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xianxia_reader rated it
Demon’s Diary
October 14, 2016
Status: c187
I am surprised why this isn't rated much higher. First, the initial setup - If you had enough with people using transmigrated from another world. Read this.
Setup is clever and provides enough reason for the MC to be good.

World Building - If you had enough with reading novels without a larger plot and just adding stuff. Read this.
Author sets up a mystery about MC which is still going on, most probably lasting us till the mid of the novel. I think that is a great way to create... more>> your story instead of random bullies one after another. MC Character - If you had enough of homicidal, maniac MCs fighting people left and right. Read this.
MC is not setup as the super cultivator with some amazing body etc. Instead he is introduced as a below average cultivator. Even though MC acquires some interesting items, he still doesn't start talking crap and killing people left and right. Though there are "shocked" reactions, they are not as pronounced as other novels. Cultivation Levels - If you were always left confused with cultivation levels in Chinese WN. Read this.
Cultivation levels have the least amount of levels I have seen in a WN. Its simple and doesn't make my head spin with MC always cultivating a higher level and beating an higher or two levels higher person. It doesn't happen in this novel. Why you shouldn't read this?
- If you like constant mayhem in other Chinese WN. This doesn't have random bullies appearing just for sake of fighting.
- If you like MC every time beating someone stronger. This doesn't have random bully with bigger brother/clan elder with 3-4 levels stronger than MC who gets beaten. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Legend of the Great Saint
June 22, 2017
Status: c115
Verdict at c115 - Really confused at why is it so highly rated. Story started out unique but the flow is similar to many WNs out there.

It's really hard to write a review for this because it is a standard WN affair. Nothing special but a decent timepass if you have nothing better to read.
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xianxia_reader rated it
Spirit Vessel
October 1, 2016
Status: c120
The story setup while very generic, reincarnation, has a new twist. Instead of "new worlds" with different power ratings or a modern person in a world like "ancient China", here the MC is born back into the same world. And no its not like TDG, where MC is born with memories of the future. Its just reincarnation back into his own world but in the future.

Now that description might make you go - Huh? That is interesting, so why is this rated 1? Well the reason is the story has... more>> lot of useless plot deviations and it commits itself to deviations as if they matter aka fillers and then there is the bug of repetition in CN novels.

The repetition flavor of the novel is ---- MC being chased, a lot. Then there is a case of just adding stuff without thinking it through.

Here's my count of "chases":


1. MC fights with the typical "clan who cannot be offended" and then disappears. Then the person who helped him turns out to be the girl who looks like his former "love". What follows is couple of chapters writing all excruciating details of the chase. The girl can find him using some magical mirror. But then when story suits itself she cannot find him anymore. This does have a small payoff of setting up a poor girl as the heir of some supreme clan.
2. Now that the girl cannot find him anymore, they leave for "main clan competition". There they have "competition of power" before the actual competition which leads to another chase - chasing an assassin and then chased by some powerful man from his clan. More pages wasted on every detail of the chase. The small payoff is - stumbling into a mansion which is relevant later.
3. Then MC goes to some village and find some great evil source. He is told to go back to the mansion and get some stuff. Guess what, he is chased to and back again to the evil cave.
4. There is fight at this evil cave and again MC is chased because he gets some great power from the cave.


So that's like 1 chase per 30 chapters. This speed of repetition is unparalleled. There is even an issue of thing just popping up by random without rhyme or reason because author thinks novel lacks enough fight scenes. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Jun Jiuling
June 22, 2017
Status: c21
Verdict at C21 - Like bad miss reborn and takes care of family, stories like Chu Wangfei, Rebirth of the Malicious Empress of Military Lineage etc? Hop on board for a ride.

One thing which sets this story apart from others is - It is actually a very slow burn. While other stories have used the "rebirth" angle to explain MC's OP-ness, this story hides it. There are crumbs here and there about who MC was in previous life but it is never explicitly stated. The way story is written makes... more>> me think the suspense will take a long time coming but I could be wrong.

