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yukimi rated it
Netooku Otoko no Tanoshii Isekai Boueki (WN)
January 26, 2017
Status: c46
This is a nice slice of life novel if anyone's looking for a slow progression harem another-world story. The only thing that might be lacking from this is character interaction. (Which would make it a great novel if there are more conversations among the characters)

Overall still an enjoyable read, but based on the development of the recent chapters, I could expect something more now.

Story: 5/5
Character: 3/5
Translation: 4/5 (earlier chapters) , 4.5/5 (recent chapters)
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yukimi rated it
My Father in Law is Lu Bu
January 26, 2017
Status: c212
I love the setting so far and the translation is readable, but there's just one tiny problem with this novel. The battle scene is way too draggy. The earlier ones are fine but the recent one dragged on for 50+ chapters (lost count) for just one battle, making the reading feels tedious.

Disregarding that, I'm still looking forward to seeing more development from this story.

Story : 5/5
Character : 3.5/5
Translation: 3/5
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