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xtostos rated it
Breaking Off the Engagement… Bring it on!
February 10, 2017
Status: c37
So, this is a quick opinion after reading ahead in the raws for about 25 chapters or so. It's a really well balanced story. The world building is done well in the sense that every character that occurs seems to be an actual person (except Chris) with motivations that are, more or less, explained at rather appropriate times. Essentially, things are being so naturally hinted at that instead of saying 'oh, that came out of nowhere' you just go 'alright, now their past actions makes a lot of sense suddenly'.

Also,... more>> the heroine is great and not at all dense. She just suffers from the usual phenomen that no one ever tells her anything and then act surprised that she doesn't know about it. Even then, it's done in moderation, nothing overblown.

I'll upload the next ten or so chapters at some point since it seems like the current translator hasn't been active in several months.

Just a minor thing about the tags:

I took the liberty of removing the reverse harem tag since that tag appears neither on the original nor is there any such development as of now.

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xtostos rated it
Shini Yasui Kōshaku Reijō to Shichi-nin no Kikōshi
November 19, 2018
Status: interlude 1
I currently act as translation sanity-checker for this series, starting from around ch53.

I absolutely recommend this light/web novel, regardless of whether you usually enjoy the otome genre or not. It's deep, it's elaborate, it's interesting. Romance takes a backseat for the first several arcs (at least ~ch90), as all involved are still young children and there are actual death flags (not the cheap lookalike versions you find in so many other web novels) to overcome.

Admittedly, the first arc is the weakest so far. Until about half into it I stell... more>> felt somewhat afraid that the characters and situation would devolve into regular shallow otome clichées, especially since the first boy our protagonist encounters displays the typical short-fused and possessive behaviour that is so annoying in other novels of this genre. These fears are unfounded, kid has completely unrelated and justified reasons for the at first glance possessive behaviour which stops afterwards, and quickly comes around on the short-fused part once the severity of the situation hits home. The children really grow on you, especially starting from the second half of the arc.

Generally, this novel excels in it's vibrant world and character building that really bring the world to life. The pacing of information is great and nicely balanced. <<less
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xtostos rated it
Fairy Tale of the Strategist from Another World
April 3, 2017
Status: c1
I have only (managed to force myself to) read the first chapter, so take this review with a grain of salt and hopes for the future. Overall, this story is weak. In it's truest sense, really. Basically, the whole thing gives you the impression that it wasn't thought through even once. It's like a first draft of an ideas list: you can identify the small archs in the story telling but they are so incredibly shallow and contentless that overall it's just plain unsatisfying.

I'll give one example: plot point ->... more>> the food is bad; explanation -> world has magic and thus never, in it's entire history, ever figured out how to make anything that is in some form tasty -> protagonist beats eggs -> all the maids in the castle instantly realize he is starting a sweets/foodstuff revolution -> revolution successfully initiated by making a single cake. Like, literally, that's how rushed and nonsensical all the plot points are. No actual context given, no explanation how this society ever even survived before figuring out how to make non-delicious food using magic, or why the ingredients themselves can be good but the result (which, literally, is just throwing those ingredients together) can still be bad enough to warrant such enourmous dissatisfaction from the protag. It's stated they don't even have the tools for cooking - but apparently he himself did use Something to do the first ever cooking in history, eh. And it doesn't simply extend to material things like food or knowledge about preparing food, but also more abstract things like why he feels alienated from other people and why yelling would make a goddess obey you. Fundamentally, it does not appear that the author actually thought things through even once, but simply collected a few short ideas. Those ideas aren't bad, there's simply nothing to them. <<less
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