Just like other rebirth (and revenge?) stories, this gets a bit talkative at times but that's how WNs with wuxia bend are written. So if you are some more interested in "cultivate the golden core", skip it. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Gourmet Food Supplier
June 22, 2017
Status: c106
Verdict at c106 - Skip it. If Emperor domination is father of "word repetition" this is at least the son. Lot of reviews claim it is "slow burn" ie slow developing story with some kind of progression. My guess is they haven't read ZeTianJe etc. This is not true at all. The so-called progression is simply new items being added and exaggerated explanations about recipe items, cooking process and even more exaggerated people's reaction. Then there always description about mundane tasks - alarm ringing, getting up (late or otherwise), preparing... more>> food (or not depending on mood), lined up customers, arguing with sometimes new sometimes old customers. Rinse and repeat.

The other flaw reveals itself when the novel approaches 50+ chapters. Nearly everything has to be accompanied with a sound effect - Du du du du, people walking, zhi ya door opening, ti ti ti, alarm ringing etc. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Chaotic Sword God
September 28, 2016
Status: c527
Let me start of by addressing some of the concerns in other reviews.

Does it have filler? Yes. Tons of it and with the number of chapters you could skip a lot of it. I would have skipped nearly 100 chapters without missing any thing in the story

Is it repetitive? Yes. It has the repetition - Go to a new region, offend someone stronger, fight and then later escape. This is the recurring theme of the story.

Is it stupid? Yes. Some parts but the last 100 chapters started getting on my... more>> nerves. Lets take the latest arc - Heavenly Eagle Kingdom mini arc which again adds a someone new to the "offend someone stronger" story point.
The whole setup is forced case of "mistaken identity" and makes no sense at all:


1. MC has a fondness of the name of "Jian Chen" instead of his name actual name - Changyang Xiangtian. So when he arrives to support his homeland - Gensun Kingdom along with help from Qinhuang Kingdom no one is sure who he is or why the help has arrived from a superior kingdom.
2. When Heavenly Eagle Kingdom comes around to ask, the Gensun Kingdom King is also not sure as he is not aware of the name "Jian Chen".
3. So the Heavenly Eagle prince asks for Gensun Kingdon princess' hand in marriage.
4. Now when the king is made aware that "Jian Chen" and "Changyang Xiangtian" are the same person, he leaves the Heavenly Eagle people hanging and runs away to Lore City to meet MC. You have to wonder why couldn't he just say - Sorry just found out my daughter is already engaged to "Qinhuang Imperial Protector"? Mind you he doesn't shy away from using this identity later.
5. Jian Chen arrives along with king to the Imperial capital and has a confrontation with the Heavenly Eagle prince. He too conveniently forgets to mention that he is the Imperial Protector.
6. Jian Chen gets attacked by some guys and fend them off. He still keeps mum about the whole Imperial Protector thing.
7. Based on the confrontation Heavenly Eagle king sends some "seniors" to capture the king and Changyang Xiangtian. During this confrontation again no one tells them that "Changyang Xiangtian" is the Imperial protector.
8. Jian Chen is infuriated. No, its not at him being stupid for not trying and suppressing Heavenly Eagle people but because they attacked him.
9. He gets a team of soldiers and attacks Heavenly Eagle Kingdom when shock! Horror! Its revealed he is the Imperial Protector.
10. This leads to him offending the Sect of Dragon and Tiger "Saint Ruler"
There is another unnecessary waste of pages within the above series of events:

Changyang Xiangtian makes it home and his father and mother are happy that he is a Heavenly Saint. They want to publicize this fact but he stops them because it will shock people that is so young and someone might try to kill him. But later when he starts going around attacking other Heavenly Saints who know his identity of - Changyang Xiangtian and can easily find that he reached Heavenly Saint at age 21.


I still rated it 3 because I liked the story before the last 100 chapters. Author seems to have lost his edge and seems to be making up story as he goes. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Tales of the Reincarnated Lord
March 4, 2017
Status: c155
For one, as everyone has already mentioned, just gloss through the first 40-50 chapters. Those are just info dumps. Some of the points in those chapters might be well made but they don't require a deep reading.

