when a character is put to the test, he/she don't have a weak resolve and by characters, I mean to include the antagonists as well.

Sadly, the fights aren't that exciting, what worst is, the lore of monsters here and compare it to lore in other common literature, it doesn't have a big difference. I.e. : Vampires and progenitors' dining habits, their powers to turn themselves into a flock of bats, dispersing into a mist, their weaknesses of cross and sunlight, etc. It's a really minus for me if it wasn't for Hisui's special constitution.

Overall enjoyment: 3.5/5 <<less
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