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zaimokuza rated it
Dungeon Defense
September 6, 2016
Status: v2c2
Not bad, but not that great either. Just another over-hyped and overrated novel. We got a mentally unstable MC, irrational setting & development, and roundabout turn of event.

The reason I gave it three stars were purely because of the 'tutorial' and the reason I forced myself to read it till 2nd volume was because of lala. But well, perhaps it was just my personal disposition that dislike to see a weakling which act so high and mighty.
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zaimokuza rated it
Sairin Yuusha no Fukushuu Hanashi
December 15, 2016
Status: v2c17
Well, personally I'd say this series is way better than your run of the mill psycho story from neighboring series. The biggest reason would be the fact that author took the re:summoning route rather than reset route, that was because:
1. Character prowess:
-Re:summon: The only one got his power resetted was the MC, other than him had their prowess stay as it is.
-Reset: All of the character (including MC) got their prowess resetted. (Not to mention if the MC already got a cheat from the resetting process).
2.... more>> Betrayal 'fact'
-Re:summon: The fact that he was betrayed was already a fact for the MC and anyone involved with it. So you could say these charas were already 'guilty' by the time the MC was re:summoned.
-Reset: The fact that he was betrayed was a 'fact' only for the MC, and for the other chara that was a 'supposed to happens at future fact'. So you could say that they were still 'innocent' by the time the world got resetted.
3. Bad guy
-Re:summon: The bad guy aware who the MC was and what the MC intended to do, moreover they even got their ass together to 'crush' the MC again.
-Reset: Perhaps (the supposed to be) Bad guy know who the MC was, but they didn't know what the MC intended to do and they just stick their ass there while waiting to got stabbed by the MC.

Other than that, it's MC's personality, deep down he was a good guy so I thought he would changed that much even after got betrayed. And rather than venting out his anger to anyone he met using any random justification reason, he simply focused it to his vengeance targets.

If I should say my complaints about this series, that would be.... I can't put it into words right now so I'll hold it for editing this review later. <<less
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Other World’s Monster Breeder
March 24, 2016
Status: --
till ch. 26

The story is around average (since there’s particularly no ‘progress’ this far), and the pushy romance (bitchy style (?)) make it worse.

I hope there would be a slightly more decent plot onward (soon).

and for the translation, I think they could do it better.
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Emperor of Solo Play
July 3, 2017
Status: c100
Overall, just the usual mediocre story.

It started with pretty good potentials yet the author was unable to maximize any of it. He simply put any possible 'amazing' things but he would simply leave it alone as if he had forgotten about it before he eventually did something about it (even though he could do it way earlier).

As for characters, plot and development... meh, I don't even have anything to say since I basically skimmed through and forgot about any of it (to put it simply, nothing exceptional).

And combined by how... more>> the author tendency to contradict what he told with what actually happened, it made this story even worse. <<less
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Not that bad, but not that great either.

It has a lot if potentials, but there are also a lot of things that left unexplained. And unfortunately, that unexplained things are including the game system which is supposed to be used to measure the balance of this world (game). And if we don't know whether it balanced or not, we won't know that what MC did was actually a 'great', 'normal', 'bad' or even 'impossible' feats.
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zaimokuza rated it
I Shall Seal the Heavens
October 20, 2017
Status: c666
I just can't take it anymore.

MC: no brag no life, acute money grubber, idiot who believed himself as 'intelligent person', child who thought himself as 'adult', cool cool and sooo cool (sick of this single word).

Mobs: typical common fodder idiot (muscle+pride brain).

... more>> comedy: from overused jokes till not funny at all jokes, you'll get all of it here.

plot armor: overpowered.

Story: 1-200: boring and tedious, 200-650: there are some interesting parts, but most of the chapters are not too much different than those boring and tedious chapters.

p.s. The reason I give it two stars is because if you simply skim through the chapters and ignore any gibberish things then this novel should be quite bearable to read (?).

sigh, with all those gibberish things jumbled up in this novel, all I firmly understand here is, the most important factor at cultivating is your wealth, as long as you have an infinite amount of wealth, you could simply buy drugs to boost cultivation, and get the strongest armament to protect yourself. <<less
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zaimokuza rated it
Yuusha-sama no Oshishou-sama
December 15, 2016
Status: c28
I'd say this is a good story.

The story was about a polished 'pebble' (MC). He was aware that he was just a pebble so he didn't act that high and mighty nor clingy to any of 'gems' around him. The way he would always did his best ever since he was still a kid to reach his dream no matter what kind of obstacles were placed before him was also admirable.

If I should say the 'bad part', that would be the author's way of writing itself. Not about... more>> how (s) he build the story, but about how (s) he tended to use about half of chapter just to told a story about how some side chara was faring. Well there's indeed a time skip and all, but I think how side chara think nor feels use up to half of the chapter is way too much (since personally I think no one even care about them).

Well, the MC was kinda dense and all but 'we won't know something we don't know' rule was absolute. He was a plebeian and orphan, moreover no one even ever care to teach him anything about the world, so of course he won't knew anything other than 'what he know'. <<less
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The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
March 16, 2016
Status: --
"MC is the best"

That's the only impression I got from this novel, since the story is mainly about worshiping him.

If you have so much free time (with absolutely no other things to do), I think this novel is quite sufficient to spare it.
well, that's all.
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AT FIRST I THINK this one had some interesting setting, but after repeatedly look at this PC's horrible character, I've fed up with it.
This is just a story about a overly coward MC which miraculously able to survive on that world.

Note: that miracle only happen because he is the MC, so yeah, if there's someone who still follow this series, GOOD LUCK.

Additional: I don't know how to make a rate, but if I should give it, I'll give it 2/5.
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zaimokuza rated it
Martial God Asura
January 25, 2018
Status: c1961
Okay, the story is pretty typical should I say, moreover the plot is pretty much the same for every arc.

Plot armor (SUPERoldMAN) everywhere who'd save him everytime, too many rubbish which makes the story flow very slowly.

To put it shortly, the story isn't exactly exciting or fun, but since there's a bulk of chapters that have been translated (like 2400+) it's still passable to read when you have too much time to waste, well until you can't find the story to be bearable, that's it.
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well, at first indeed I this novel was quite interesting & unortodox, it’s just that (till ch. 33), slowly but steadly this novel feels become like “slave harem dungeon” which they just do samething over and over again that make it quite monotone.

as for the other point, that’s about the level and status. This MC although still lvl 1 but just by training could achieve enough power to defeat adventurers (which of course has higher level than him), then what the hell those stat mean, and what on earth those... more>> adventurers did when they are adventuring (leveling). It’s quite doesn’t make a sense.

Ah, right, about the dungeon conquering progress, each floor boss should be become much stronger each floor, so how the hell this MC could defeat all of them ? By recovery / heal magic ? Well that's right, then how about those specter knight whose exel at physical attack ? Those kind of monster shouldn't be defeated except he has equal stat (speed and power). <<less
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Quite interesting at beginning but, yeah, that’s all.

I think the author have some quite interesting setting, especially about how the MC patiently build his harem, but yeah only that. The development is utterly monotone, slow and normal, nothing like surprise in this story.
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