The author takes the info dumping to another level and has it in every other chapter. These many horses, slaves, money etc etc are put in excruciating details. Not to mention, the amount of people and their names, after sometime you will get confused as to who is silver ranked, who is gold, who... more>> is mercenary or knight. So why the rating 4 you ask? Well story telling. I love my sides of fast paced xianxia stories but many of them rely on a single plot line to pull things. Here war seem to be the focal point for sure but it is intricately woven into the story. Why are there these many wars is explained well. That said, if you don't like political intrigue and rather expecting a cultivation themed novel then you are in for a disappointment. The story is slow and there are no blood rush moments of defeating someone superior using a low cultivation. If your expectation is that, skip it. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Undefeated God of War
October 8, 2016
Status: c236
There are two aspects to my review: One, how this works as a novel and second, how this works as one of the chinese WN lot.

One of the popular refrains on Chinese WNs being repetitive and too focused on word count is that they are like fast food, they should be enjoyed and the negative aspects ignored. And it is for those people I will say, please read this novel. It has all the things you would find in a Chinese WN:

Trash at cultivation and a mysterious treasure to increase... more>> strength? Check.
Offending young masters of some strong clans? Check.
Repetitive and sometimes confusing cultivation? Check.
Fights after Fights? Check.

But there is a small difference. It tries to give characters a backstory, even if a minuscule one to show what their motivations are. Sure some of them are shallow and are not well drawn out but it is at least there unlike you will find with other WNs. Now even the "offending the young master" arcs are swiftly done and resolved. They don't spend time on young master lackey fighting the MC and then MC upgrading, and then there being another set of lackeys, and MC upgrading. So it is pretty straightforward. My rating for this novel is 3 as a standalone novel which gets raised to 4 when I compare it with other WNs on offer. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
The Magus Era
September 9, 2016
Status: c80
Opening of the novel is great. It has a proper prologue to the whole reincarnation storyline. But 20 chapters later you realize it was nothing but an excuse to give the MC an invincible technique. I kept on reading because the plot was interestingly about tribes living in jungles and savages. But then I realize author has no idea how to progress the story other than tons of random filler fights and pointless plot lines. While I don't mind plot armors author seems to love using ambushes into this story.... more>> Total of 11 fights in first 80 chapter - 8 of them just to add new characters + 6 of them ambushes in one form or the other (this aside for number of times, "scheming" scenes are included) :

1. Introduces Ji Wu and Ji Shu, first fight. Pointless character introduction fight number 1
2. Against Ji Wu and this time there is Ji Wu's mother. Pointless character introduction fight number 2
3. Against the Ji Wu and his mother again, when they are cultivating. He tries to hurt them by getting help of his new introduced friends. Pointless character introduction fight number 3
4. MC again tries to hurt them again using his magic and this the introduced character is Ji Wu's Grandfather. Add it to the fact that this is same plot as number 3, it is both pointless character introduction fight and pointless plot point 1
5. Another fight with Ji Wu and his dad, Ji Shu vs MC's dad Ji Xia. MC's dad loses. Here, Ji Wu shows up unharmed ie even 4 was a pointless random fight number 2
6. Another fight just to introduce Ji Wu's fiancee where she ambushes him. Pointless character introduction fight number 4
7. Against some lackeys and Ji Wu's fiancee again and 2nd ambush. Introduces the guy from Black Serpent Clan and the lackeys. Pointless character introduction fight number 5
8. Savages and another tribe and new villain, 3rd ambush. Pointless character introduction fight number 6
9. 4th Ambush attack by the tribe above + Black Serpent guy and new elders from his clan + new friends. Pointless character introduction fight number 7
10. 5th Another ambush setup which "fails". So making it the first lines without purpose ie filler
11. Another damn 6th ambush and Fire Leopard clan. Introduces new tribes and people. So Pointless character introduction fight number 8

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xianxia_reader rated it
A Will Eternal
August 29, 2016
Status: c97
Better than most of the offerings out there. Repetitions are there but not that many. Tries to move the story forward by introducing newer story lines instead of same old xianxia tropes.

