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woo00154 rated it
I am the Monarch
June 24, 2017
Status: c65
Personally, I think Release That Witch is much superior (in both writing and translation), but this is nice, too.

Since the translator for RTW is out due to his personal circumstances, I ended up reading this in English, even though I already read this in Korean.

I'll try to be as fair as possible on this review...


    • Fun to read, and MC is OP. I would recommend others to read.
    • The author knows how to skip technical stuff if he is not familiar with it, rather than trying to make up sh*t to sound smart. However, this does cause MC's cool "accomplishments" to look a bit shallow.
    • Heavily focused on the feelings/thoughts of the characters at each event, which is quite refreshing.

    • The pacing of the story is very well done, and it never drags too much in an arc.
    • Though MC is OP, it's all rather reasonable how he became to be one, with plenty of growth shown through out the novel.
    • Still uses the good old fantasy genre, yet the settings are not quite boring.
    • Short and concise sentences also makes it very easy to read.

    • The translator, Subak, has turned military comradery into yaoi, making this whole series feel extremely weird as it keeps shifting tones between intense/emotional battle and gay romance. I was particularly disturbed by this.
    • I will also say that the translations are not proof-read (even though it claims that they are). I am actually quite mad at the quality of translation as I've read this in both Korean and English. And yes, Korean one is much better.
    • This is not translator's fault, but sound effects cannot be translated well, and there are crap load of them.
    • The so-called emotional scenes sometimes may seem a bit forced and excessive.
    • The author has limited use of vocab, and just to display how anxious the MC is, the MC ends up biting his lips over 100 times throughout the novel. I thought it was a joke when I read this in other reviews, but this really does show up too frequently.

The translator uses the term "ghost of the battlefield", but that really didn't sound right. Personally, II would translate it as the "devil of the battlefield"


EDIT: I've caught up to the most recent chapter (c148). And honestly, I would now rate this 3 star, as the story is very bland and boring. No drama, no real danger, just pub-stomp. This is especially a big problem since the setting of this novel was already shallow to begin with. It's all just "MC went here and he did this. He then went here and did this, and earned this reward." I mean... it's been like this for the past 100 chapters now, so I think there is some problem here. I'm dropping it here.
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