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xXNeverwinter_SkamosXx rated it
The Returner
October 6, 2018
Status: c20
The Returner is one of those novels where the MC returned from a world filled with magic. The foundation of the story is considered to be cliched as the MC returned with an OP power but the MC really disappoints the story so much. I guess the author try to changed the trope by using some kind of slice-of-life style of setting where the MC OP-ness makes him lazy to the point that he doesn't give an F returning to the world where is considered to in a post-apocalyptic in... more>> landscape. The sad thing about this character is that one of his life goal is to return to his homeworld, but that is all. No reason, no ambition, the MC just thinks that going home is just going home. The story also doesn't give a impetus for reader to stay to it because of the repetitive jokes, or somehow bad at it, and the slice of life moment where it consumes almost 5 chapters. To sum it all, even though reading just the 1st 20 chapter, I could say I can predict how the author will lead the story, and with a chapters amounting of 500+, I could say that there will be so many chapters where the MC just laze around, which a waste of time for the readers.

P.S. If the author is trying to create a lazy and yet OP character he should try modelling to the MC of Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica. <<less
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xXNeverwinter_SkamosXx rated it
Illimitable Until Death
November 17, 2017
Status: c4
I really thought that for once there's a Chinese novel that's not like the usual trope (crippled MC, douchebag family member and sheez), but it is worse. I mean I was suprised I thought the that the reincarnation of the MC is like those in the JNovels but why the efff rip of the world of those anime. Fanfic is a fanfic and novel is a novel but when a fanfic + delusional world of author became a novel then it really destroyed the story for me. I mean those... more>> anime in the story are great anime but knowing that some random dude bastardized it really piss me of. And please, this is not a novel. Honestly, it's fanfic. I think this literature should be in a fanfic website not in Novelupdates. Sorry I'm not sorry but bastardizing my favorite anime (konosuba, kabenari) is annoying as hell. No offense to the translator. <<less
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