Still given the natural length of most CN LNs it is still early days to say whether it will evolve eventually or will end up reusing the story lines.
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xianxia_reader rated it
Spirit Realm
March 14, 2017
Status: c306
Now before people like/dislike the review let me be a bit honest - I don't like novels which are constant mayhem just for the heck of it. What I like to see is every arc to be setup as independent story with its own - start, middle and end. If it just jumps from one fight to another without setup then it's pure filler. Others might see it differently and like the mayhem. So the story went pretty decently with it's setup for the most part. Though it had it's... more>> share of repetitions things dint get out of hand. And then came the "third/fourth arc", I guess:

1. Starting with the family
2. Joining Sect 1
3. Running from Sect 1 and ending up in Sect 2 (Armament Sect)
4. Now the Netherworld


and by the end of the last arc and starting of this arc, wheels start to come off. There is constant fighting for the heck of it and the new arc happens by "accident" - the dues ex machina of arc setup.
I tried to preserve to see if the writer goes back and tries his hand at setting things before fights but no, he doesn't. Still if you are looking for something with lots of mayhem, look no further. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Martial God Space
October 1, 2016
Status: c131
One way to judge how a story is going to turn out is to read the beginning carefully because if the novel cannot setup Act 1 properly, it cannot carry a story forward. And the novel starts off pretty badly. This for me has the worst "transported to another world" tagged novel. The author seemed to think it looks cool and added it as a note within the first chapter, never to be mentioned again. There is no relevancy to that fact at all. It doesn't make the MC stronger... more>> or smarter. Novel could have very well started with - MC with average cultivation and then stumbles upon a treasure. Then there is repetition - MC cultivates, meets someone, fights, shock and horror he wins, gains spiritual stones for his "martial space" and then goes back to cultivation. 130 chapters and it has happened like 5-6 times already. Then there is the love of "special spaces" by the author - you know a domain which opens in few years and sect sends it disciples for some competition or something. Twice already in 130 chapters. Its like author just wanted to setup fight after fight after fight. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Martial Peak
September 19, 2016
Status: v2c121
This is a standard xianxia affair, replete with random bullies at each turn with some or the other plot point for them to feel offended, dues ex machina type luck of the MC where he gets some awesome power. It follows up with the standard "you are courting death" and random upgrade of MCs power. The comedy tag can be justified with constant scenes of girls interacting with MC being put in awkward situation. Thats it, author doesn't seem to have any other comedic chops. So this recommended only if... more>> you are fan of xianxia in general and want to read more of the generic story. If looking for some novel with its unique flavor I'd say, Skip It. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Strongest Abandoned Son
June 22, 2017
Status: c124
Verdict at c124 - If you like reading macho stories with many girls pining after MC, this a novel for you. Don't let the "modern setting" fool you. It plays out like nearly every other WN - destitute reborn MC with supernatural powers. And by c100 it slowly starts to get into the "sects and factions" domain too. When people used to say Chinese WNs stress on "wish fulfillment", I never understood that. This novel opened my eyes as to what those people meant. This novel has endless parade of... more>> girls, left right and center. There is only one "guy" friend that too hasn't been seen in a long time. Other male characters can be defined as irrelevant.

There are so many xianxia cliches shoved in even though the story is supposed to be set in "modern" world. Side characters are there just to spout exposition.

My recommendation - If you are fan of stories like IRAS, etc which are very high on wish fulfillment, this is the novel for you. If not, skip it. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
The Grandmaster Strategist
March 9, 2017
Status: v5c1
Before writing a review about the novel, let me first get around one of the criticism this novel might get/is getting. One of the noticeable things about Chinese LNs is that instead of taking the slow approach, they rather do an information dump. For example a typical xianxia novel will talk about the levels of cultivation or the place MC belongs to in detail, only to make the information moot later when you find that MC is somehow cultivation understanding was lowest of the low and the place he belongs... more>> was literally a village in the corner of the world, even if it is called "city" earlier. Second thing noticeable is paragraphs tend to be super long. For example, if talking about a "sect" everything is dumped within a single paragraph - location, halls, master, master's appearance etc etc. While it could actually make information easily digestible by breaking it down to what, who and why. Maybe that is because of the Chinese grammar rules. For people not into reading Chinese literature a lot, this comes off as info being a "wall of text". Now as for the novel, from my limited knowledge I can think of three levels of Chinese LNs - one the xianxia types where there is an information dump but then it has some excitement added in, then there is stuff written by Fengling Tianxia - Transcending the Nine Heavens etc, which tend to get talky a bit but also have the typical xianxia stuff added. So before reading this give Transcending the Nine Heavens etc a try, specially the first world arc. If you can stand the amount of talking spent on strategies, then this might be for you. If not, skip it.

