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Waiting For You Online
December 15, 2017
Status: c12
MC: 10/10: cute and dense online, but "calm and collected"-ish offline.

ML: 10/10: Very sweet towards the MC. As a character, He is actually pretty funny! He is like one of those shameless and persitent MCs aka, idiot MCs. On the other hand, he treats everyone else indifferently compared to how he treats his wifey.

... more>>

Even when though was a low level player, he tried to take revenge on the high level player that killed him and his wife (MC). While his wifey wasn't around, He challenged the high level player ten times, but since his character was low level, he kept dying. Even when the High level player went offline, he waited for him until he went online to challenge him. The High level player was like "jfc! You again!" 馃槀


Relationship: 10/10 Fluffy RomCom type. Wifey Trope.

They already "know" each other online and unknowingly interact with each other offline.

Story: I feel like its a sweeter and cuter (and better) version of 59 seconds. So, If you liked 59 seconds, then you'll definitely like this, too!

Each chapter is gold! No boring parts whatsoever. Nothing is dragged on. The pacing is very nice.

(Do not get me wrong. I like 59 seconds, but there were times when it concentrated too much on the game and group chats that it got a bit boring at some parts because didn't give any romance factor until the latter half of the story. This, however, is full on adorable!) <<less
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Villain Days
June 23, 2017
Status: c34
The main problem of the novel is that the story lacks direction, while the characters lack 'character.'

the novel is basically Mary Sue Fanfiction.


... more>> 1. At the beginning, the MC's goal was to 'survive' by not taking on the villain role. Thus, he becomes this 1-dimensional mary sue character, who magically attracts hot guys because of really shallow reasons or events.

2. We do not see the characters develop at all. Their main defining 'trait' is that they like the MC and will do anything for him. Then throw in some cliche character tropes like hot leading man, hot bestfriend, hot rival in love, hot mysterious guy, all of whom love the MC.

3. Characters just pop in while not really contributing anything to the 'story.'

4. Lots of filler scenes and conversations that just talk about the MC, or his relationships, or him talking with other boys. 5. The leading man and the MC's relationship development is very lacking. Theres gonna be tons of chaptera where they don't really interact with each other. Instead, we see MC just get caught up in drama and make out sessions with other boys. <<less
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yourheatherness1297 rated it
The Devil’s Origin
July 1, 2017
Status: c5
The novel is simple, straight to the point, and very easy to read. The tone is light hearted and humorous.

The characters lack a bit of depth and dynamism, but its just the start. So, we will have to wait and see. Even so, they are quite likable.

The story doesn't dilly dally with unecessary filler chapters to the point of it being fast-paced and linear.
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yourheatherness1297 rated it
Back to the Apocalypse
July 1, 2017
Status: c24
I love zombie stories (fanfiction, movies, etc.)

during the one-year time frame, readers would acquire a sense of anticipation with what is to come as the story progresses.

I appreciate the author's attention to detail. Instead of just flippantly mentioning about the MC's preparation, readers will actually witness a lot of his preparations for the upcoming zombie apocalypse. To some, it may come off as unnecessary. However, the author does not drag it on too much. They only ponder on the important factors.

Moreover, we actually get to see more of how... more>> the characters relate to each other (alliances, association, and future events that come with it), which will most likely play a big role in the future. So, we do get to know more about their characters, as well.

Even if I did scoff at the fact that there were too many elements (zombie apocalypse + 'wuxia' + reincarnation), it is not confusing at all. Since, the author really takes their time to make sense out of all of it. In the end, even if it is a bit odd, readers will just have to accept that it is how it is. However, this does not negate the fact that it is a great novel.

Overall, it comes off as a well-balanced, unique, and interesting read. <<less
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yourheatherness1297 rated it
My Wife Always Thought I Did Not Love Him
November 4, 2017
Status: c11

one of the most adorable bl novels ever! So much fluff! But there are also times when you just want to cry because of the MC's insecurities about he ML's feelings for him.

this is not your usual romance novel. There is so much more to this than the stereotypical boy meets boy novel.

I can't really describe it. It's better to just read it and then you'll understand.

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