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xp32 rated it
Mushoku Tensei (WN)
July 10, 2016
Status: v24 epilogue
Every story has its flaw and shine. Nothing perfect. I've found dozens things that I thought it should be better but also found I got immersed hundreds time those things. I could tell that till the end this story was written after the author already set its ending from the beginning. The story itself is a tale of a long journey. The MC is not perfect and everyone isn't in the tale. Antagonist? Villain? Each character has their own tales and they're not born to be villains. Why conflict? Why... more>> fight? Why wage war? Every single of them has "reasons". For lives, glory, family, pride, revenges, even money and more..

Does the MC OP? I don't think so. He got 2 biggest "Blessing" after he reborn.
1st is his previous life memory (along with common knowledge of 20th century)
2nd is his Families and he make sure to treasure them in his 2nd life. Even if "God" tell him to neglect them. <<less
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xp32 rated it
Genjitsushugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki
April 29, 2016
Status: --
Got summoned to another world, forced to be a king of a kingdom which had many problems as quest (food, money, corruptions, war, politics and etc etc +demons), plus get the princess as his future wife queen. Now, what and how will the MC solve the “quest”, is the main story which is just great. If you prefer this kind of genre, this one must be put on your reading list.
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From my perspective there are 2 important part to describe this unique novel,

  1. Other world Transmigration: MC was identified "herself" as straight "woman" before transmigrated to another 'historical/ancient chinese style' world where martial art is something.. You know right? AS someone else but same face as her previous world. Her brain and mind refuse to accept the situation immediately and luckily off from bad situation.
  2. Gender Bender : What is her gender before transmigrated to other world? Not clear whether she was a genuine female (chromosome XX) or a transwoman (Male at birth - XY). Author gave strange ambiguous hints which could lead to both. After transmigrated, she have male body.
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xp32 rated it
Everyone Else is a Returnee
January 13, 2017
Status: c88
I've read this to c88 then decide to gave a review then seeing how low the rate from some review shock me. For people who aren't retarded, this story is a really fun read.

MY ADVISE: IF YOU HAVING SYNDROME =>" PICKY ABOUT HOW A PROTAGONIST OR MC SHOULD BE", DON'T BOTHER TO READ. TRY TO READ "TILLEA's WORRY" to cure that illness. Either way, if you okay if with Low profile MC, Overpowered, Super Fast Growth, Common Sense's killer, RPG elements, Absurd things like God & angels, Chuunibyou-like titles and... more>> names then Plus Fantasy like world build & creatures mixed with modern set. Put those inside a blender and you got the genre.

For almost "literally' NEGATIVE review from "some" reader, whenever they complain about almost every novel listed in this NU site are about their disappointment because the "MC" a.k.a "protagonist" are not suited to their taste. I believe not every protagonist is sharp and domineering as a "certain" MC from "certain" xianxia or novel. First, I enjoy this novel and that's a good reason to give good rate. Objectively It should beat least 4/5 star but I gave it 5 since the author really know how to make a comedic conversation (for a reason I found it very funny) while their topic were not funny at all (plus how good the TL;ED-tor translate it). I really wish if actually "Arifureta" (one of the novel that killed by the author strange sense of humor) has this element of humor. <<less
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