The annoying thing about this novel is narrative - lot of time it is a first person, grandmaster's, narrative and everything is "I" and "me" but it will change the flow mid-paragraphs to third person narrative. If you are a speed reader like me you will be frequently confused and have to re-read what you just read. Still a 4 because of the story. It doesn't get talky a lot but that's how I guess how wuxia's are supposed to be. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Release that Witch
September 6, 2016
Status: c624
Mechanical engineer dies in the real world only to be reincarnated as a prince in near medieval times - a time where witch persecution is going on.

The positives:
1. World building - CN novels seems utterly confused about world building. Most of them, specially the xianxia where every other character is more genius and every city is larger than the previous one. So there is no overarching arc to carry the story forward. This one tries to clarify the world structure early and even introduces a mystery which first 100... more>> about the world itself. It touches upon the mystery every 20-30 chapters slowly adding to it. 2. Storytelling - Instead of following the MC all time (apart from minuscule time away for villain plots), this one dedicates some part of the story to other characters, main and side both. 3. The science stuff - Unlike the "science" stuff in Warlock of the Magus World which relies on the AI, it does try to include some elemental science stuff and the translator tries his best to include examples in the footnotes, which btw is amazing. Obviously because this is a story and a fantasy one at that not everything can be explained logically, specially things like "why there was no cement before MC arrived" etc so suspension of disbelief is required. Negative:
There are some parts of the story which somehow tries to be like Game of Thrones, where a character is revealed but gets killed quickly and its quicker than the random bully in a cultivation novel. The problem is the character doesn't have a build up and killing off doesn't have impact, it feels like cheap filler. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Ancient Godly Monarch
September 15, 2016
Status: c168
Have you read PMG translation till the current chapters? If the answer is yes then you are up to speed with this novel too because the story is nearly the same with some changes. Here's a list with changes and similarities from top of my head:

1. Can't cultivate. The change being in this novel people think he can't but he can via another method
2. Missing parent/s. The change being in PMG mother is missing vs both parents in this novel
3. Ousted and chased from his position. The change... more>> being in PMG only he and his father take the brunt vs the whole family in this novel
4. There is an academy backed by Royal Prince in the capital city. This is same in both novels. The only "twist" is he doesn't join the royal backed academy here
5. Rich people mocking him when trying to join the academy
6. Many of the same conversations refuting the nemesis. ex, you dint intervene when he tried to kill me, why you intervening when I am trying to kill him etc etc
7. Royal Prince the "genius" and "dragon among men". Only the sequence of royal prince has changed
8. Royal Prince being overbearing and plotting for the throne
9. Same world building where country is managed by some sect and then that sect is part of some bigger region which is managed by bigger sect and so and so forth

and more....

The only reason it is 3 because it tries to cram more story in lesser amount of chapters. <<less
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xianxia_reader rated it
Lord of the Mysteries
June 4, 2019
Status: c333
Rating: 4 (at chapter 333)

Summary: I'd recommend it only if you like Western fantasy. If not, skip it.

Most of the Xianxia are written in what I call the onion structure. You have info dump about 2-3 power levels and the MC is a genius in his town. Then he moves to another bigger place and another round of info dumps about next 2-3 power level happens. Then he moves to another city.... You get the picture.

Another type of stories are those which don't rely on "on-the fly" onion style... more>> storytelling. You have a fixed structure in mind - a beginning, middle and end. The author controls the flow between begin, middle and end. He might decide to do a massive info dump, plot armors or just plain old lucky encounters.

LOTM falls somewhere in between. The writing is structured to look like non-traditional xianxia stories. But dig a little deeper and you realize that it suffers from the same ailments - verbose writing, too many luck encounters and too much detail.

That said LOTM is a breath of fresh air, especially the setting. I'd recommend it only if you like Western fantasy. If not, skip it. <<less
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Douluo Dalu
August 30, 2016
Status: Completed
Having a shorter story shines through and the writer doesn't have to spend time adding one ridiculous villain after another. The world is setup properly, character introduced with their cliches and novel length low enough for the story to make sense and not spiral into a repetitive mess.

Still it is not a 5 star because the way main antagonists are setup. It comes from the left field and is not well though through.
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