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Good sh*t least we got a good MC a reasonable one at least "If ya got cucked. Cuck him too!" is a really good goal not some generic MC that has been cucked then baaaaaaaah its the end.

An Eye for an Eye, A tooth for a tooth -Hammurabi Analogy would play good here
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xxsubarugt rated it
Santairiku Eiyuuki
July 22, 2018
Status: --
Very Interesting. I like it personally as the kingdom building doesn't focus too much on so many wars at the first few chapters. The character interactions give the feeling of being light and having a good subtance.
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Well then...

Let's start off from this thing. People that rated this novel 1-2 stars got butthurt on the fact that a major turning point on the story did not sit-well with their taste.

... more>>

The MC that was supposed to make an army was fooled to become a slave on the second arc


This might be a painful part but after you've read the events on this thing you will love the story once again.

The critics on this part heavily focused on him

being 30 years old+Age (present world) being tricked doesn't make any sense. which it does make sense considering he was only working on a factory & hikkimori (bullied) +without deep philosophy instead focusing on what he likes then being killed. He got the philosophy of saving peeps and sheltered within an orphanage with good inhabitants would not make him fortified against veteran scammers in the adventure guild. therefore it should make sense that he can be tricked

Being Gun-Nerd is not = Being genius in the Social Relationship in humanity


Alright to the guy who said the something about the info-dump in ak-47 introduction

The ak-47 history is built on the fact that I was made by the USSR a communist country and being the most used weapon by revolutionaries due to its usefulness is not something I could rant about. I rather take this than have a guy. "I make an ak-47 cuz its ez and good to use" leaving the reader on the mind "Yup why did he chose that?.

3rd is the critic i've seen from another user

His critic is about

the MC being surprised on the guy that sold him as a slave used a syringe (which was not supposed to exist in a medival world) to boost his capability during fighting is an idiocy based on his comment. Which should be considered a normal reaction (to be surprised that there is an advance technology by the inhabitants of the otherworld is reasonable)


So yeah its good maybe not perfect but HELL YEH GUNS! <<less
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xxsubarugt rated it
I Became a Hero in a Pandemic
August 11, 2018
Status: epilogue 4
What can I say? The ending left me very fulfilled this journey of 2 years reading this novel albeit every wait for updates and the times of hiatus even so every moment, scenes and actions will leave impression of this novel to your brain.

Say what might be a half-hearted ending but it really leaves a good impression for novels like this.

Why 5 stars?

... more>> -Good Plot
-Good Execution
-Good Translator
-Good Ending

Bad sides
-A little bit rushed but not that it effects the plot too much
-The male side character that is very important to this story is a very much down-played but it really does amplifies the male protagonist on our side

So yeah 5 stars boi :) <<less
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xxsubarugt rated it
Isekai Taneuma
June 2, 2017
Status: c5
The novel is pretty great for me. But some character development seems very silly like his childhood friend liking him too much (maybe just because of the lack of background of the protagonist). The story is pretty interesting and have a lot of potential, at the very least in my opinion.

It's a story that pretty much tell what human kind will do when its driven to corner. They will use despicable means to survive forgetting their morals, dignity and honor. Well that's pretty much it ~short review.
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xxsubarugt rated it
Epoch of Twilight
January 5, 2019
Status: Completed
Luo Yan (The Protagonist)

Describes Human in a perfect way. He is sometimes good neither evil he just do what he can in a situation. He is mature enough to accept the fact he can't save everything not like other Novels with childish plots. He sometimes does something unpleasant but he never goes overboard he sticks with his principles. Also he knows when to back out and knows when to risk it.

The Plot and Protagonist Character Growth is very good I can divided it to 4 phases its quite tragic... more>> though

Pre-Mutation (System Inboard) -Still Weak but can survive and have good morality.

Mutation Period (System Inboard)

Early City [Before Reconstruction Area] -He hoards things, Plans Carefully and only thinks about his survival and those close to him.

Desert City[Reconstruction Area]-Starts to care about more people, instict to danger always followed.

Hope City [Reconstruction Area]Starts to care about human civilation as a whole (Due to Alien Invasion and their experiment that caused the mutation). His ability [strong physique & 4th dimension transition] is now starting to create cracks to what keeps him human.

short summary in hope city event

The alien decided to wipe out the human race with anti matter bombs. But luo yan had captured the spaceship and first stabilized the remains of human civilization to start the 6million migration of people to the spaceship he captured. They decided to go to barnard system

His Growth is too much that even having s*x is hard


Mutated[System not on board]Short story short they arrived at the barnard system and prepared for war against the aliens which they won by their progress on technology during their travel to barnard system.

The Humans beaten the aliens (Glassians) and wiped them out returned to their planet and became an interstellar civilization which became the overlord of the whole galaxy. 3000 years boi

During this phase luo yan became more god like his body can cause spatial distortion his existence is itself a threat to all 3 dimensional being so he excluded himself from all civilization. Which is a lonesome and a tragic ending for him <<less
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xxsubarugt rated it
Almighty Student
May 12, 2018
Status: c15
A very poor use of the betrayal part and a full of sh*t story. The character developments are bullsh*t too immature or rather a fast development. The TL too I don't know if its the author fault or the translation is just plain bad.

I feel listening to a monotone music with a good premise just following the steps of good novels but not capturing its essence nor the tempo of the plot

its shitty but not too shitty to be horrible that I wanna kill myself
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xxsubarugt rated it
Apartment for Rent
May 12, 2018
Status: c12 part1
Pretty good if I say so.

it shows a broader way of thinking (Not a good one but nevertheless). Its very intriguing and captivating every chapter may or may not be predictable is captivating since the thoughts placed are by someone that went nuts so its amusing.

the characters are developed since the start giving the choice to either leave them alone or ruin them for amusement which the latter option is always used by the MC. Mc=Nuts
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