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My Youth Began With Him
September 16, 2018
Status: c26

  • All characters are made stupid and only the MCs are ‘smart’
  • FL is so smart to other people but then turns idiot/bashful/weak/pitiful when talking to ML
  • ML portrayed as sweet, doting, in love with FL when in fact he is just overbearing with the FL with all plot armors and ML Halo. Acts portrayed as righteous and sweet but it’s actually idiotic
  • Cliches face slapping, cannon fodders, powerful villain family hindering the relationship of the MCs
  • FL is said to have IQ of 130 and genius but... where????
  • Bestfriend of the FL blindly shipping the MCs relationship when it’s obviously toxic because author said so
  • All tragedies happened to FL to make her pitiful
  • 20s something but acted and thinkslike a teen.
On the bright side, thedescriptions... more>> and way of writing is ok. And the book cover is beautiful.

Those novel with douchebag and trash ML and idiot FL are better than this novel. At least the former, there is no need to hide those facts and everyone is stupid than this novel with pretentious MCs.

so much dislike. <<less
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xchronicles rated it
Rebirth of the Film Emperor’s Beloved Wife
September 17, 2018
Status: c65

I like the MCs relationship in this novel.

I was hesitant to read it first because unlike most romance I've read where the ML is the domineering, the CEO of some company or whatever, this novel is the opposite of that.

... more>> FL is the president of the company. Arrogant, cold and powerful.

ML is renowned actor, arrogant and cold too but when faced with FL, he became awkward and cute.

I am never the type of person who reads novels like this but I still gave it a try and dear, I DID NOT REGRET.

Because both MC has low EQ, it leads them to misunderstand each other's words and action. Both MCs POV are shown so that's what made it more comedic. BOY IT'S HILARIOUS.

My most favorite part of the novel. Although both MCs are blockhead towards their emotion but their thinking is much more mature.

In about late 30s and mid 40s chapter is where their relationship starts to progress. Slow paced but stable.

They slowly started to understand each other, confront their feelings and talk about the status of their relationship and the future to come. NO NEEDLESS MISUNDERSTANDING REACHING 300+ CHAP.

They are awkward but warm.

Their little interactions are so sweet and adorable that it continues to warm me.

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xchronicles rated it
The Dreamer in the Spring Boudoir
September 10, 2018
Status: c86
I love everything in this novel. Gave it a 4 stars (my max score for inc novels) since the translation ain't complete yet.

Female Lead. Very clear headed. Not like those other female lead that is 'lazy' 'casual' 'easy going' but schemes all the way for power and love of ML.

She has clear goal: Fulfill the original's wish, survive and go back to the modern world.

And she doesn't deviates to that goal. Everything she did is for that purpose. Although it results to her being detached, that's what I like... more>> more.

Mature atittude. Like one of the reviews says, she isn't like those other FL that is originally 20-40 before rebirth but with a teeny atittude.

What I love the most:

She accepts the ancient life and live with its rules.

Male Lead. Finally a male lead that isn't head-over-heels for the FL.



Has a lot of concubines, gets them pregnant.

Sees women as tools (I guess it'll change in later chapters)

Power and scheming is everything


I honestly don't get the hate for him. Though his atittude is a douche, his atittude and view is realistically aligned with ancient times.

You want a doting/sweet ML? Nope.

Not love sick!!!!!!!! You can't tell how happy I am that I finally get a ML that isn't love sick with FL.

At this chap, the ML is just interested with FL. Just interested. Still a long way to being in love.

Sees his goal clearly (throne ????)

Characters/ Schemings

I've read some raws and I'd say besides those legit cannon fodders, most characters are smart and calculative.

It's not like those usual novels where only the main characters are smart and everyone else is stupid.

At some point, FL got calculated too and suffered but that's what make it more of an amazing novel. <<less
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The Legendary Mechanic
November 28, 2018
Status: c17
A layman's review:

Story is good so far, the transmigrated to the game trope but aside from that everything is unique for me.

MC is rational and smart- know when or who to kill, uses his brain and strategize, doesn't offend every villain out there. MC is OP but that's within the limit.

... more>>

What I like the most is that MC is considered as half player half npc since he is still within the leveling up system's scope but he could troll players and gave them quests but rewards should be from him.


Villains are so-so but fortunately no excessive and nonsensical face-smacking scenarios.

Can't say anything about the maths (since I suck at that) and the production, guns (no clue about this) but it's pretty well researched.

Least thing I like is that everything goes within the MC's will. Although some things deviates from the MC's original plan, he can cope up with that quickly and poof everyone is killed and he won. Pretty bland for me but that's the trend right now right? Lol.

Will edit the review once I read further! <<less
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Gourmet of Another World
September 15, 2018
Status: c440
Beginning chapters are good. Although the system/dishes is somewhat the same with Food Supplier, the difference would be shown after a few chaps.

I found this novel really awesome, aside from detailed and mouthwatering way of writing the dishes, the novel is very entertaining and comedic (w/ black and whitey), contains cool action better than most xuanhuan/wuxia novels and support chars have somewhat dept and story.


... more>> I don't know where did it start but the novel gradually lost it's essence.

Its started to focus on senseless action. Continuous arrogant cannon fodders, troubles after troubles and MC starts to change his attitude from carefree/laid back/ don't want trouble to overbearing, creates trouble everywhere for the plot and ingredients that he thinks he **"should"** own.

It came to the point where 5-8 chaps are fighting and 1-3 chaps cooking, then cycle repeats. The cooking chaps are sort of a trash compared to the beginning chaps imo.

I'm still reading bc of whitey and blacky.

PS. Fortunately it's still contain humor. <<less
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xchronicles rated it
Chaos Of Beauty
September 10, 2018
Status: epilogue
To all female-oriented romance (ancient times) I’ve read, this one is my favorite besides To be A Virtous Wife. I was hesitant to read this novel at first due to low scoring but thank God I still read it despite all that.

Like the previews reviews said, don’t expect a sweet or doting romance here. It’s a choice between power or love in which I think the novel leans more in the former.

I love the atittude of the FL, how her mind works. ... more>>

one thing I dislike about her is her male choice lol


I love how the novel is written so beautifully (and translated, thank you so much). The author lets us see how the characters mind flows.

My fave chapter is...



No, don’t hate me. I cried a ton in that chapter, in daze for few days before I get myself to read the next chap.

The reason why I said I love that chapter is because how intense and beautifully described that war. How heartbreaking and detailed General ling’s thought before he died. The regrets he have and the unwillingness to die.

This is the most emotional and tragic chap for me

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xchronicles rated it
Eight Treasures Trousseau
September 10, 2018
Status: c108
I don’t really get why most people would give 5 stars, at most this novel would be 4.

  • With all the building up chapters for the ML’s seize of throne, the ending seems a bit rushed.
  • The ‘schemings’ seems a joke for me. Full of plot holes and plot armor and pretty predictable.
  • Another love sick ML
  • Can’t help but compare it to TBVW and the latter’s more beautifully written and the character’s more alive.
  • One thing I like most in this novel is compared to other ancient times novel, this one has more sense and not so much face slapping
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