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Kusuriya no Hitorigoto
June 29, 2017
Status: c17
This is actually pretty good.

If you like a level-headed, smart, and rational MC then you might enjoy this one. It's also a nice change of pace that she's not participant of the in-fighting between consorts to gain King's favor as she's simply a maid. However, she can still be considered an important figure as she became a confidant of those in power/influence (ML being one of them) due to her knowledge.

Just my two cents since no one left a review here yet. Might add more as I read into it... more>> and see if there's any development with the male lead (it seemed like he's a eunuch but I'm suspicious about his identity). <<less
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Legend of Fu Yao
August 10, 2017
Status: v1c12
I've taken a liking to this one. Why are there no reviews yet?

It's a good novel with the MC pretending to be weak and ugly though we knew from the start that she's beautiful because she was talking with her lover who knows her true face. She's actually beautiful and strong, however, she had to hide this fact because her martial arts is actually a legendary technique and there would be people after her if they knew it. MC also made a promise to her shifu to not reveal it.... more>> This caused people to not pay attention to her (it's not shown whether she got bullied or not) and...


her lover to break up with her. Saying that she would have been perfect if not for her lack of martial talent. He went to marry another woman who is of noble blood and his partner in martial arts. Of course, it's all well and good because she would meet with a much better male lead later anyway.


It's not exactly unique, but it's decent in writing. Cliche is only bad if used wrongly, but this one used it straightforwardly and not awkward or sickening like some other novels. The MC is op, but it's not that evident considering that there are also others stronger than her (well, she's only level 3 in cultivation for 10 years) and she can get caught in traps, scheming, and such. She also had to run away when a female rival was ready to fight with her to the death (but not before giving a satisfying wound as revenge).

Overall, it's a good novel to read. I haven't picked it up earlier because there are no reviews, so I'm putting one for the others wanting to find out what this novel is like. <<less
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