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yellingbrian2 rated it
A Monster Who Levels Up
August 31, 2017
Status: c6
Pretty good premises so far,

The MC can turn into a human for only an hour a day and spends the rest of it in wolf form

He has the goal of extending his human form time to 24 hours a day. He's also not supper OP, needs to grind.

... more>> I like the fact that the MC isn't a murder machine, he spends (not a lot) time crying and sobbing through out the nights (Like I would do, in his crappy situation)

So far this novel is a 8/10

===EDIT (now at chapter 6) ===

Wow became generic fast...

The most beautiful women in the world just teleported to his door step and fell in love with him, despite being an ugly MONSTER

His LOW LEVEL goblin transformation can apparently craft million dollar potion like pancakes

Just a generic op MC, with no real danger or challenges. Just reward reward reward........

6/10. <<less
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yellingbrian2 rated it
May 8, 2017
Status: c313
This is one of the best novels I have read.

And I resent the fact that it is rated so poorly in view count, the description should read something like this:

After the downfall of humanity, cursing their own weakness. The final 100 sent back a man with a timed and brutal plan to enhance humanity into creatures of war, not with teaching or a helping hand. But by literally changing the 7 worlds to suet humanities's "enhancement program".

This novel will take a look at how humans will put their needs... more>> of their family and selves over the needs of the race, showing the consequences of thous actions. Where the world does it's best to get people to screw themselves over.

In comes the MC, an experienced machine like person, who has no time fr personal relationships, rest, or love. With a darker then expected origin story,


Eris LITERALLY brainwashed him it to doing all this sh*t!

And when he "wakes up" he has VERY different thoughts on how humanity should proceed


Almost no plan ever goes down perfectly, the worlds lore is some of the deepest I have seen in web novels. The author clearly has a plan for the entire series, and just the scale and weight of this epic is incredible

I will accept the 2 big issues characters and the pacing. (In my opinion the tutorial arch could have been 20+ chapters less, and keeping track of all the characters can be very confusing) But this is a rare story to behold it's on of the few to state the FACT that not only BILLIONS but TRILLIONS will die if the MC fails his quest, and the MC truly feels experienced knowing when to hit and when to take a hit, the exploration of different governing styles of Kind Eris and Brutal Keldian.

I wish the story was read more, and better advertised. <<less
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yellingbrian2 rated it
Versatile Mage
September 20, 2017
Status: v21
This is a hilarious novel, and I'm glad I spent a night reading it!

You just have to come in with the mindset that the novel is a half-decent Chines Xeon. And take a shot every-time the author add "magic" to a generic word! "Magic academy" "Magic final exam" "Magic History" and "Magic Geography" :P

I felt even a little sympathy for the main character, with his family situation and all. But the novelty of the world switch, with everyone going "what fantasy books have you been reading! Literature and Math don't... more>> exist only Magic"

10/10 glad I read! <<less
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Adorable little series.

Nothing like a story going on. Just a witch who unknowingly got Max level killing slimes on her way to work, she's just trying to avoid conflicts and all the comedic great powers gathering around her.

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yellingbrian2 rated it
At the Northern Fort
October 9, 2017
Status: c13
The author needs to write a research paper on the nature of 'cute'.

Truly an expert in the field of cuteness, much fluff, so very very cute.

You'll need insulin for the sugar overdose, the fuzzball is too dam adorable!
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yellingbrian2 rated it
My Girlfriend is a Zombie
October 7, 2017
Status: c81
Welp, It's been over a quarter of a year after the last chapter was released and I'm still check for updates every month or so. So I've come to believe I liked this series.

  • I like it because the MC is a little bit unknowingly insane, cutting up corpses and trying to love a zombie
  • The super powers are interesting and well explained,
  • The world's zombie-evolving situation leads to some unique story-line possibilities and action
  • MC and Co don't truly try and save everyone, and when they do it usually backfires and is ultimately pointless
  • With the MC dating zombies, it forces the story to always stay in the thick of the Apocalypse, never staying in a human settlement for long.
Honesty would like to see how the story ends, what happens to the world,... more>> and the main characters. Not a perfect novel by any means, but still I enjoyed my time with it <<less
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yellingbrian2 rated it
The Lazy King
June 9, 2017
Status: c16
This is a modern masterpiece.

The story seems simple but revels more over time, character dynamics change, you feel tension when characters are surrounded. Not all chapters were engaging, but I just finished the heart wrenching ending! My GOD!!!

I would recommend this novel to anyone remotely interested in fantasy. Best 2 day novel I have read, hands-down
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yellingbrian2 rated it
Terror Infinity
May 13, 2017
Status: v17c6
Loved it, the best part about this series is surprisingly the characters, there is almost always something going on between the teem mates providing drama, I like how the author can have a few of the characters seem identical at first but as you get to know them they start to seem like polar opposites.

Ever want to watch a fight between a guy with the Ice-Ice devil fruit (from one-piece) fight the Ballrog with Gandoff and a Vampire martial artist! HERE IS YOUR STORY!

It's also cool to see all the... more>> fatisy worlds they go to The Mummy, Jurasic Park, The Grudge, Starship Troopers, Alians, Ext. It's also interesting to see all the bonus quests and how open the worlds are, wander out of the mummy and find Indeana Jones!

10/10 Would Recommend to anyone not afraid of a little gore! <<less
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