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xihuankanshu rated it
Peerless Martial God 2
December 25, 2018
Status: --
I LOVE IT!!!!!

The story is absolutely amazing. I was a huge fan of PMG 1. Regarding the style, it is MUCH, MUCH better! Jing Wu Hen, the first author, was bored in the end, that's why everybody was always surprised and attacks were always terrifying. The new author is enthusiastic and motivated which you can feel in the style. And PMG 1 was slow. PMG 2 is super fast, something is always happening, it is much better!

As usual, totallytranslations' translator is amazing, he's doing a great job. Always putting translator's... more>> notes and he even translates some of the author's notes which makes things even more fun.

Also I find it very interesting how Lin Feng has changed a little again. Now he's not the strongest cultivator in the world anymore so he adapts. He can be worried again at times. And also I love how the new author shows that Lin Feng has actually never been calm or indifferent, he tries all the time but he can be worried, nervous, sad, etc. <<less
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xihuankanshu rated it
Peerless Martial God
October 9, 2018
Status: c2500
EDIT: FINISHED, a huge thanks to the team for translating it! Can't wait to read the sequel! Meanwhile, I'll start reading the new novel totallyinsanetranslations is translating, Heavenly Curse, seems awesome too!

Before talking about the actually story, those who criticize the translator or the whole team are really pathetic, I think it's unfair to insult people who work hard. The translation is actually the exact same thing as the Chinese, and they chose to convey exactly what the author meant. The original author made many typos and so on,... more>> but 2500 chapters is a lot so I don't blame him. And they do translate really quickly so I am grateful. Besides, one reason WHY I LOVE THE TRANSLATOR is that he often puts some "translator's notes" and that's awesome, he always tries to explain Chinese culture, there are often "fun facts" kind of translator's notes too which I love, and he even points us to further readings if we are interested. It's the first time I read a Chinese/Japanese/Korean web novel which includes such a thing. Even the authors themselves don't do it even though I doubt locals know those obscure Buddhist/Hindu/Taoist deities etc. MAIN REASON to read this novel to the end: most people who give bad reviews stopped reading after 500, 1, 000 or 1, 300 chapters, but as you read, it gets INCREDIBLE because you learn things which you would have never suspected. The novel is written in Lin Feng's point of view which means you discover and understand the world around him at the same time as him, and with time, you realize sometimes that he was completely wrong, he hadn't understood anything, etc. And some people whom I had completely forgotten suddenly reappear in the story 500, 1, 000 or even more chapters later, their lives have changed, they have changed, and sometimes WHAT SEEMS LIKE THE MOST INSIGNIFICANT word has a huge impact on his life, and if you're involved enough in the story, you'll find it amazing.
Anyway, I'm a huge fan! I love the story, I love the evolution of the characters. I've read 2305 chapters so far, apart from the battles against the flood dragons in July which were a bit boring, I love the story. I like the way Lin Feng has become. Lin Feng is becoming wiser and wiser.

Many people complain and say he's just fighting against arrogant pricks etc. And that he's stupid and kills anyone on his way. Not true. That changed. It was true at the beginning, now so much has changed. I've been reading this story since the very beginning. And also many people who criticize actually don't understand Chinese culture. Face is extremely important in Chinese culture, and it's the case in many Asian countries. Some Japanese will even kill themselves for losing their honor. <<less
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xihuankanshu rated it
Heavenly Curse
November 24, 2018
Status: --
I discovered the novel because I read PMG (Peerless Martial God) on http://totallyinsanetranlation. Com/ and now https://totallytranslations. Com/ and they translate Heavenly Curse.

I love the story so far. Great MC. Great world. And I love how accurate the historical details are, it's a perfect mixture of cultivation, horror and history which is rare! I love PMG for example but the author mixes elements of Buddhism, Taoism and other types of spirituality which can be confusing at times. But in Heavenly Curse, all the elements are accurate, true and coupled with... more>> elements of magic. I love that.

As usual, their translator puts translator's notes and explains things, I love that. Totally Insane Translations are really picking amazing novels. I'm a fan! :3 <<less
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